[AMERICAN ART] The Early Paintings of Eric Fischl

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Eric Fischl’s early paintings are haunting and erie impressions of a uniquely American landscape charred by the hopeless fire of the American dream–stoked by the delusion that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is free and ours for the taking. A boy masturbating in a plastic waiting pool and another boy standing in front of a woman sprawled out naked in a darkened room with one hand behind his back in a purse are visual metaphors are our own depraved, amoral, and homicidal predilections–we’re capable of anything. READ MORE >>>


Rude and Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics

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Rude and Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics, 1976-82 is the first New York exhibition surveying the extraordinary diversity of Punk and Post-Punk graphic design. The exhibition showcases a wide range of American and British artistry, with influences that include the Bauhaus, Futurism, Dadaism, Pop Art, Constructivism and Expressionism. The exhibition presents features over 150 rare posters, along with fanzines, flyers, clothing, badges and stickers. Rude and Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics, 1976-82 will be on view from July 14th through August 19th, 2011 at the Steven Kasher Gallery.


Fellini, La Grande Parade

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A new exhibition at the Musée de l’Elysée reveals the sources of Fellini’s inspiration. Focussing on Fellini’s work through his obsessions by presenting the images that inspired him, those of which he dreamed and those he brought to life, Fellini, la Grande parade provides a new point of view on the maestro’s work. www.elysee.ch


Photographers: April-lea

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“My work created as a photographer is part of a longstanding relationship with the camera that began with modeling. I have a fondness for film and a deep desire to photograph people as people, breaking from expected norms of beauty. In my work, I look for emotion, try to tell a story, and reveal the beauty in my characters. Beyond the aesthetic qualities imparted by instant film and long exposures, my empathetic relationship with the person in front of the camera infuses my images with comfortable intimacy and perhaps a touch of nostalgia. I create timeless images using various film formats including Polaroid. I am a purist at heart.” SEE MORE >>>


Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide: British Art Now

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Maurizio Anzeri, Round Midnight

Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide: British Art Now brings together the audacious best of contemporary art straight from London’s internationally acclaimed Saatchi Gallery – arguably the biggest influence on contemporary British art over the past 25 years. It features groundbreaking works that challenge conventional artistic sensibilities, created by more than forty of the new generation of daring British contemporary artists. READ MORE >>>


The Color of My Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art

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On view now at the Vancouver Art Gallery, The Colour of My Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art features 350 works by leading Surrealist artists, including André Breton, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, René Magritte, Joan Miró, Alberto Giacometti, Leonora Carrington, Brassaï, André Masson, Man Ray, Edith Rimmington, Wifredo Lam and many others. On view until September 25, 2011 www.vanartgallery.ca.bc


René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle

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René Magritte (1898–1967) is one of the most revered and popular artists of the 20th century. This summer, Tate Liverpool presents René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle, the biggest exhibition of the Belgian surrealist’s work in England for twenty years. www.tate.org.uk


Blood Orange to Release Album in August

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Listen to ‘Sutphin Boulevard’, which will be released by Domino on the 1st of August. www.dominorecords.com

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AMIE DICKE: Infinitely Suffering Thing

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Dissolving floors of memory, 2007

Artist Amie Dicke, from Rotterdam, transforms magazine pictures into intriguing works of art and so much more. On view now at the Venice Bienalle see close to 27 gallons of foundation get dumped and sprayed over an environ specially constructed by the artist.  READ MORE >>>


Overpainting in Twentieth Century Press Photography

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Before the invention of photoshop in 1991, it was commonplace for press agencies and the photographic departments of newspapers and magazines to enhance, crop and embellish their press photographs prior to publication. An upcoming exhibition, entitled Overworked: Overpainting in Twentieth Century Press Photography,  at Flash Projects UK explores the ways in which photographs were worked-over in paint, gouache, watercolour and pencil prior to their publication, challenging the veracity of the image. READ MORE >>>





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