Art Show Aboard Historic Sunken Ship

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An art show featuring new works by David Murcko (above), Derek Skorupski, Grace Lumpkin and Philip DiWilliams will be on view October 25 aboard the historic lightship “Frying Pan,” an old US Coast Guard ship built in 1929, abandoned for ten years and sunk in the Chesapeake Bay for 3 years and brought back to NYC in 1989. The Frying Pan is at Pier 66, West 26th Street and Hudson River (near Chelsea Piers).


Johannes Wohnseifer’s Water From A Melted Ice Sculpture

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Johann König, Berlin presents Water From A Melted Ice Sculpture that will mark Johannes Wohnseifer’s sixth solo exhibition in the gallery. In a conceptually rigorous, yet poetic manner seven new series of works address the spheres of politics, production, publicity and privacy. Wohnseifer is able to melt these areas together while their supposed discernment is not gone lost in favor of mutual reflection. On view from October 27 to to December 22 at Johann König, Dessauer Straße 6-7, 10963 Berlin


Behind the Scenes: Adarsha Shoots Another Video for Woods

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Behind the scenes, Adarsha Benjamin shoots a second music video for the band Woods. You can can see the first one here.  photograph by Adarsha Benjamin


Poet John Tottenham by Actor Adam Goldberg

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British-born, Los Angeles-based poet John Tottenham photographed by actor Adam Goldberg (Dazed and Confused, Saving Private Ryan). John Tottenham’s new book of poetry, entitled Antiepithalamia & Other Poems of Regret and Resentment, is out now on Penny-Ante Editions. Tottenham writes hilariously savage, self-lacerating verse about the artistic ego that always slyly implicates his audience. His readings have been a staple at literary readings in the Los Angeles area, and he is well known among the town’s art and literary circles. In performance, at least, his literary voice comes across as a pitch-perfect channeling of the Dostoevsky character from Notes From Underground. And his truth hits always have his audiences doubled over with laughter.


Devendra Banhart in Moscow

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Devendra Banhart playing in Moscow on October 20, at the opening of Garage Center For Contemporary Art’s opening of the pavilion in Gorky Park near Pionersky pond, a new venue for exhibitions, lectures, workshops and more. The pavilion is designed by internationally acclaimed architect Shigeru Ban. photograph by Maxim Ksuta


Jeremy Kost’s Fame Paintings On View in Paris

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Jeremy Kost’s celebrity paintings–silkscreened on large-scale canvases from Polaroid images–are paired here with Polaroid facsimiles by Andy Warhol from the 70s and 80s. Both artists share an inquisitive lust to understand fame in all its dramatic guises and extravagant poses. Occasionally they share a subject–Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton, Keith Richards–though Kost approaches these iconic individuals from a very different perspective. In some cases they are obscured or abstracted; occasionally disembodied, as with Madonna’s head, which appears to float on a sea of silver, or Grace Jones, who dissolves into a beautiful haze of flowers and tapestries. By translating his original photographs into these slick yet gritty canvases, Kost has given his unique vision a new sense of monumentality. In these works, which came from his Polaroid photographs, celebrity is both celebrated and complicated. We see the mobs of paparazzi themselves, clamoring for a shot, and the polarized finish of the paintings themselves is simultaneously glamorous and anti-glamor–just as Beyonce here appears both as a superstar and a sort of monster, caught in the camera’s flash. Like his forbearer Warhol, Kost is a participant in the world he depicts and also somewhat of a voyeur, diligently capturing all the madness and the romance of celebrity, all the while translating a sense of intimacy and access. Jeremy Kost: Always The Center of Attention will be on view until November 18 at Galerie Nuke, 11 Rue Saint Anastase, 75003 Paris, France


Warby Parker & Pencils of Promise

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Warby Parker teams up with Pencils of Promise, a non-profit devoted to building schools in the developing world, to created two limited edition pairs of sunglasses.


Strawberry Alarm Clock Wearing Future Eyes

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Cult 1960s psychedelic band Strawberry Alarm Clock wearing Future Eyes in Los Angeles. photograph by Brent Paul Pearson


Annabel Graham and Augustin Doublet at Clic Gallery

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Pas Un Autre contributor Annabel Graham and filmmaker Augustin Doublet at Clic Gallery for Patti Astor’s booksigning for her book FUN Gallery…The True Story. photograph by Vanessa Rose


First Images Shot of the Saint Laurent Wardrobe

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Anja Rubik models for the first collection of Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. photograph by Hedi Slimane





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