[ART] The Light Drawings of JONAH GROENEBOER

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Jonah Groeneboer is a British Columbia born artist now based in Brooklyn, and teaches in New York City. His work can currently be seen as part of a group exhibition at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn. Resurrection, as the show is titled, “focuses on ideas of rebirth through drawings, sculpture, and photography.” www.cindersgallery.com



I Love You When You Smile

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Continuing with the great tradition of photographer duos, Rita Sousa and Ivano Salonia, who are “partners both in [their] professional and private life,” started a website called I Love You When You Smile, a collection of their work created together. The images they capture are real and honest, almost like a lifestyle diary, mixing both fashion editorial and portraiture. I Love You When You Smile is based in Amsterdam. www.iloveyouwhenyousmile.com


Deconstructing Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up

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Want to see a naked, nubile Jane Birkin in a threesome? Antonioni’s film 1966 film Blow Up captured the zeitgeist of 1960s London with a bear trap. Its famous cover, with the lead character, a fashion photographer played by the venerable David Hemmings, lurching over the rail thin, German model Veruschka, is emblematic of an entire decade of cinema.  Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, Blow Up, inspired by a book written by the Argentinian novelist Julio Cortázar, as well as the real life of iconic fashion photographer David Bailey, tells the the story of a fashion photographer who inadvertently stumbles into a murder. (read more…see more….)


[MUSIC VIDEO] Alexander “A Million Years”

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Benjamin Kutsko directs the first music video for Alexander Elbert’s eponymous solo project with the song “A Million Years”


My Blue Love: Edith Piaf’s Love Letters to Louis Gérardin

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“My blue love, our first separation … darling, I think I can say that never has a man taken me as much, and I believe I’m making love for the first time.” Edith Piaf’s “blue love” was a 13-time French speed racing champion bicyclist named Louis Gérardin. The letters were written in 1951 and 1952 during a feaverish, little known, love affair – shortly after her true love, the boxer Marcel Cerdan, died tragically in a plane crash. The letters are intimate, full of sexual ravings and pleas for Gérardin to leave his wife. Before Gérardin could leave his wife Piaf had already married another man. In 2009, 54 of the letters were sold at Christies in Paris for 59,000 euros.  The letters will now will be published in the book entitled My Blue Love – out on April 30 in France.


[IMAGES] Deep Sea Diving

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Photography by Rory DCS www.rorydcs.com


[NEW] John Talabot ‘Families’

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From Barcelona, John Talabot, to release a new EP entitled Families, due out May 9 on Young Turks; featuring vocals from Cameron Mesirow, most commonly known as Glasser. www.youngturks.co.uk

JOHN TALABOT / Families (Ft Glasser) by Young Turks


Le Surréalisme, c’est moi!

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Even today, Salvador Dalí’s creative output as an artist, his experimental films, and his unmistakable style of painting exert an inspiring fascination on artists up to the present day. By the early 1930s, Dalí had found his medium and his distinctive painting style. The world of the unconscious and of dreams, melting watches and endless, expansive landscapes, bathed in a cool sunshine, are his recognisable motifs. (READ MORE…)


Icon of 1940s Fashion: Ingrid Bergman

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Ingrid Bergman is stunning when when she appears on the silver screen in the 1942 classic Casablanca, and the same in Hitchcock’s 1946 masterpiece Notorious. Bergman was not only an icon of the silver screen, but an icon of fashion in a decade when the world was at war. In the 1940s the fashion houses of an occupied France were struggling with limited resources, a fabric shortage, and the rise of competing American fashion houses. In 1940s style was an experiment in sartorial renunciation – an “expression of circumstances” as opposed to frivolity. In 1947 Christian Dior introduced the New Look collection – a ‘make do and mend’ approach to fashion that didn’t comprise “ideals of beauty, femininity and luxury.” Ingrid Bergman was a life long fan of Dior – her fitted suits,  pencil skirts, subtle accessories, and a slightly androgynous charm helped define the era. (READ MORE….)


The Opening Spread, by Elvis Di Fazio

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