San Francisco Musician Foie Gras Wearing Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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San Francisco Musician Foie Gras Wearing Aoi Kotsuhiroi

San Francisco musician Foie Gras wearing Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s Body Objects. Also, check out Aoi’s new hand embroidered tees - limited to only eight pieces. photograph by Nedda Afsari


Nothing But Words To Learn To Lie by Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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French jewelry, object, accessory designer and mystic Aoi Kotsuhiroi, who releases some sort of narrative to accompany each of her new collections, has released the dark and nostalgic, gothic poem called Nothing But Words To Learn To Lie for her current collection of one off objects which have been created entirely by hand, including the sewing. Objects include jackets and corsets made from Bison leather, heels painted with 15 layers of black and red paint and then lacquered with genuine cinnabar Urushi lacquer (tree sap), a human skull wrapped in bison leather, a chestnut wood chair upholstered with bison leather and hand-sewn with waxed linen thread, and a dildo made of Urushi lacquered fagus sylvatica wood that comes in a bison leather pouch. Visit Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s website to read the poem and inquire about purchasing these remarkable objects.


Exotic Regrets Epilogue

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Aoi Kotsuhiroi, famous for using hair, beads, bone and other such extraordinary elements in her accessories, and who uses chapters – like in a book – to release new pieces from a collection,  brings to a close a multiple chapter fashion fantasia entitled Exotic Regrets which Pas Un Autre has been following all along the way. With the  epilogue to Exotic Regrets, we are very curious what will come next from the talented Aoi Kotsuhiroi.


River of Dust….

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Aoi Kotsuhiroi has released another exciting chapter, entitled River of Dust, to the ongoing saga of the Erotic Regrets collection.  This time her signature human hair, wood, beads and other fascinating ingredients make up full blown knuckle dusters – in what she calls hand objects – and the same goes for her feet objects, with beautiful knotted, twisted leather and hair that wrap up the ankle, look like they could have been dug up from the paleolithic era.


AOI KOTSUHIROI: Exotic Regrets Chapter IV

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“Her hair filled her mouth sometimes, it was the time when nothing should say. She had her two horns in each hand, to hear the heart of the animals. And when the sound of the bones told her something, she came to restrain her tears….” Aoi Kotsuhiroi

Aoi Kotsuhiroi releases the fourth chapter of her brilliant sartorial epic entitled Exotic Regrets. A beautiful, rare breed indeed – part designer, part poet, part mystic – Kotsuhiroi’s new chapter is full of “objects of the cold” that are perfect for fall.  Kotsuhiroi is currently part of a group exhibition held at the Some/Things Secret Space in Paris. The exhibition – & He Went to the Sea in his Carriage & Horses – is inspired by the life and work of Raimondo Di Sangro – Prince of San Sevro, alchemist, scientist, magician, and heretic.  The exhibition will be on view until the end of Paris fashion week.  


Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s Exotic Regrets…Chapter III

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Aoi Kotsuhiroi has just turned the page to a new chapter of her new collection entitled Scar of Memories and Naked Solitude. SEE MORE >>>>


[INTERVIEW] Aoi Kotsuhiroi – Colorless Murder

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Aoi Kotsuhiroi, who has released the new chapter of her Exotic Regrets collection, entitled Colorless Murder & Silent Wolf –  Aoi sends Pas Un Autre a message each time a new collection or chapter is release – is nothing short of stunningly beautiful.  Her collections indeed recall a mystic, other worldly plane.  Infused with breaths of haikus, lyricism, poetry – oft times human hair, bone, and leather – her pieces are certainly beyond simple accessories - body accessories could explain it better, but it is much more. And because Aoi Kotsuhiroi is mysterious herself, a name or a categorization is even harder to attain. Aoi Kotsuhiroi was kind of enough to answer a few of Pas Un Autre’s question regarding the new chapter. (READ MORE….)


Exotic Regrets by Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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I received an image over the weekend of the fascinating first chapter of sartorial sculptor, poet, and conjurer Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s new collection entitled Exotic Regrets. As in past collections, Kotsuhiroi, based in the South of France, releases imagery of her new collections in chapter’s to express gravity and anticipation.


Nowhere Collection by Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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Known for using human hair in her ornamental pieces of jewelry, Aoi Kotsuhiroi has released another stunning collection.  Ingredients in this collection include antique roman 24 karat gold beads (circa 100-400 AD), lacquered horn, silk, leather, porcelain and, of course, human hair. View more here.


AOI KOTSUHIROI: “Wet Moon” Collection

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Human hair, black garnets, phantom & vanadinite crystals, silk thread, japanese urushi lacquer, pit-fired skulls. More here.

“Disappear into dreams…
Details of memories
In the room the big empty armchair
I’m hiding a curtain made of hair…”

–  Aoi Kotsuhiroi





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