John Lennon, Man of Letters

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Turns out John Lennon was a prolific letter writer – who would have doubted it? Lennon penned letters to friends, family, newspapers, and fans alike – often times leaving his tiny, recognizable doodles in the margins. The collection of letters, with a introduction by Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono, is due out in October 2012 on Little Brown.


Claude Montana: Fashion Radical

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Claude Montana’s eponymous, and infamous, brand went bankrupt at either exactly the right time or wrong time – the late 90s – before google, before animated gifs, and before blogs. As the world of high fashion entered the 21st century haute couture became saturated and the glamour died as the gilded lid of exclusivity and luxury was peeled slowly away.  Famous designers at their zenith became zealously celebrated, and with the tsunami of the blogosphere designers became objects of only a post-modern, digital obsession. Claude Montana, whose career is now being celebrated with a new book, dominated the fashion scene in the 80s and 90s, and now serves as inspiration to many of this century’s designers.


Last Full Measure: A Collection of Civil War Photographs

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One hundred and fifty years ago yesterday America began a war with itself.  Over half a million would die. It was the bloodiest war in American history.  It was a war that defined our nation –  proof that goodness could triumph over oppression and evil – that common sense and justice would always prevail. We were a young, united union of proud, idealistic, and powerful Americans in the throes of a world wide industrial revolution. The first musket shots rang out on April 12th 1861.  Abraham Lincoln had just become president. All the Northern States had already abolished slavery. Lincoln planned to do the same and much more down South where slavery was still mostly legal. In response, the Southern cotton growing states succeeded and created The Confederacy, seeking independence from the United States.  The Civil War was not only a quagmire of differing political views – it was a fight for the protection of the old way and cheap labor – slavery. It was a fight born from stubbornness, refusal and also fear.  After fours years, famous battles were fought, entire cities were razed, states were won and lost, and in the end the North had won and the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, freeing all the slaves.  Now, one hundred fifty years later, we look back with intense curiosity at the thousands upon thousands of ambrotype and tintype photographs of the men who fought that fateful, hard-won battle. (READ MORE….)


Paris at Night: Brassai, Ilse Bing, Doisneau & Kertesz

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Left: Brassai, La Casque de Cuir, 1932 Right: Robert Doisneau, Untitled, 1952

“Night only suggests things, it doesn’t fully reveal them. Night unnerves us and surprises us with its strangeness; it frees powers within us which were controlled by reason during the day…” -Brassai (READ MORE….)


Forget Coachella, We’re Going to the Austin Psych Fest

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The Black Angels 

Austin, Texas has long been considered the counterculture capital of the American Southwest and the primary birthplace of the psychadelic rock movement, and this year’s Austin Psych Fest, which takes place from April 29th-May 1st at the Seaholm Power Plant in downtown Austin, will be the fourth annual synaesthetic three-day tribute to that title, showcasing and celebrating innovative visual art and experimental psych-rock from across the country. (READ MORE…)


Juergen Teller “Man With Banana”

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Vivienne Westwood

It could be noted that the true face of Marc Jacobs is Juergen Teller. The german fashion photographer’s images are so recognizable that the images in and of themselves are a personification of Teller himself. Teller, who was born in Germany in 1964, invented his own brand of ‘snapshot’ photography that has been imitated into oblivion. (READ MORE…)


[Cinema] Let There Be Rock

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A little over a month of rock n’ roll films? Starting April 29 at the Queensland Cinémathèque in Australia, ‘Let There Be Rock’ brings together a wide range of documentaries and feature films capturing the rebellious spirit of rock music culture. The program features intimate portraits of bands and musicians, showcasing their magnetic stage presence and musical talents, as well as the fans, collaborations and locations that surround them. (READ MORE…)


Interview: Moody & Farrel, Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

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Folded cap: Tan ponyskin, Scarlet leather, Bright yellow silk under peak, Silk lining

If there was ever one thing I would take with me when I die it most certainly be my hat.  ”Live your life, do your work, then take your hat,” Henry David Thoreau is oft quoted.  From biblical times to the 21st century – we have always worn a cap upon our weary pates. The eternal chapeau! A true, refined wardrobe is never complete without a proper cap. Some of our most everlasting cultural icons are not complete without it. Moody & Farrel, based in London, is a totally unique, millinery worthy of some attention. Moody and Farrell just released their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection – “Inspired by the Powell and Pressburger film, ‘I Know Where I’m Going!‘, [and] the Scottish highlands’ rich colours and shapes. Materials are diverse- from oak (sounds heavy. Isn’t) to wools and leathers.” Pas Un Autre got a chance ask Eloise Moody of Moody and Farrel a few questions about her beautiful, often times surreal, but completely wearable creations. (READ MORE…)


NOBUYOSHI ARAKI, It Was Once a Paradise

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It Was Once a Paradise, Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s new series of photographs, shown as 40 diptychs, is a bi-polar collision of the id and superego. In his new, as-yet-unseen series, which will be shown later this month at Reflex Art Gallery in Amsterdam,  Araki “addresses the complex relationship between loss and desire, which translates as despair and hope, separation and symbiosis, the internal and the other.” Nobuyoshi Araki, who is now 71 and has published over 400 books of photography, has had a life long fascination with sex & death in his work. (READ MORE….)


First Look: ‘Rebel’ by James Franco & Harmony Korine

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Behind the scenes photos by Adarsha Benjamin of ‘Rebel’ – a film by James Franco and Harmony Korine to be premiered at the Venice Biennale this June.





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