Dieter Roth, Björn Roth @ Hauser & Wirth

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Sculptor, painter, printmaker, collagist, poet, diarist, graphic designer, publisher, filmmaker and musician, German-born Swiss artist Dieter Roth (1930 – 1998) has been described as ‘a performance artist in all the mediums he touched’. Everything Roth made involved acting out a central concept of art and life as utterly indivisible – a single enterprise in which material stuff is subservient to the emotional and sensual experience for which it stands. Hauser & Wirth will open ‘Dieter Roth. Björn Roth’, a landmark exhibition of masterworks that highlights this remarkable twenty-year collaboration and, through it, the diversity of the practice that has established Dieter Roth as one of the most inventive and influential artists of the second half of the 20th century. ‘Dieter Roth. Björn Roth’ culminates Hauser & Wirth’s 20th anniversary and inaugurates the opening of the gallery’s new, second exhibition space in New York City, at 511 West 18th Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. Moreover, the exhibition sets the stage for major exhibitions to be presented at 18th Street in 2013 by three artists – Paul McCarthy, Roni Horn and Matthew Day Jackson – who claim Roth as their touchstone. See more photographs by Annabel Graham after the jump.  [CLICK HERE...]


Megan McIsaac with a Painting by David Alvarado

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photograph by Megan McIsaac


Lola Montes Schnabel Within Reach @ Tripoli Gallery

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Tripoli Gallery presents an exhibition by Lola Montes Schnabel entitled Within Reach at their a pop-up gallery space at 980 Madison Avenue, on the 3rd Floor. In Within Reach, Lola explores the most primal and paradoxical human instincts, the desire to be boundless. The series of oil paintings and watercolors evoke oceanic realms whose landscapes and figures remain ceaselessly ephemeral yet always connected, bound by a kindred condition. Within Reach will be on view until February 11. 


Key Lime Pie and Champagne in the Bath in Miami

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Key lime pie and champagne in the bath at the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove, Miami. photograph by Oliver Maxwell Kupper


[INTERVIEW] ANAHITA RAZMI Automatic Assembly Actions

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Anahita Razmi is one of those artists that are tough to define, but all the same make shock waves that force us to take a deeper look inside ourselves. Ramzi, a video and performance artist based in Stuttgart, makes work that deals with issues concerning identity and gender by employing objects with a national and cultural significance; sometimes borrowing and citing the work of other high-profile artists. Working within the tradition of appropriation and re-enactment, Razmi detaches cultural symbols from their established meanings by employing them in unexpected situations and contexts. Her works, like the tongue-in-cheek Burquini which was designed for the swimming activities of Muslim women and the more serious Roof Piece Tehran, where she had 12 dancers dancing on the rooftops of different building in Tehran in a county where dance is illegal and artistic performance is forbidden. Ramzi, whose father is Iranian – her mother German – has a special connection with Iran and it’s panoply of struggles. On view now at Carbon 12 Gallery in Dubai, Ramzi’s solo exhibition Automatic Assembly Action, which opened with a performance RE / CUT PIECE, a modfied appropriation of Yoko Ono’s 1964 performance Cut Piece, will be open until March 14. Pas Un Autre got a chance to ask Razmi a few question about her artistic practice, her current show at Carbon 12 and what she has planned for the future. See interview after the jump.  [CLICK HERE...]


Jau Label in Dalston

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London based Jau Label guerilla-shot the newest editorial for the current Spring/Summer 2013 collection in and around Dalston, East London – an area that inspired the collection. photograph by Greg Holland



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photograph by Splice Pictures


Popsicle Fetish

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photograph by Lena Vazhenina


Anahita Razmi ‘RE / CUT Performance @ Carbon 12

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Anahita Razmi’s performance RE / CUT PIECE is the appropriation of Yoko Ono’s seminal 1964 performance Cut Piece. In Yoko Ono’s performance, the artist sat on stage with a pair of scissors next to her. The audience was then invited to enter the stage and to cut a piece of the artist’s clothing. In various art reviews it is described as a “feminist” piece; a participatory performance, co-created by what the audience brings to it. Anahita Razmi takes this concept out of its original context and refocuses it: the rather insignificant performance dress that was worn by Yoko Ono in the sixties, is exchanged for a luxurye black Gucci Dress. The focus on the value of the dress invades the performance with new associations and meanings. Yoko Ono’s piece, which was originally shown in Japan and New York, is now re-performed in Dubai. This new location brings with it its own associations of luxury, megalomania and nouveau-riche. Yet such icons seem to be ambivalent and in a state of constant transformation. As in the original performance, the viewer was invited to enter the stage to cut off a piece of the artist’s robe. The performance RE / CUT PIECE took place at Carbon 12 during the opening of Anahita Razmi’s solo exhibition Automatic Assembly Actions on January 14th and will be on view until March 14, 2013. And stay tuned to Pas Un Autre for an exclusive interview with the artist.


Mark Flood’s Piece for Art Los Angeles Contemporary

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Artist Mark Flood’s painting which will be on view at Art Los Angeles Contemporary which runs from January 24 to 27 at the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport.





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