Andrea Kvas CAMPO @ Museo Marino Marini

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Thin, uniform slabs of painted wood lean against the corners of Museo Marino Marini’s Sacello (underground Chapel). Splotches of vibrant and saturated colors betray the skill of a lackadaisical fence painter who couldn’t be bothered to finish his work. Or maybe he decided to import his leftovers. Applications of paint have been built up in layers and each fragment stands on its own as a sliver of a painting, each hinting at their individual grand potential. At eye level, a section laid diagonally between two walls blocks passage and demands attention. The impressions of paint create an interchangeable visual rhythm. Though immobile, the slabs emanate stoicism in their collective involvement: “United we stand, divided we fall”, they seem to say. In the adjacent altar room where thick polyurethane and wooden branches have been piled up on a windowsill, we’re left no choice but to imagine a post-catastrophic world – one where vestiges of culture are kept on hand only for fuel and heating purposes. Unable to afford the luxury of optimism in our time of economic turmoil, where historic buildings have been sold off to banks and museums have shuttered their doors for the lack of resources, Kvas’s sculptures map out a desolate landscape. At least we’re given the choice to rid ourselves of the remnants or participate in regeneration. Andrea Kvas’s Campo, curated by Barbara Casavecchia, will be on view until April 6, 2013 at Museo Marino Marini, Piazza di San Pancrazio, Florence, Italy. Text and photography by Yanyan Huang (see more after the jump) [CLICK HERE...]


Southern Gothic: An Interview With Bradley Bailey

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Visit artist and musician Bradley Bailey’s bandcamp page for his one-man band, oxymoronically called Platonic Sex, and you’ll find a single song tiled Sweet Nothing available for download for $1000. Watch a youtube video made last summer in Brooklyn and you’ll find Bailey playing a fifiteen minute long, psychedelic and cacophonous set with a human femur. The Atlanta, Georgia based musician doesn’t have much of an online presence, but what he does have so far is a curious teaser for what might be to come, or not to come. Bailey seems content just figuring out who he is an artist and making music. Pas Un Autre contributor Abbey Meaker got a chance to catch up with Bailey where he in currently in Atlanta thinking things over. Read interview and see more pictures after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


Brad Elterman’s View Of The Exclusive Purple Dinner @ Acme

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Purple Dinner Party At Acme

photographs by Brad Elterman. See more photographs after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


Adel Abdessemed Le Vase Abominable

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David Zwirner presents an exhibition of new works by Adel Abdessemed, on view at their recently opened London gallery. Le Vase Abominable is the artist’s third solo show with David Zwirner since joining the gallery in 2008. Across a wide range of media, Abdessemed transforms well-known materials and imagery into charged artistic declarations. The artist pulls freely from myriad sources—personal, historical, social, and political—to create a visual language that is simultaneously rich and economical, sensitive and controversial, radical and mundane. Le Vase Abominable will be on view from February 22, 2013 to March 30, 2013 at David Zwirner, 24 Grafton Street, London, UK


[EDITORIAL] The Garden at Home by Hedi Slimane

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The Garden are a relatively obscure band based in Southern California who follow in that same tradition of soundtrack to the laid back skater punk lifestyle of oli flippin’ and cigarette smokin’ in mama’s basement. Here they are, photographed in their home by photographer and YSL creative director Hedi Slimane. Back in January 2013, The Garden, consisting of twins Wyatt & Fletcher Shears, were invited to walk the runway of the YSL’s menswear debut at the Grand Palais. You can pick up The Garden’s impressive latest album Everything Is Perfect on their bandcamp page. See more photographs after the jump.  [CLICK HERE...]


Solo exhibition by Jake & Dinos Chapman “Chicken”

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The PinchukArtCentre (Kyiv, Ukraine) presents the first solo exhibition of Jake & Dinos Chapman in Ukraine titled Chicken. At the center of the exhibition stands the major new installation entitled, The Sum of all Evil (2013) that forms a synthesized reflection upon the central themes such as the Holocaust, violence, and death. Alongside this, the exhibition will include a number of iconic works by the Chapman brothers whose sharp subversive humour and unbridled aggression provokes controversy and questions moral contemporary taboos. Chicken will be on view until April 21, 2013 at The PinchukArtCentre, Baseina St, 2, Kiev, Київська, Ukraine


NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

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Centering on 1993, the exhibition is conceived as a time capsule, an experiment in collective memory that attempts to capture a specific moment at the intersection of art, pop culture, and politics. The social and economic landscape of the early ’90s was a cultural turning point both nationally and globally. Conflict in Europe, attempts at peace in the Middle East, the AIDS crisis, national debates on health care, gun control, and gay rights, and caustic partisan politics were both the background and source material for a number of younger artists who first came to prominence in 1993. This exhibition brings together a range of iconic and lesser-known artworks that serve as both artifacts from a pivotal moment in the New York art world and as key markers in the cultural history of the city. On view now until May 26, 2013 at The New Museum, 235 Bowery New York, NY. See more photographs after the jump.  [CLICK HERE...]


Quadri da una Collezione @ Sensus

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A selection of work curated by Claudio Cosma and Pier Luigi Iazzi. Artists include Tracy Emin, Fabrizio Corneli, Alighiero Boetti, James Lee Byars, Han Bing, and others. Available by appointment or on Saturday evenings from 6-8. On view until Feb 28 2013 at Sensus, Viale Gramsci, 42. Florence, Italy. Text and photography by Yanyan Huang (see more photographs after the jump) [CLICK HERE...]



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photography by Death of Youth. See more photographs after the jump. [CLICK HERE...]


Jean-Michel Basquiat @ Gagosian Gallery

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Featuring over fifty works from public and private collections, the exhibition spans Basquiat’s brief but meteoric career, which ended with his death at the age of twenty-seven. Thirty years after Larry Gagosian first presented his work in Los Angeles, twenty years after the first posthumous survey at the Whitney Museum of American Art (1992–93), and eight years after the Brooklyn Museum of Art retrospective (2005), viewers will have a fresh opportunity to consider Basquiat’s central role in his artistic generation as a lightning rod and a bridge between cultures. On view until April 6, 2013 at Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street New York, NY





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