Pop Meets Pop. Andy Warhol and the Beatles

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Unique Warhol originals from the collection of the Warhol Museum meet Beatles artifacts–exploring the relationship between Andy Warhol and John Lennon now on view The Frankfurt Museum of Communication. www.mfk-frankfurt.de


Sex & Death

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What pornography is really about, ultimately, isn’t sex but death. ~ Susan Sontag


Patti Smith: Camera Solo

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Patti Smith, Paris 1969, LINDA SMITH BIANUCCI

This fall, Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartfort, CT will premiere Patti Smith: Camera Solo, the first large-scale presentation of her visual work in the United States in nearly ten years. It will include approximately sixty black and white photographs and two multi-media installations.



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The first ever full-career retrospective of the legendary British photographer opens to the public on July 8th 2011, coinciding with the publication of Duffy – the first and only book of the photographer’s work. Duffy infamously quit photography in 1979 when, at the height of his career, he took the majority of his photographic work into the back garden and set it on fire. Featuring more than 160 images painstakingly rediscovered by Duffy’s son after years of searching through archives and publications around the world, this exhibition has truly risen from the ashes. On view July 8 to August 28 at Idea Generation in London. www.gallery.ideageneration.co.uk


Falos y Vaginas

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In honor of Eros, the University of Antioquia, Colombia hosts an exhibition, entitled Falos y Vaginas (Phallus and Vaginas) which explores organs of pleasure represented in painting, ceramics, sculpture and photography, in a historical review of eroticism and as well as an encounter with science.  Falos y Vaginas is on view until November Medellin‘s University of Antioquia Museum (MUUA) Calle 67 #53-108 TEL: (574) 263-0011


Basquiat + Le Book

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Le Book, the international reference for the creative industry, announces the release of its 2011 New York edition, curated by Tamra Davis (director of the recently released film tribute to Basquiat, The Radiant Child), art direction by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One, and dressed by one of the most recognizable artists of the twentieth century, graffiti artist and neo-expressionist painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960 – 1988). www.lebook.com


Car Fetish

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Superflex, Burning Car, 2008

When I think of car fetish I immediately think of David Cronenberg’s 1996 film Crash. Its the erotic tale of a group of sexual outsiders who get their rocks off in car wrecks. One scene in particular, where Rosanna Arquette’s character, who wears fish-nets and leg braces–obviously the result of some previous dalliance gone awry, and Holly Hunter’s character get it on in the back of an old car.  Theres a word for this kind of fetish–its called paraphilia, or an attraction to objects. READ MORE >>>


Hungarian Rhapsody

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Martin Munkacsi, Carole Lombard, Hollywood, 1937

Brassaï, Robert Capa, André Kertész, László Moholy-Nagy and Martin Munkácsi each left Hungary to make their names in Germany, France and the USA, and are now known for the profound changes they brought about in photojournalism, as well as abstract, fashion and art photography. Others, such as Károly Escher, Rudolf Balogh and Jószef Pécsi remained in Hungary producing high-quality and innovatory photography. A display of approximately two hundred photographs ranging in date from c.1914–c.1989 will explore stylistic developments in photography and chart key historical events. These striking images will reveal the achievements of Hungarian photographers who left such an enduring legacy to international photography. Exhibition organised by the Royal Academy of Arts on the occasion of the Hungarian Presidency of the EU 2011. On view from June 30 to October 2 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. www.royalacademy.org.uk


Imitation Resort 2012

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Imitation, formerly Imitation of Christ, by Tara Subkoff invokes the halcyon era of Hollywood glamor and the jazz age with her Resort 2012 collection. See video after the jump. VIDEO >>>


Contemporary Magic: A Tarot Deck Art Project

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“The Tarot deck is many things: revered diviner of knowledge, feared revealer of hidden secrets, and critiqued promoter of quackish myth. Regardless of one’s take on Tarot card reading, it is certain that the history and imagery of these mysterious cards is ripe territory for contemporary artists to come up with their own interpretations of the 78 personas that make up the standard Tarot deck. And that is exactly what my divine colleague Stacy Engman set about doing as she assembled a group of some of today’s most dynamic artists and asked them to submit a new work based on a tarot card personally assigned by her. The resulting images are just as whimsical as the readings that emerge from an actual reading of the cards. The amazing group of artists included in the project created cards in a range of media (photography, painting and collage) and each infused an additional sense of allure and magic into this already heavily charged lam of mystery. Not only may viewers enjoy the actual works in the exhibition of the original cards, but they may also take them home in this unique catalogue in the form of a deck of Tarot cards in and of itself!” On view at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, PA until August 7th –www.warhol.org





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