Jean Seberg IS NOT DEAD

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Limited JEAN SEBERG tee designed by PAS UN AUTRE. Available at CARROTS, San Francisco and VIOLA, London.


[ART] In The Labyrinth

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The exhibition by Àngels Ribé at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, covers a period of her production from 1969 to 1984. This period is particularly significant for it marks the appearance of a new aesthetic model that would have a fundamental influence on the creation of new ways of conceiving the artistic practice. The associative and symbolic functions of art are renegotiated: the artwork ceases to be an autonomous entity, as was the norm in the modernist tradition, and its meaning becomes dependent on an interchange with the spectator. In this way, the ambiguity and the multiplicity of references and readings that are an intrinsic part of the work of art are revealed. Àngels Ribé, having begun her artistic career at that time and within those parameters, consolidated a language of her own that has continued until today through various supports and media.  In the labyrinth. Àngels Ribé, 1969-1984 in on view until October 23.


VHS SEX: An Interview with Com Truise

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Com Truise’s electric panoply of radioactive synth driven melodies is picking up where the likes of forefathers of synth-pop Geogio Moroder, Harald Grosskopf, and Kraftwerk left off.  In a nostalgic, yet with a uniquely contemporary cleanliness, listening to the carefully crafted songs of Com Truise is like unearthing some kind of long lost record from a time capsule which has been hermetically sealed in the center of the earth for the last 20 years. Combining vintage synthesizers with advanced modern day technology Truise proves to be an alchemical artist–even with the briefest listen it is absolutely safe to assume he is a master of his craft. And like his current alias is a play on words (other aliases include Sarin Sunday, SYSTM, and Airliner), Cruise’s music is a play on music itself, because each dark and psychotically ethereal audioscape is the mark of an obsessive who is pushing the limits of modern sound. Jean-Jacques Rousseau is famously quoted from his Dictionary of Music, “Could we not imagine that noise…is itself nothing more than the sum of a multitude of different sounds which are being heard simultaneously?” Which brings us to the eternal question: what the fuck makes music in the first place. Com Truise was born Seth Haley in the suburbs of upstate New York where I can easily picture him in his childhood room surrounded by the ubiquitous sounds of early Nintendo and the synthy intros of countless low budget tv action shows like Quantum Leap and Night Rider. Or even the soft-corn porno’s of Emmanuel, because Com Truise’s music would make the perfect score for a sex scene in the rain. In June, Com Truise, who makes what he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk” out of a tiny apartment in Princeton, New Jersey, released his first full-length, entitled Galactic Melt. Pas Un Autre contributors Abbey Meaker and Sean Martin caught up with Com Truise, who is currently on tour with the Glitch Mob, when he made a stop in Burlington, Vermont to ask a few pressing questions. SEE MORE…


Not So Sad Moon: The Photography of Luna Tristá

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Cuban photographer Luna Tristá’s photography is a pastiche of black and white popshots of cut up glamor and a nod to a distant, more decadent age.  Her images are sexy as hell without being put on, and the people captured have a seemingly fearless honesty.  But what I like most about Tristá’s photographs is the tinge of sadness with romanticism–almost like a visual excerpt from one of Jean Genet’s diaries or the aura of the calm background characters of a Toulouse Lautrec painting. “I don’t search perfection but the untiring conquest of their monsters. The obscurity, at the same time, is the beauty that seduces” Luna Tristá. SEE MORE…


Richard Phillips: Point of Purchase

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“My pictures involve a kind of wasted beauty – that’s always been a thread in my work.”  - Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips’ tongue in cheek, slightly pornographic, gritty, but oxymoronically glossy paintings have made him an artist among elite of pop art’s Mount Olympus that includes the like of Evelyne Axell  and pop art’s Zeus Andy Warhol. Richard Phillips was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1962 and now lives and works in New York.  On view for another week at John McWhinnie bookstore in East Hampton, NY is Point of Purchase, “the first full-scale presentation of [Richard Phillips’] commercial interventions.” John McWhinnie: “Phillips extends his brand of artmaking into the non-gallery world, colonizing commercial space, manipulating products and displays, from album covers and posters to designer handbags and beach towels.” On view until August 8


An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus

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Diane Arbus, Sword Swallower

“Diane Arbus was one of the most brilliant and revered photographers in the history of American art. Her portraits, in stark black and white, seemed to reveal the psychological truths of their subjects. But after she committed suicide in 1971, at the age of forty-eight, the presumed chaos and darkness of her own inner life became, for many viewers, inextricable from her work….William Todd Schultz’s An Emergency in Slow Motion reveals the creative and personal struggles of Diane Arbus. Schultz veers from traditional biography to interpret Arbus’s life through the prism of four central mysteries: her outcast affinity, her sexuality, the secrets she kept and shared, and her suicide. He seeks not to diagnose Arbus, but to discern some of the private motives behind her public works and acts. In this approach, Schultz not only goes deeper into Arbus’s life than any previous writer, but provides a template with which to think about the creative life in general.”  An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus is to be release on August 30th […..]


[MUSIC VIDEO] Kurt Vile ‘Baby’s Arms’

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The official music video for Kurt Vile’s “Baby’s Arms” from Smoke Ring For My Halo released on Matador Records. Directed and filmed by Todd Cole entirely on the Windows Phone.


Drawn Blank: Bob Dylan to Show Paintings at the Gagosian

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Gagosian: “A committed visual artist, Bob Dylan has only recently begun to exhibit his works publicly. Firstly, a collection of multi-media watercolors and gouaches, The Drawn Blank Series, was exhibited in Germany’s Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz in autumn 2007. His latest works on acrylic and canvas, The Brazil Series, are currently on exhibit at The National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen.” Bob Dylan is set to exhibit artwork at the Gagosian Gallery this September.





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