Quentin Jones The Fractured & The Feline @ The Vinyl Factor

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Quentin Jones The Fractured The Feline The Vinyl Factor_5293_o

The Vinyl Factory presents a survey of works by London-based multi-media artist Quentin Jones in collaboration with innovative spatial designer Robert Storey. Quentin Jones is a photographer, animator, painter and filmmaker whose distinctive illustrative style has led to high-profile commissions in the fashion and publishing worlds. This exhibition is the first to feature the full range of Jones’ oeuvre, resulting in her most comprehensive and varied show to date. Working on paper, in sculpture, film, photography, Jones takes masks and surreal portraiture as a grounding for her works. Quentin Jones The Fractured & The Feline will be on view until December 13, 2014 at The Vinyl Factory Space at Brewer Street Car Park.  [SEE EXHIBITION PHOTOS...]


Check Out Viv Albertine’s New Memoir

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Viv Albertine is a pioneer. As lead guitarist and songwriter for the seminal band The Slits, she influenced a future generation of artists including Kurt Cobain and Carrie Brownstein. She formed a band with Sid Vicious and was there the night he met Nancy Spungeon. She tempted Johnny Thunders…toured America with the Clash…dated Mick Jones…and inspired the classic Clash anthem Train in Vain. But Albertine was no mere muse. In Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys, Albertine delivers a unique and unfiltered look at a traditionally male-dominated scene. Pick up her memoirs book here


5 Questions for Jena Malone on the Eve of Her First Solo Show

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Actress and musician Jena Malone is set to present her first solo photography exhibition titled, The Holy Other, at MAMA art gallery in downtown Los Angeles, running November 21st through 28th. Proceeds will benefit Girl Determined, a charity which works with young Burmese women to educate and empower them through societal shifts in their country. Malone’s debut solo series features 39 images she captured while traveling through Myanmar, Burma this past summer. She was deeply moved by the way of life and the vibrant culture she experienced. As she took photos throughout her trip, the artist was inspired by the many young women who were finding their voice against the new backdrop of democracy in their government.In the following interview, Jena talks about Myanmar and why photography is important to her. [CLICK HERE TO READ INTERVIEW....]


Maurizio Cattelan Cosa Nostra @ Sotheby’s S/2 Gallery

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Maurizio Cattelan Cosa Nostra Sotheby's C2 Gallery

Venus Over Manhattan and Sotheby’s S|2 will present Cosa Nostra, the first major exhibition of Maurizio Cattelan’s work since his retrospective at the Guggenheim, and the artist’s subsequent retirement. Curated by Adam Lindemann, this exhibition will showcase a range of works from Cattelan’s career, including many of the artist’s most recognizable iconography that has made him one of the most idiosyncratic and unique of his generation. Cosa Nostra will be on view until November 26 at Sotheby’s S/2 Gallery, 1334 York Avenue, New York.


Liquid State: An Interview with Sculptor Jonathan Prince

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The great cubist sculptor Jacques Lipchitz once said, “Copy nature and you infringe on the work of our Lord. Interpret nature and you are an artist.” This sentiment holds true for a lot of sculptors – those artists that borrow stone and bits of earth in the creation of eternal and impermeable monuments to their artistic vision. This sentiment is especially true for sculptor Jonathan Prince, whose father actually once took him to visit the studio of Jacques Lipchitz. Watching Lipchitz work – Prince became transfixed. Today, Prince works with materials like Corten steel, aluminum and bronze to create sculptural works that twist and tear at basic physical properties and our own perception. In the following interview, Prince talks about his recent sculptural series Liquid State and why there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection. [CLICK HERE TO READ INTERVIEW...]


Early Man @ The Hole Gallery

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The Hole presents a group exhibition entitled Early Man. Taking early art making (as in Upper Paleolithic) as a jumping off point, artists in this show use various strategies to create meaning, from the barely rudimentary to the highly sophisticated. Some of the artists include Aurel Schmidt, David Shrigley, Bruce High Quality Foundation, and more. Early Man will be on view until December 28 at The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, New York.  [SEE MORE PHOTOGRAPHS AFTER THE JUMP...]


Ahmed Alsoudani @ Gladstone Gallery

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Ahmed Alsoudani Gladstone Gallery

Gladstone Gallery presents an exhibition of new paintings by Ahmed Alsoudani. This will be the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery. The vibrant, large-scale paintings that will be featured draw on Alsoudani’s distinct painterly vocabulary and introduce new subject matter that marks a transition in his work. Ahmed Alsoudani’s exhibition will be on view until December 20, 2014 at Gladstone Gallery, 515 West 24th Street, New York.


21st Century Pin-Up: Under the Hood with Amy Hood

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Sex kitten, sexpot, nymphette, Lolita – there are a lot of words that can be used to describe Amy Hood. However, this 21st century pin-up model proves that there may be more under the hood than meets the eye. Yes, blondes probably have more fun, but Amy Hood is proof positive that they can be smart and have a keen curatorial eye too. In Jonathan Leder’s photographs, she plays a recurring role – amidst a world that looks painted with grey cigarette smoke, a splash of floral curtains and an under layer of Lee Hazelwood on an old AM radio. This time around, Hood both opens her legs and her mind to both model and curate the second volume of Leder’s Fetishisms Manifesto, which is a brilliant pastiche of 60s pin-up magazine and the photographer’s own naughty fantasies. In this interview, Amy Hood talks about her favorite fetishes (hint: she likes being spanked) and her many roles besides being just another model. [SEE MORE AFTER THE JUMP...]


Bid on Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity-Nets Painting @ Artnet Auctions

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Bid on Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity-Nets Artnet Auctions

Bidding is now open for Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity-Nets painting @ Artnet Auctions.


Marilyn Minter to Release First Artist Book with Fulton Ryder

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Artist Marilyn Minter’s first artist book – entitled Plush – will be released in December by Fulton Ryder.





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