Preview: Pretty Little Thing

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Preview of a shoot for Pretty Little Thing jewelry. Shot by Oliver Maxwell Kupper. More photos and video coming soon.


Soundtrack to Your Life: Brahms Violin Concerto in D, Op. 77

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2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, timpani, strings, and solo violin.  It is not known when Brahms began work on his Violin Concerto, but we do know that he finished his first draft during the summer of 1878 at Portschach in southern Austria. He then sent the solo violin part to his long time friend, the composer, conductor, virtuoso violinist, and dedicatee of the concerto, Joseph Joachim. Brahms had for years consulted with him on various compositions, seeking his criticisms and learned opinions. In the note accompanying the violin part, Brahms sought that Joachim should “…correct it, not sparing the quality of the composition and that if you thought it not worth scoring, that you should say so. I shall be satisfied if you will mark those parts which are difficult, awkward, or impossible to play”.  Joachim found the solo to contain “…a lot of really good violin music”. He premiered the work on New Year’s Day, 1879 in Leipzig.

Johannes Brahms - Brahms Violin Concerto in D, Op. 77 – 3rd Movement – Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace

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[Kevin Hayes: The Dirtiest Rainbow]

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Kevin Hayes’ photography is a bloody car wreck on a hot summer highway – hard to take your eyes away from. Hayes seems to have the rare opportunity of complete access to the pig pen of diseased swine – the keys to the dark kingdom of humanities other side; and quite naturally I might add.  It begs the question: what is on the other side of the dirtiest rainbow? READ MORE….


Openings: Artist, Syd Barret, Man of Letters, Acid Casualty?

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Despite what you’ve heard about Syd Barret if you bet against your life it was all true you would certainly lose. If you asked Syd Barret why he was famous he probably couldn’t answer you – despite the fact that he was the founding member of the legendary band Pink Floyd. But who is the real Syd Barret? If you asked Syd, who is now dead, he would certainly say artist before musician. A new show opens today at the Idea Gallery in London that explores the enigmatic inner life of Syd Barret. For the first time, the largest collection of unseen photographs, personal love letters and original artworks will go on display offering an unprecedented insight into the inspired life of this rock legend.


Last Nite: Warpaint Live in San Francisco, California

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photo by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre

Warpaint played at the Independent last night in San Francisco. I was hooked a few years back with the below demo – hooked since they were merely just another LA garage band – albeit with John Frusciante (formerly of the Red Hot Chile Peppers) as a their record producer and the actress Shannon Sossaman as their drummer (by the way, they’re new drummer Stella Mozgawa is simply incredible). It also worth it to mention that all members of Warpaint are all stunningly gorgeous, but with a certain sensuality that makes you take them seriously – their tremendous musical talent demands notice.  A  little bit Black Sabbath meets The Virgin Suicides, Warpaint closed the show with a 15 minute long encore that had most of the band in a trance they couldn’t figure out how to get out of – which was awkward, but entertaining, because did anyone really want them to stop?  Warpaint has released two official albums, the most recent, The Fool, came out on Rough Trade Records last October. Visit their site to see all tour dates:

Warpaint – Stars (demo)

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Farewell My Lovely

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Incredible mini-case from Olympia Le-Tan.  Only one left. Hand made in France and inspired by vintage books.



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Homicide by early punk band 999. Do you believe in homicide?


“Hell is Other People” ~ Jean Paul Sarte

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Photography by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre


Getting a Word in Edgewise

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Photograph of Oliver Maxwell Kupper, publisher of Pas Un Autre, shot by Jessica Hudson.


Painting the King

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Ouyang Chun – Painting The King is the first institutional one-man show to present the artist, who was born in Beijing in 1974, outside of China. His cycle (Wang/King) consists of thirty paintings, some of which are more than five metres long. It relates episodes from the life of a king in a breathtakingly painterly diversity, telling about his victories and defeats, about love and death. The pictures, which are partly crowded with figures and rendered in minute detail and partly feature an expressive and impasto brushwork, amalgamate history and fiction, as well as the search for beauty and the description of moral failure.  Painting The King is on view until June 12 2011 at the Augarten Contemporary at the Gustinus Ambrosi Museum in Vienne.





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