Juergen Teller Outside His Exhibition at The Journal Gallery

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Juergen Teller’s exhibition Irene im Wald is currently on view at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn. Irene im Wald is the first part of what Teller sees as a four-part series to be shot in the woods near the house in Erlangen, Germany, where he was raised. “Gebrüder Grimm, witches, the big bad wolf—the forest is one hell of a scary place, I thought. But even as a child I was drawn towards it—it was scary, but the beauty and the peacefulness of it all sucked me in.” Juergen’s next exhibition The Girl with the Broken Nose will be on view at the Palazzo Reale in Milan starting September 20 and an exhibition at ICA, London starting in January. Irene im Wald is on view until November 4 at The Journal Gallery, 168 North 1st Street Brooklyn NY photograph by Michael Nevin


[PHOTOS] Billy Kidd Shot Heather Huey at Clic Gallery

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On view now at Clic Gallery, Heather Huey Was Shot By Billy Kidd is a collaborative photographic project between Billy Kidd and his girlfriend haute milliner Heather Huey. The series features a series of nude black and white photographs by Kidd of Huey in some of her creations which include body cages, hats, and other accessories. See more photos of the opening on Fashion Night Out in New York At Clic Gallery after the jump. [CLICK HERE....]


L’Imagination Entoure Le Monde

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Renee Lilley on Venice Beach. photograph by Megan McIsaac


Scott Shuman, The Sartorialist, Opening at Danziger Gallery

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In many ways Schuman can be seen as the first “true” photographer of the digital age. His pictures are shot digitally, disseminated digitally, commented on digitally, and printed digitally. Keenly sought to lecture, shoot, exhibit, and attend the front row of fashion shows around the world, none of this would have happened before the internet. To celebrate the September publication of Schuman’s second Penguin book, The Sartorialist: Closer, Danziger Gallery will be mounting a two week exhibition concurrent with New York’s Fashion Week. The Sartorialist will be on view from September 7 to September 15, 2012, at Danziger Gallery, 527, West 21st Street, New York


[INTERVIEW] Billy Kidd Shot Heather Huey

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In the annals of art history there have been a slew of great romantic collaborations – from Salvador Dali and Gala, Frida and Rivera, Lee Miller and Man Ray and more. Something about art and love brings out the muse. Now, Brooklyn based photographer Billy Kidd and his girlfriend haute milliner Heather Huey have joined forces for a collaborative photographic project called Billy Kidd Shot Heather Huey, which will see its premier at Clic Gallery in New York as part of Fashion Night Out. The series features a series of deep, erotically imbued black and white photographs by Kidd of Huey in some of her creations which include body cages, hats, and other accessories. In the following interview I got a chance to ask Billy and Heather a few questions about art, their relationship, and the their current project. See interview and more photos after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


Self Portrait At The National Hotel

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Self portrait at the National Hotel, Nevada City, California. photograph by Adarsha Benjamin


Brace Yourself

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a new photograph by Elvis DiFazio


Clark After Dark

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Clark Phillips. photograph by Oliver Maxwell Kupper


Wringing Sun

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Photograph with dried flowers, as part of a new series by Amanda Charchian


Rare Photobook by Brian Griffin Recently Discovered

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A discovery of a small number of copies of Brian Griffin’s extremely rare classic photobook Open, which features in Martin Parr and Gerry Badger’s The Photobook: A History, vol. I. is soon available by Dewi Lewis Publishing. Published in 1988 in an edition of only 350 copies, Brian found himself too occupied with other projects to be able to focus on selling all the print run and put the balance into temporary store. Over twenty years later he rediscovered them. Quirky portraits, enigmatic still lifes and landscapes in a similar vein, all appear in Open, which was self-published along with a number of other photobooks by Griffin under the imprint Black Pudding. These were projects of self-expression as well as being ‘calling cards’. Orders are now being taken and the edition will be released in November 2012.





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