[photos] Kenneth Anger Icons @ Sprüth Magers London

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Sprüth Magers London is delighted to present an exhibition of work by the iconic filmmaker and artist Kenneth Anger, in his second solo show at the London gallery. Icons will bring together an archive of photographs, scrapbooks, letters and memorabilia from Anger’s personal collection, offering an insight into the unique vision of an artist widely acclaimed as a pioneering and influential force in avant-garde cinema, whose influence extends through generations of film makers, musicians and artists. Icons will be on view until April 20, 2013 at Sprüth Magers, Address 7A Grafton Street, London. Photographs by Adarsha Benjamin – see more after the jump. [CLICK HERE....]


Kenneth Anger in London

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Legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger at the opening of his exhibition of Icons at Sprüth Magers in London. photograph by Adarsha Benjamin


Inevitable Figuration at the PECCI Center

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Inevitable Figuration at the PECCI Center for Contemporary Art

A selection of painters from 1960s to the present. Painters draw upon the past while experimenting with present challenges to image-making. Curated by Marco Bazzini and David Ferri. Works by Richard Aldrich, Mamma Andersson, Helene Appel, Michael Bauer, Luca Bertolo, Joe Bradley, Peter Linde Busk, Pierpaolo Campanini, William Daniels, Avner Ben-Gal, Thomas Helbig, Merlin James, Rezi van Lankveld, Katy Moran, Marco Neri, Alessandro Pessoli, Tal R, and Matthias Weischer. On view from March 24 to July 8, 2013 at Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, Prato. Viale della Repubblica, 277. Text by Yanyan Huang and photograph by Marco Annunziata


Olaf Breuning Camelops Femina @ Carbon 12

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Olaf Breuning Camelops Femina Carbon 12 1

Swiss born, New York based artist Olaf Breuning holds his first solo show in Dubai with an exhibition called Camelops Femina, which is on view until April 30, 2013 at Carbon 12 Gallery. See more photographs after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


James Blake Wearing Future Eyes

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James Blake wearing Future Eyes at SXSW. Find a pair on the Pas Un Autre shop. photograph by Brent Paul Pearson


Watermelon Fucker

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photograph by Ren Hang


[FASHION FILM] She Said, She Said Starring Marisa Tomei for Co

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A lesbian couple (Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez) on the brink of divorce attempts to divide their possessions through mediation. Directed by Stuart Blumberg and featuring the Co Spring 2013 collection.


Paddle 8 Holds Auction To Support Friends in Deed

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Paddle 8 Holds Auction To Support Friends in Deed cecil_beaton

Virtual auction house Paddle 8 is currently holding a sale to support Friends In Deed. The sale includes a number of recognized artists and works from the Friends In Deed archive, including some stunning photographs by David Armstrong, Cecil Beaton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bert Stern and more. Friends In Deed is a crisis center providing emotional and spiritual support for anyone with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, cancer or other life-threatening physical illnesses, any caregivers, family and friends of those who are ill, and anyone dealing with grief and bereavement. All of their services are free of charge. Bidding is now open and ends April 8th at 3pm EST (sign up or registernow to access bidding).


[BOOKS] Dan Colen & Harmony Korine “Train Yourself to Lose”

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Train Yourself to Lose is a new collaborative artist book by Dan Colen and Harmony Korine – poetry by Korine and paintings by Colen made with the brightly dyed deli store flowers seen all over Manhattan. Purchase here. See more photos after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


[INTERVIEW] Olaf Breuning in Dubai

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Olaf Breuning is one of those mystical artists with a gift that is both totally innate and at the same time seems to involuntarily possess the artist – as if he were haunted by the immense creativity that overcomes him. This is evident in the art that he has created and presented in over 250 exhibitions, either solo or group, since his professional career started in the late 1990s. The Swiss-born, New York based artist, has created everything from creatures made out of rakes and cardboard, to films that explore the thin line between reality and fiction, bizarre photographic explorations, and installations made from kitchen appliances. Now, Breuning brings his phantasmagorical world to Dubai for the very first time with a striking and magical exhibition at Carbon 12 gallery. “Camelops Femina,” as the exhibition is called, is a fictional exploration of pre-conceived ideas and iconography that digs back 10,000 years in history to excavate an extinct species of Camel that once roamed North America. The images, which were created exclusively for this exhibition, are distinctly Breuning in the quotidian and strange manner of the composition of the photographs where models are dressed like desert sheiks or Bedouin gypsies to represent the imaginary extinct species of camel. This wonderful exhibition is on view now at Carbon 12 in Dubai. Pas Un Autre got a chance to speak with the artist himself in the following interview. [CLICK HERE...]





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