José Lerma and Eddie Martinez

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Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton presents a two-person exhibition of new works by José Lerma and Eddie Martinez. Both artists use creative material approaches to painting and its history as the starting point for their practice. Inhabited by voracious marks and a motley cast of characters, their works display the political histories of nations imagined and conflicts all too real, through the interplay of their denizens. On view until August 29, 2012 at Halsey McKay Gallery, 79 Newtown Lane East Hampton, NY


Oliver in Front of Yayoi’s Installation for Louis Vuitton

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Oliver Maxwell Kupper in front of Yayoi Kusama’s installation at Louis Vuitton as part of their current collaboration. Pick up a copy of our current issue to read our exclusive interview and story with Yayoi Kusama – easily Japan’s most famous artist. photograph by Summer Bowie


American Sugar

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American Sugar, a solo exhibition by J.M. Giordana, takes a confrontational look at America’s addiction to sugar, sex, and insulin. Giordino’s photographs and sculptures are also aiming to reintroduce “pop” to Balitmore’s art scene. American Sugar is on view until August 31, at CA Gallery, 440 E Oliver Street Baltimore, Maryland


Cindy Sherman at the SF MoMA

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Cindy Sherman’s amazing retrospective is currently on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Photograph by Oliver Maxwell Kupper


Marcello Cinque at Galerie Piece Unique

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On view now at Galerie Piece Unique in Paris Marcello Cinque’s giant octopus sculpture that fills almost the entirety of the space. In his monochrome sculptures, white, black, red or blue, Marcello Cinque experiments new materials such as elastic paint and sponge rubber. This material, being able to wrap and roll around itself as if squeezed out of a thick tube of paint, can create real “post-lunar” forms which nullify the laws of gravity. On view until Setember 8, 2012 at Galerie Piece Unique 4 Rue Jacques Callot, Paris. 


Alex Israel First Solo Show in Italy

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Peres Project, Il Giardino dei Lauri and Citta’ della Pieve are present Alex Israel’s first solo show in Italy, at the Museo Civico Diocesano di S. Maria dei Servi in Citta’ della Pieve (PG), Umbria until October 1st, 2012. Continuing with Property, an ongoing body-of-work, Israel has rented his newest prop sculptures from the legendary Italian film studio Cinecittà. He selected an array of replica Styrofoam and fiberglass antiquities and objects, iconic and anonymous, drawn from an amalgam of cultures, eras, and narratives, and composed them in dialogue with each other and with the unique venue.


His painting spells TRBL

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In-your-face, achingly simple, deceptively frank, the work of Christopher Wool is so very New York. Though he owes a debt to abstract expressionism and pop art, he completely transcends—even demolishes—these genres. Whether it’s a text-based painting or an abstract spray-painted piece, his work is immediately engaging. Wool questions painting, like many other artists in his generation, but he doesn’t provide any easy answers. “The harder you look the harder you look,” he puts it in one of his word paintings, and that is an excellent example of how he states the obvious whilst provoking us to think deeper about what seems obvious. This September a new monograph will be available on Taschen – In over 400 pages, all of Wool’s work phases are covered in large-scale reproductions, accompanied by production Polaroids and installation photos by Wool himself. Essays and analyses by Glenn O’Brien, Jim Lewis, Ann Goldstein, Anne Pontégnie, Richard Hell, and Eric Banks.


Josh Nemec @ Book and Job

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Josh Nemec is a San Francisco based artist. This Friday his exhibition, entitled Hero Complex, which “depicts the psychological and social responses of a nation obsessed with heroism,” will be on view at Book and Job gallery in San Francisco. Complex will on view for one night August 17 , 2012 at Book and Job gallery, 838 Geary Street, San Francisco.


Adam Green Houseface @ The Hole

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The Hole gallery in New York presents an end of summer exhibition by artist and musician Adam Green. Green will fill the galleries with painting, sculpture, and his feature-length film The Wrong Ferrari screened on continuous loop in Gallery 3. Houseface will be on view August 16 through August 25, 2012 at The Hole, 312 Bowery Street, New York


Carolee Schneemann: Remains To Be Seen

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Carolee Schneemann is a pioneer in many artistic disciplines. Having consistently challenged concepts of sexuality and gender identity in the fields of painting, sculpture, installation art, video art and, most importantly, performance with key works such as Meat Joy (1964) and Interior Scroll (1975), Schneemann broke new grounds within the Happening and performance fields subverting taboos facing women artists in the 60s and 70s. Schneemann will install three major video installations at during this year’s Summerhall Festival in Edinburgh– ‘Precarious‘ (2009), ‘Devour‘ (2003) and ‘Infinity Kisses – The Movie‘ (2008) as well as displaying a never before exhibited photographic series where she performed ice skating naked in London while holding her cat.





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