Faking It At The Met

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CAT + I,, Wanda Wulz, Italian, 1903-1984, Gelatine silver print, 1932

What do people have against reality? Real reality, that is. I don’t know, ask Republicans, reality show producers, or long-dead 19th century photographers. You won’t get a straight answer from any of them, but at least the latter has a good excuse. And the really unreal, but often real-looking doctored images of many of these lensmen (plus some 20th century pros too) can be seen at a new exhibition entitled Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop on view now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. See more after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


Richard Kern New Book, Exhibition

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Created in collaboration with Japanese hair salon/publishing house Salon Shizen a new book featuring photographs by Richard Kern, entitled 10:41, it features new images of young bodies “frolicking in the leafy Connecticut countryside.” The series features very  prominently Kern’s favorite symbole of youth and nubile eroticism: the cell phone; hence the name of the book is the time on most everyone’s phone  when he took them and put them in a pile. The book is is available at Salon Shizen and Opening Ceremony. Come March, Kern is set to release Shot By Kern, his first Taschen book in four years, chronicling his experience doing a video series for Vice called Shot By Kern, in which the magazine films his shoots and interviews his models. The monograph is to be accompanied by an hour and 20 minutes of footage and a New York exhibition some time in the next year.


Mario Testino In Your Face

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A new book out now by Taschen entitled Mario Testino. in Your Face is an unorthodox collection of various images chosen by Testino from the span of his 30-year career reflects the diversity of his work, ranging from fashion and advertising shots to sexually-charged images and autobiographical photos. Full of color, life, and humor, this selection is a testament to the sheer brilliance of a tireless chronicler of fabulousness. This book is published in the occasion of the In Your Face exhibition at the MFA Boston (which opens October 17, 2012 and runs to February 3, 2013).


Legendary William Eggleston at the Gagosian Beverly Hills

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Photographer, and legend in his own right, Brad Elterman caught some magical moments of the opening of the legendary William Eggleston exhibition opening of his classic Los Alamos series at the Gagosian Beverly Hills in Los Angeles on view now through November 10, 2012. See more photographs after the jump. [CLICK HERE....]


Wolfgang Tillmans Neue World Exhibition and Book

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Tillmans’s latest project sets its sights on the world. Over the period of more than two decades, Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photo-imaging with greater range than any other artist of his generation. From snapshots of his friends to abstract images made in a darkroom without a camera or works made with a photocopier, he has pushed the photographic process to its outer limits in myriad ways. For this collection of photos, his fourth book with Taschen, Tillmans turned away from the self-reflexive exploration of the photography medium that had occupied him for several years by focusing his lens on the outside world—from London and Nottingham to Tierra del Fuego, Tasmania, Saudi Arabia, and Papua New Guinea. He describes this new phase simply as “trying out what the camera can do for me, what I can do for it.” The result is a powerful and singular view of life today in diverse parts of the world, seen from many angles. Says Tillmans, “My travels are aimless as such, not looking for predetermined results, but hoping to find subject matter that in some way or other speaks about the time I’m in.” The exhibition Wolfgang Tillmans: Neue Welt / Wolfgang Tillmans. New World will be on show at the Kunsthalle in Zurich until November 2012. The  monograph will be available on October 30, but is available for preorder now. 


Edible Selby Exhibition

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Todd Selby will premiere his second solo exhibition at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta by transforming the gallery space into a cornucopia of international food artisans with their delectable creations drawn passionately from his highly acclaimed NYTimes: T Magazine column. There will also be an early release of his new book Edible Selby, officially released by Abrams in October. Todd Selby: Edible Selby will be on view until November 17, 2012 at Jackson Fine Art, 3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. 


Cindy Sherman at the Gagosian, Paris

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Gagosian Gallery in Paris presents a series of recent landscape format photographs by Cindy Sherman. On view until October 10, 2012, Gagosian Gallery, 4 rue de Ponthieu, Paris


Dennis Hopper’s Lost Album on View @ Martin-Gropius-Bau

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On view at Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum are an impressive four hundred vintage photographs taken by Dennis Hopper in the 1960s. Tucked away in five crates and forgotten, they were discovered after his death.Many of these pictures are icons, such as the portraits of Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Paul Newman and Jane Fonda. They also cover a wide range of subjects. Dennis Hopper is interested in everything. Wherever he happens to be, whether in Los Angeles, New York, London, Mexico or Peru, he takes in his surroundings with empathy, enthusiasm and intense curiosity. He seeks and savours the “essential moment”, capturing the celebrities and types of his time with the camera: actors, artists, musicians, his family, Hell’s Angels and hippies. He leaves an impressive photographic record of the “street life” of Harlem, of cemeteries in Mexico, and of bullfights in Tijuana. Hopper accompanies Martin Luther King on the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Dennis Hopper: Lost Album is on view until December 17, 2012 at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchner Straße 7, 10963 Berlin, Germany


A New Photograph by Marija Mandic

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photograph by Marija Mandic, Serbia


Abbey Meaker Preparing for An Upcoming Show

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Abbey Meaker printing her photographs for an upcoming show.





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