[MOSCOW] Sex:Female

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In a buy me, sell me, fuck me world Lena Vazhenina’s photography is an atonement for all our collective mediocrity.  Vazhenina thinks sex is cool, but don’t be fooled – her photo project is named Sex:female just to grab your attention.  With its weirdly placed colon and poor English, the title is also confusing.  However, Lena Vazhenina just might be on to something, because this Moscow based photographer is on the rise. Vazhenina’s intriguing images look like whimsical gender bending rape scenarios crossed with what the world would look like if you had a magic pair of glasses that made everything look like an MDMA trip.   (SEE MORE IMAGES….)


Test From a Shoot at the Lautner House, Los Angeles

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Preview: a test polaroid from an editorial shot by Adarsha Benjamin for the first print issue of Pas Un Autre – Autre Quarterly. Shot on location in Los Angeles a house designed by the famed architect John Lautner.  Sign up for our newsletter to find out where and when you can pick up the first issue – its free!


[METAL on METAL] James Georgopoulos Sticks to His Guns

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James Georgopolous’ photographs of guns are so in demand he even has Iranian princesses knocking on his door.  Los Angeles based artist James Georgopolous communicates with his guns an aura of latent violence, whilst offering visceral elucidation into the pathos behind how culture invents its iconography.  In a world culture of war and destruction, Georgopolous’ guns are stark reminders of the power of modern weapons.  Its also the notion that to stare down the barrel of a gun and imagine what could return back is not the same simple, curious gaze, but a permanent solution to our mortality. Its heavy stuff – best suited to those who take their coffee black or can read Foucault whilst watching Pulp Fiction. (READ MORE…)


Richard Avedon: Photographer of Influence

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Black and white photographs by Richard Avedon will be on display starting May 21 at te Nassau County Museum of Art. Richard Avedon: Photographer of Influence will be on view May 21 to September 4. www.nassaumuseum.org


Shooting at a John Lautner House in Los Angeles

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Adarsha Benjamin shoots an editorial for the first issue of Pas Un Autre Quarterly at a John Lautner house in Los Angeles.  Stay tuned for more…first issue of Autre Quarterly will be out this summer. (Click on thumnails for larger photos)



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Official uncensored version of Skinny directed music video for Adanowsky’s Me Siento Solo


Adarsha and Bethany in the Pool, Los Angeles

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photography by Oliver Maxwell Kupper


[INTERVIEW] Aoi Kotsuhiroi – Colorless Murder

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Aoi Kotsuhiroi, who has released the new chapter of her Exotic Regrets collection, entitled Colorless Murder & Silent Wolf –  Aoi sends Pas Un Autre a message each time a new collection or chapter is release – is nothing short of stunningly beautiful.  Her collections indeed recall a mystic, other worldly plane.  Infused with breaths of haikus, lyricism, poetry – oft times human hair, bone, and leather – her pieces are certainly beyond simple accessories - body accessories could explain it better, but it is much more. And because Aoi Kotsuhiroi is mysterious herself, a name or a categorization is even harder to attain. Aoi Kotsuhiroi was kind of enough to answer a few of Pas Un Autre’s question regarding the new chapter. (READ MORE….)


Paul McCartney to Re-Release Two Eponymous Solo Albums

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Paul McCartney is planning to reissue his solo debut, 1970’s McCartney, as well as 1980’s McCartney II in remastered, deluxe editions with extra tracks. McCartney is the first solo album by Paul McCartney. The album was performed the entirely by Paul McCartney himself, except for some backing vocals from his first wife, Linda McCartney. McCartney stated that he played “bass, drums, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, piano, Mellotron, organ, toy xylophone, and bow and arrow on the album. McCartney is quite possibly an one of his most underrated masterpieces. McCartney II is considered one of the earliest examples of electronic music and is a complete departure for Paul McCartney who by this time had broken up with two bands, The Beatles and Wings. The albums will be available starting June 13 and were remastered at Abbey Road Studios by the same team that worked on 2009’s Beatles reissues.


[Documentary] L’Amour Fou: The Legacy of Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent left a fashion legacy. He also left behind an extraordinary collection of art. In L’amour fou, Saint Laurent’s partner in business and life, Pierre Bergé, made the choice to auction off the collection after Saint Laurent’s death in 2008. It was considered “the auction of the century.” Bergé talks about their relationship in both respects—from meeting Saint Laurent after his dismissal from Dior to starting up their fashion house and, of course, the art that they amassed. The collection started in the 1950s and included works ranging from Picasso and Matisse to Egyptian sculptures. (READ MORE…)





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