Sons and Daughters of Fascination: Moonspoon Saloon

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Cabinet of Wounds

Moonspoon Saloon is here to take your breath away – to a magical, wonderful place where no one has been brave enough to take fashion before.  In fact, bravery, along with creativity and a healthy predilection for the weird,  all seem to be one of the many variables in the algebraic equation that is the spirit of this Danish fashion collective. Moonspoon Saloon’s collections are whimsical, but always explode with limitless imagination. You could even call Moonspoon stream of consciousness fashion.   In the Moonspoon universe fashion is performance art: a grand, dadaist experiment in the “character” behind the clothing. Their new collection, entitled Cabinet of Wounds, is inspired by “the wounds of the soul.” The current lookbook, which is set in old cemetery, looks like a voodoo scrap book. Sara Sachs of Moonspoon Saloon, a collaboration between designer Sara Sachs and painter Tal R., had some incredible answers to a few questions posed by Pas Un Autre. (READ MORE…)



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LOS ANGELES – OHWOW and Leadapron are to host a book release and book signing event for Patrick Hoelck’s Polaroid Hotel.

Press, flash, picture. Simple. Then wait. And wait. And wait some more. The anticipation to see what you have captured is a thrill that has been lost with modern technology. In a world full of instant there have been unfortunate casualties. Polaroid instant film was almost one of them. It’s not just the nostalgia that makes Polaroids alluring. It’s the unpredictability. You never know if you’re going to end up with a masterpiece or a disaster but it really doesn’t matter, it’s yours. (READ MORE….)


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

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This May 6 the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will present Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - a posthumous retrospective of the late designer’s brilliant career. The exhibition, organized by The Costume Institute, will celebrate Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary contributions to fashion. From his postgraduate collection of 1992 to his final runway presentation which took place after his death in February 2010, Mr. McQueen challenged and expanded “the understanding of fashion beyond utility to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity.” (READ MORE…)


Jacques Henri Lartigue’s Floating World

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If it wasn’t for a friend with connections and the assassination of John F. Kennedy it is quite possible that we may have never known of a photographer named Jacques Henri Lartigue.  Lartigue, born in 1894 to an illustrious French family, started taking photographs when he was only 6 years old. A hilarious photograph of a young Lartigue at 11 years old is a self portrait…in the bath….with a toy airplane.  Being well off afforded Lartigue camera equipment and time to explore  his photographic interests – which for most of his life was mainly a hobby.  Lartigue’s happy go lucky images of a divined, French upperclass, attending automobile races, prancing on the beach, and laying about were all common divertissements of this bon vivant photographer during a burgeoning 20th century. He also photographed his lover and muse, the romanian model Renee Perle, a strikingly beautiful apparition that appeared in many of his photographs through out his oeuvra. (READ MORE…)


For Adarsha….

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Directed by Oliver Maxwell Kupper
Starring Adarsha Benjamin


Charles Brittin’s Freckled Shangri-La

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Beverly Walsh, 1958

Charles Brittin, who died in January of this year at 82 years old, stole the ethos and the zeitgeist of the 1960s West coast in all its subtle wind-blown, freckled, ocean spray glamour – as well as the political angst of youth on the verge of revolt in honor of their young ideals. Charles Brittin: West & South, a retrospective exhibition of work by Los Angeles photographer Charles Brittin, featuring more than 100 photographs, many of them previously unexhibited is on view starting tomorrow at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles. (READ MORE…)


Grimes – Vanessa

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From the upcoming split 12″ entitled Darkbloom by D’eon & Grimes – to be released APRIL 19th via Arbitus Records and Hippos and Tanks.


Harmony Korine and James Franco on the Set of ‘Rebel’

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photography by Adarsha Benjamin


[UTTERLY TRANSPARENT] Manuela Dack Autumn/Winter 2011

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Manuela Dack has released a her new Autumn/Winter collection – which was designed to be layered and seasonally transitional.  Moreover, the “layering of sheer fabrics and embellishment over leather, wool and raw silk stay true to the designers aesthetic of subtle modern chic, while showcasing the attention to detail.” (READ MORE….)



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“You have an interesting face. I would like to do your portrait. I have a feeling we will do great things together.” – Pablo Picasso

In 1927, on a street in Paris, Picasso encountered the unassuming girl, just shy of eighteen years old, who would become his lover and one of modern art’s most famous muses. “I am Picasso” he announced. The name meant nothing to Marie-Thérèse so he took her to a bookshop to show her a monograph of his paintings and asked if he could see her again. Flattered and curious, she agreed, and thus began a secret love affair that would establish Marie-Thérèse as the primary inspiration for Picasso’s most daring aesthetic experiments in the decade to come. (READ MORE….)





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