Getting a Word in Edgewise

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Photograph of Oliver Maxwell Kupper, publisher of Pas Un Autre, shot by Jessica Hudson.


Painting the King

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Ouyang Chun – Painting The King is the first institutional one-man show to present the artist, who was born in Beijing in 1974, outside of China. His cycle (Wang/King) consists of thirty paintings, some of which are more than five metres long. It relates episodes from the life of a king in a breathtakingly painterly diversity, telling about his victories and defeats, about love and death. The pictures, which are partly crowded with figures and rendered in minute detail and partly feature an expressive and impasto brushwork, amalgamate history and fiction, as well as the search for beauty and the description of moral failure.  Painting The King is on view until June 12 2011 at the Augarten Contemporary at the Gustinus Ambrosi Museum in Vienne.


Stealing the Street: Sid’s Prison Tats

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Sid has a long rap sheet, he said he spent a while in a prison in Colorado, where he got most of his tats. On the the other part of his knuckles it read “more beer,” but I liked the gambler iconography better than anything, there is something perfectly fucked up about it. photography by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre.



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Silk and leather bag, metal clasp, metal and silk strap. Collection entitled “Underman” and built around an imaginary theme, The year is 20XX, the world in which the souls of the people have been incapacitated by the forces of evil, is empty. UNDERMAN is born to restore these lost souls. The battle against sorrow wages on.  Spring / Summer collection 2011.


8mm Fragments 2

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Shot by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre


Cartier: The Power of Style

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María Félix wearing her Serpent Clip earrings, 1971

The Cartier Collection reflects the evolution of Cartier’s artistic and stylistic creation. Cartier: The Power of Style traces 160 years in the jeweler’s glorious history. Three hundred and sixty-two pieces from the Cartier Collection–accessories, masterpieces of jewelry and watchmaking from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day–and four exceptional pieces from the Prince’s Palace of Monaco are featured. (more…)


Rolla and Marion

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Henri Gervex’s 1878 painting Rolla was deemed immoral, as it depicted a scene from a poem by Alfred de Musset about a man who goes to bed with a very pricey prostitute, ” . . .Marion was expensive. To pay for one night he had spent everything . . .. Rolla peered with a melancholy eye over the rooftops, he saw the sun coming up. He moved to the edge of the window. Rolla glanced back to Marie, she was tired and had fallen asleep again…” Whilst sprawled out and pillaged, Marion lays out on the bed panting, eyes closed, out of breath, satiated…..


The Mystery & Ambiguity of Christer Strömholm

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left + right: Foire de Pigalle, Paris, 1955*

Originally published in 1967, Poste Restante has become one of the most collectible photography books from the mid-twentieth century, ranking alongside the better known publications of Robert Frank and Ed van der Elsken. Strömholm’s photographic autobiography (more…)


Required Reading: Lautréamont’s Maldoror

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“The deadly uses of this book will lap up his soul as water does sugar.” In 1917 French writer Philippe Soupault discovered a copy of Comte de Lautréamont’s manuscript Les Chants de Maldor in the mathematics section of a small Parisian bookshop, near the military hospital to which he had been admitted.. Lautréamont, which was the pseudonym of Isidore Lucien Ducasse, born in Uruguay 1846 and died in Paris in 1870, was immediately canonized as a surrealist god – in the pantheon of Baudelaire, Rimbaud, and Mallarme.  ”Chants de Maldoror unveils a world, half vision, half nightmare, of angels and gravediggers, hermaphrodites, and homosexuals, madmen and strange children.”  Right now at the Galerie Anais in the Bergamont art space in Santa Monica, California a small exhibit of inspired drawings by the the similarly morbid artist Hans Bellmer - The Songs of Maldoror and Erotic Series is on view until March 31st.


Music Video: Blondes “Lover”

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