Another Day On Earth by Olivia Locher

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[ART] In The Labyrinth

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The exhibition by Àngels Ribé at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, covers a period of her production from 1969 to 1984. This period is particularly significant for it marks the appearance of a new aesthetic model that would have a fundamental influence on the creation of new ways of conceiving the artistic practice. The associative and symbolic functions of art are renegotiated: the artwork ceases to be an autonomous entity, as was the norm in the modernist tradition, and its meaning becomes dependent on an interchange with the spectator. In this way, the ambiguity and the multiplicity of references and readings that are an intrinsic part of the work of art are revealed. Àngels Ribé, having begun her artistic career at that time and within those parameters, consolidated a language of her own that has continued until today through various supports and media.  In the labyrinth. Àngels Ribé, 1969-1984 in on view until October 23.


Richard Phillips: Point of Purchase

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“My pictures involve a kind of wasted beauty – that’s always been a thread in my work.”  - Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips’ tongue in cheek, slightly pornographic, gritty, but oxymoronically glossy paintings have made him an artist among elite of pop art’s Mount Olympus that includes the like of Evelyne Axell  and pop art’s Zeus Andy Warhol. Richard Phillips was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1962 and now lives and works in New York.  On view for another week at John McWhinnie bookstore in East Hampton, NY is Point of Purchase, “the first full-scale presentation of [Richard Phillips'] commercial interventions.” John McWhinnie: “Phillips extends his brand of artmaking into the non-gallery world, colonizing commercial space, manipulating products and displays, from album covers and posters to designer handbags and beach towels.” On view until August 8


Drawn Blank: Bob Dylan to Show Paintings at the Gagosian

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Gagosian: “A committed visual artist, Bob Dylan has only recently begun to exhibit his works publicly. Firstly, a collection of multi-media watercolors and gouaches, The Drawn Blank Series, was exhibited in Germany’s Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz in autumn 2007. His latest works on acrylic and canvas, The Brazil Series, are currently on exhibit at The National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen.” Bob Dylan is set to exhibit artwork at the Gagosian Gallery this September.


Ship of Fools

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As Fall approaches its tachiagari time over at Dover Street Market . This window display by Matt Clark, entitled “Ship of Fools,” is “…based upon his interest in narrative, this piece began as a simple play on words. Depicting the human condition, it is a sculpture inspired by sculpture.”


Erik Hart’s Eclectic Visual Diary

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Photography Tatiana Leshkina, Clothing by Eric Hart

Factory by Eric Hart, Resort/Holiday 2011

Artwork by Erik Hart

Erik Hart’s unique label Factory by Erik Hart fuses fashion, art, sound, installation, and so on.   His website is a diary of sorts of an eclectic flotsam of visual assemblage that is instantly recognizable as Hart’s own.


Sigmar Polke: Photoworks

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Leo Koenig Inc. (NYC), in collaboration with Winckler Fine Arts, Berlin, presents the opening of “Sigmar Polke: Photoworks 1964-2000″. “Widely acknowledged as one of the most important creative forces to emerge from post World War II Europe, Sigmar Polke was an artist of incredible unpredictability. From the very beginning, and throughout his career, Polke resisted the idea of an identifying “signature.” In his practice, the artist incorporated techniques borrowed from mass marketing and commercial realms into a proscenium of images that overlap and resonate over time.  Over the course of his life, Polke made thousands of photographs and the selection of works for this exhibition keenly highlights the integral role that photography had played in the artist’s larger oeuvre.  Also included is an eerie selection of photographs taken at the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, and a series of photograms in which Polke experimented with, among other untried techniques, the effects of radioactive materials on the photographic process. On view until September 3 at Leo Koenig NYC.

[source: fashion copious]


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Photo: Annie Leibovitz

Congratulations to Yoko Ono who is the winner of the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize for her efforts in spreading world peace.  An awards ceremony is scheduled together with an exhibition commemorating the presentation of the award to Yoko Ono at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. “It is greatly anticipated that this commemorative exhibition will help communicate, from Hiroshima to the world, the messages of Yoko Ono that are rich with the inspiration of the abolition of nuclear weapons and the creation of a world without war, and it is thought that the exhibition will have a great effect on garnering attention to this Hiroshima Art Prize across the globe.” The 8th Hiroshima Art Prize: THE ROAD OF HOPE – YOKO ONO 2011,  Saturday July 30th to Sunday October 16.


David Mushegain X Alia Penner

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Some close ups of artist Alia Penner’s collaboration with photographer David Mushegain for a collage at the Colette store in Paris.  Alia also designed the invitation for the Autre launch party in Paris happening tomorrow at le Carmen.


To Love the Glove….

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Armor glove–a collaboration between jeweler Shaun Leane and Daphne Guinness–encrusted  with 18-carat hand cut diamonds.  Guinness: “The detail in its design is hugely symbolic. The birds with which it is embellished denote freedom from the material world. The gold from which it is molded was thought to have magical powers. Like the knights of my childhood daydreams, this beautiful glove is resilient and beautiful, strong despite its finery.”





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