Artist James Georgopoulos….

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Photography by Oliver Maxwell Kupper at James Georgopoulos’ solo show in Los Angeles. Check out his work in the first issue of Autre Quarterly…..



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The Rose Gallery in Los Angeles presents the surreal self portraits of Japanese artist Tomoko Sawada. For her latest series, entitled Reflection, Sawada “….tackles the issue of identity by questioning the boundary between one’s own appearance and the self-image reflected in a mirror. The dual images in each photograph are presented like twins and while they bear a striking resemblance to one another, a closer inspection reveals how different they truly are.” On view until September 17.


Dear Fate: The Photography of Dana Lauren Goldstein

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Dear Fate (Jame’s Portrait) by Dana Lauren Goldstein

The Spark by Dana Lauren Goldstein

Louisville, Kentucky–birthplace of bourbon whiskey, the Kentucky Derby, and photographer Dana Lauren Goldstein. Her punk tinged photographs fall in a place between eternal youth and temporary amnesia. She states that her work is “highly influenced by theosophical and neo-plasticist principles,”–yeah, whatever, all I know is that her photographs are fucking awesome.

text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre


[BUZZ] Gotye

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Wouter De Backer, otherwise known as his stage persona Gotye, is a Belgian multi-instrumentalist based in Melbourne.  Somebody That I Used To Know is the second single released off the upcoming album Making Mirrors due for release August 19. The song harkens back to the vocal stylings of a young Sting of The Police. The song features New Zealand singer/songwriter Kimbra. The above film for the song was directed by Natasha Pincus. The music video also features body art by Emma Hack – which took 23 hours to shoot the stop-motion animation. With the album launch Gotye will perform at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Graphic Festival–which will feature animators and a 10-piece orchestra as part of his performance.


Fame Kills

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Amy Winehouse by Hedi Slimane

[PARIS] Bizet’s Former Residence to Host Autre Launch Party

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Le Carmen, formally French composer  Georges Bizet’s residence (and named after his most famous opera), will host Autre’s release party this Tuesday–more info coming soon.


Magic for Beginners

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Olaf Breuning, Emmanuelle 2009

Jesse McLean, Magic For Beginners 2010, 20 min video

Ten artists are a part of a group show entitled Magic For Beginners at P.P.O.W. Gallery in NYC–including Bas Jan Ader and Olaf Breuning. “Their works concern themselves with an intensely personal present tense, with lives lived and documented in real time. These works are inward, solipsistic, and in some instances, similar to an occult experience or an exercise in ritualized revelation.” Magic for Beginners  is on view from July 28 to August 27.


[MUSIC VIDEOS] Pure X – Easy

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…Video for Pure X’s “Easy,” the first in a series from Pleasure that visually explore the record’s themes of pain/pleasure and agony/ecstasy. In collaboration with director Malcom Elijah the band works with images of numbness and the pleasure of control. These images, in the context of a traditional music video, reflect bleak lyrics in the context of a semi-traditional bright-sounding pop song. Director: Malcolm Elijah.


[IMAGE MAKERS] Michel Comte

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Fashion house Miu Miu just held a bash at photographer Michel Comte’s 1920s California jazz age mansion. Michel Comte was born 1954 in Zurich, Switzerland. The professionally trained art restorer approached photography autodidactically. 1979 Comte received his first international advertising assignment from Karl Lagerfeld for the fashion house of Chloe and moved to Paris. Work for the American Vogue lead him in 1981 to New York and later on he took residence in Los Angeles. “I have always lived on the edge”, Comte states on his restless persona. “If I no longer have a sense of risk I immediately move on. I probably inherited that from my grandfather.” (Swiss aviaton pioneer Alfred Comte.)


[DOING GOOD] Warby Parker

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Founded on much the same spirit as Toms Shoes, sunglassier Warby Parker donates a pair of optical glasses for every pair of sunglasses sold.  Warby Parker has available 27 limited styles and one monocle.





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