Richard Prince & Picasso

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Artist Richard Prince stands in front of one his paintings at the Museo Picasso Málaga for an exhibition entitled Prince/Picasso.  No other contemporary artist could reinterpret Picasso in this particular way. Prince “approaches Picasso by using a tactic of radical cannibalisation of the artist, causing the spectator to feel alienated. By distancing us in this way, we are warned to revise our perceptions and conventional views on sexuality, eroticism and desire.” Price/Picasso is on view at the Museo Picasso Málaga until May 27, Palacio de Buenavista San Agustín,8  29015 Málaga, Spain


[BUZZ] Miniature Tigers

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Brooklyn based Miniature Tigers will be releasing their second album on March 6 entitled Mia Pharaoh.  Listen to the track Female Doctor off their upcoming LP.

Miniature Tigers – Female Doctor (Algemix)

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Peggy Moffitt Exhibition Opening – Pacific Design Center

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Jhordan Dahl, co-curator of  The Total Look: the Creative Collaboration Between Rudi Gernreich, Peggy Moffitt and William Claxton with Peggy Moffitt herself at the opening event of the exhibition now on view until May 20 at the Moca – Pacific Design Center. Photography by Brad Elterman. More photos after the jump. [MORE....]


Lise Sarfati: On Hollywood

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The Rose Gallery in Los Angeles is currently presenting two exhibitions of photographs by Paris based Lise Sarfati.  On view now until March 26, a series of photographs, entitled On Hollywood, is a unique and intimate survey of women in and around Hollywood and starting March 31, another series that explores the identity of women in a post-modern suburban landscape, entitled She, will be on view until May 8, 2012. Visit the Rose Gallery to learn more.



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Rammellzee (pronounced “Ram: Ell: Zee”) was a painter, performance artist, confidant of the late 70s early 80s downtown New York art scene and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and is oft credited as the progenitor of the modern graffiti movement. On March 3, The Suzanne Geiss Company will present its inaugural exhibition Rammellzee: The Equation, The Letter Racers. Rammellzee’s manifestoes “Iconoclast Panzerism” and “Gothic Futurism” explored graffiti’s ability to liberate the transcendental powers of the alphabet that had been corrupted by Western culture. A manifestation of the artist’s theories, his Letter Racers were created over more than 15 years in his loft, The Battle Station. They are being shown in New York for the first time. Rammellzee: The Equation is on view from March 8 to April 21, 2012 at The Suzanne Geiss Company, 76 Grand Street, New York. 



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This amazing image was sent to us from photographer Destiny Mata who says, “I take pictures with whatever camera I can get my hands on.  I’ve never owned a camera of my own and I like it that way.  It pushes me to take advantage of having a camera that a friend has lent me to shoot with for a couple of weeks and document and capture a piece of my life or anything else that tell a story.  I grew up in New York City the city was my playground.  I grew up homeless with my single mother sleeping in shelter homes and subways.” The above photograph is of her friend Eatso who is heading to jail for a graffiti charge – “I took photos of him naked on a couch….we set fire in the woods expressing his emotion and life obstacles to come.” To see more of Destiny Mata’s la vida loca and photography visit her blog Clan of Monkeys.


Vanity Disorder

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Charles Bank Gallery presents its first solo show with Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter. Entitled Vanity Disorder, the exhibition is comprised of sculpture and wall installations fashioned from both synthetic and human hair. Visitors of the exhibition enter an extraordinary world of hairy comets and braided planets, fuzzy faces, and imaginary friends. Vanity Disorder is on view until March 11, 2012, Charles Bank Gallery 196 Bowery, New York.


Pete Doherty Blood Paintings on View in London

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Musician Pete Doherty presents paintings created with his own blood, using a unique method of syringes, is on view at the Cob Gallery in London. The exhibition, entitled On Blood: A Portrait of the Artist, is Doherty’s first exhibition in the UK. On  view until March 4 2012 – Cob Gallery, 205 Royal College Street, London


Languid Angels: The Photography of Matt Fry

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Matt Fry has been taking pictures for only a few years, but his photographs already have a stunning amount of depth and poetic introspection. Like angels trapped languidly in celluloid, Fry’s subjects are idols of film’s beautiful imperfection – overexposed, underexposed, light flares, polaroid tears and all. Fry, who is based in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, has perhaps found his calling with photography and, like an analog junkie holding on to a fading, beautiful dream, spends all his money on film.  However, it might soon all be worth it. With fashion brands knocking on his door, Fry is a photographer on the rise.  Pas Un Autre caught up with Fry for a very interesting tete-a-tete about his inspirations, aspirations and how he got into the photography racket in the first place. Read interview and see more photos after the jump.  [SEE MORE....]


Ménage à Trois

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Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francesco Clemente art part of an exhibition presenting their work together entitled Ménage à Trois at the  Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany. Ménage à trois: Warhol, Basquiat, Clemente, on view until May 20,  Bundeskunsthalle, Museumsmeile Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4, 53113 Bonn.





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