Judith Bernstein Hard @ The New Museum

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For over forty years, New York-based artist Judith Bernstein has created expressive drawings and paintings that boldly critique militarism and machismo in a manner that is at once humorous and threatening. Her exhibition, entitled Hard, at the New Museum in New York will include a selection of works ranging from the ’60s through the present, including a new site-specific rendition of Bernstein’s Signature Piece (1986/2012), painted in explosive gestural strokes directly onto the Lobby Gallery windows. Hard will be on view until January 20, at the New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York, NY


[FASHION FILM] Las Bandidas

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Fashion film, entitled Las Bandidas, directed and film by Mathew Wilkinson, starring Cara Delevigne, Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse for MCS London (My Crazy Scrunchie).


Daido Moriyama Silkscreen Workshop at Polka Galerie

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Polka Galerie’s presents a cycle of three exhibitions featuring different ouevra’s of legendary Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama. To celebrate part 3, featuring Moriyama’s photographic silkcreens, the gallery recreates the photographer’s 1974 “printing show” performance where he makes a unique silkscreen print on the paper of the audience’s choice. Daido Moriyama’s “Silkscreen” exhibition will be on view until January 12, 2012 at Polka Galerie, Court of Venice – 12, rue Saint Gilles75003 Paris, France


Sterling Ruby at Bonniers Konsthall in Sweden

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Bonniers Konsthall invites Los Angeles based artist Sterling Ruby to present his first solo exhibition in Sweden. Sterling Ruby, whose been named one of the 2000s most interesting artists, works in a mixture of materials and genres, from glazed biomorphic ceramics to drawings in nail varnish. He takes his subject matter from a wide range of sources, including maximum security prisons, urban gangs, modernist architecture, and the mechanisms of warfare. His works can be seen as a form of assault on both materials and social power structures. The universe of Soft Work is by first look playful, soft and humorous but will soon reveal a dimensions of fear or terror. The artist transforms pillows, blankets, and quilts from objects of comfort into ominous sculptural objects that hint at the possibility that safety and security are an illusion. Here the American flag is used as material in gigantic vampire mouths and obese stuffed animals hangs from the roof like macerated cadavers. On view until March 17, 2013 at Bonniers Konsthall, Torsgatan 19, Sweden.


Daniel Arsham @ Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia

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Daniel Arsham at the opening of his exhibition Reach Ruin at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Connecting the lines between art, architecture, dance, and theater, Arsham mines everyday experience for opportunities to confuse and confound our expectations of space and form. Arsham is known for subverting existing architectural structures in unconventional, playful ways: façades appear to billow in the wind, figures seem wrapped beneath the wall’s surface. His cross-disciplinary practice, historical inquiry, and satirical wit combine into an ongoing interrogation of the real and the imagined. Reach Ruin will be on view until Mid-March 2013, at Fabric Workshop and Museum. photograph by OHWOW


The Knife Announce New Album

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Swedish duo The Knife announce new album Shaking The Habitual, to be released in April 2013. Sign up to receive news about the new album by email here.


Ashley by Death of Youth

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photographs by Death of Youth. See more after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


Kenneth Anger, James Franco and Brian Butler at L&M Arts

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Kenneth Anger, James Franco and Brian Butler at their performance of Aleister Crowley’s Bartzabel Working at the opening of The Martian Chronicles exhibit, honoring the work of sci-fi author Ray Bradbury, on view until January 5, 2013 at L&M Arts, 660 Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA


Help Bruce LaBruce Fund His Next Film Gerontophilia

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Legendary and iconic filmmaker Bruce LaBruce started filming his new film called Gerontophilia, about an 18 year old boy who discovers he has a fetish for the aged gets a job in a nursing home and develops an intimate relationship with one particular old man, and needs funding to complete the film. Learn about the film and make a donation here.


Ethically Compromised and Culturally Richer: Basel 2012

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Assume Vivid Astro Focus


“What strip mining is to nature the art market has become to culture.” Robert Hughes

This is the quote I was turning around in my mind as I flew towards Miami. Your virtuous young narrator had a lot of preconceived ideas about this colossal, annual art happening. More specifically, I was expecting a total shit show, with a who’s-booth-screams-louder mentality and corporate tie-in’s down to the toilet paper level – all in the [CLICK HERE...]





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