Photographer Mike Brodie

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Photographer Mike Brodie, working under the moniker, The Polaroid Kidd, spent four years traveling the U.S. amassing a large body of work and an extremely unique view of the American lanscape – oft from the perceptive of boxcars and train tracks shared by runaways and disenfranchised youth. Unexpectedly, Brodie quit the medium entirely to become a car mechanic in the Bay Area. Twin Palms publishers will be releasing a critical monograph of his work entitled A Period of Juvenile Prosperity this month. Brodie will also be having numerous gallery shows. photograph by Austin McManus


Cindy Sherman @ The Centre de la Photographie in Geneva

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An exhibition, called That’s Me – That’s Not Me, of Cindy Sherman’s first photographs is will be on view at the  Centre de la Photographie in Geneva until January 13, 2013. photograph by Christian Redtenbacher


Nothing But Words To Learn To Lie by Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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French jewelry, object, accessory designer and mystic Aoi Kotsuhiroi, who releases some sort of narrative to accompany each of her new collections, has released the dark and nostalgic, gothic poem called Nothing But Words To Learn To Lie for her current collection of one off objects which have been created entirely by hand, including the sewing. Objects include jackets and corsets made from Bison leather, heels painted with 15 layers of black and red paint and then lacquered with genuine cinnabar Urushi lacquer (tree sap), a human skull wrapped in bison leather, a chestnut wood chair upholstered with bison leather and hand-sewn with waxed linen thread, and a dildo made of Urushi lacquered fagus sylvatica wood that comes in a bison leather pouch. Visit Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s website to read the poem and inquire about purchasing these remarkable objects.


New HIGH LINE BILLBOARD by Artist Paolo Pivi

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Check out Paola Pivi’s surreal image of zebras on a snow-covered mountaintop on High Line Billboard at West 18th Street as part of the artist series, on view until January 2, 2013. One of Italy’s most eccentric artists, Paola Pivi has built her artistic practice on absurd projects and apparently impossible ventures carried out with the serious devotion of a scientist and the creative freedom of an unstoppable explorer.


[ZINE ALERT] No Thoughts Issue #9

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The ninth issue of the hardscrabble No Thoughts Zine pays tribute to music. With Gavin Thomas’ covershot of Jim Jones and portraits of Janelle Monae and Yelawolf, celebrated fashion photographer Jimmy Fontaine’s energetic images of hardcore act Tear It Up, Brad Elterman’s photos of Joey Ramone and Phil Spector, Pete Doherty shot by Ulrike Biets and more. You can pick No Thoughts’ music issue up here


Actress Augie Duke @ The Premier of Her Film in Beverly Hills

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photograph by Michael Barrie


Artist Richard Prince With His Arizona Lemon Fizz Collab

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photograph by Terry Richardson


Ryan McGinley Wearing Future Eyes

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Photographer Ryan McGinley wearing a pair of Future Eyes in Miami during Art Basel. Head over to the Pas Un Autre store to pick up a pair of these mystical glasses. photograph by Brent Paul Pearson


[EDITORIAL] Infinite by Rita Lino

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Infinite is the newest editorial from Portugal based photographer Rita Lino (styling by Nelson Vieira, Lien Vieira and Margarita Pugovka @ Best, hair by Bruno Bessa Cruz, and make-up by Tinoca). See full editorial after the jump. [SEE MORE...]


Jonas Mekas at Serpentine Gallery

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The Serpentine gallery presents an exhibition of the artist’s film, video and photographic works from throughout his remarkable and prolific sixty-year career. As part of the exhibition, Mekas is curating and hosting a very special evening event in the Gallery. The retrospective will be on view until January 27, 2012 at Serpentine Gallery. photograph by Hans Ulrich Obrist





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