Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes? – [Facts & Myths Analyzed]

Crocs shoes are adaptable, bendy and are properly-favored footwear in all conditions, for jobs like restaurant staff, the fitness workers or walking on a seaside or in the park. However, is it true that Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes? It is the query requested by many people.

Crocs shoe manufacturers themselves claim that crocs are non-slip. But unfortunately, advertisements can be false that is why it is important that we investigate for ourselves whether crocs are really non-slip or not.

Moreover, here we will discuss the different methods of recognizing that either the shoes are anti-slip or not. In addition, we will show you methods to make the crocs anti-slip if they aren’t. So are you ready to unveil this mystery?

Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes?

Crocs may not look as stylish as your brand new stilettos but they do impart an elegant look. Doctors wear these shoes during their working hours.

It is hardly surprising that the restaurant and hotel staff and the other professional workers get a pair of crocs for them. Particularly when they are working on a smooth and slippery surface, they love to have a pair of anti-slip crocs.

But there is a catch.

Not all crocs are made non-slip. Some of them have a tendency to slip on a wet floor. But those that are advertised as being non slip may not be 100% safe on a slippery floor. But hey not 100% safe does not mean that they are 100% dangerous. Those non slip shoes can hold their own way better than their opponents.

Generally, crocs promote the anti-slip facility for their product if the shoes are actually made of anti-slip feature. So you can expect this from those that if the crocs are advertising an anti-slip feature then they will show maximum resistance on slippery surfaces.

Thus, if you consider having a pair of slip resistance crocs, then always buy the one having a label of anti-slip on it. The one without non-slip advertisements is going to be less resistant or safe on wet and slippery surfaces, chemical spillage as compared to the one having a label.

How to know if the shoes are Slip-Resistant?

When you are working in a severe condition, having anti-slip shoes is necessary. It can help you out by saving you from any accident. But the question is how to decide if the shoes are non-slip or not before using them?

Here are some of the important points that you must consider for an anti-slip or a non-slip shoe.

#1. Look for the anti-slip label:

it is the easiest way to check whether the shoe is anti-slip. If there is a label or logo then it is obvious that the shoe is most likely having an anti-slip feature. There are also some shoes that don’t show or advertise this anti-slip feature. In addition to the label, you can also try on shoes and see if the walk is comfortable or not.

#2. Tread checking:

The Tread of a shoe can also give you an idea about its non-slip features. Mostly hexagonal and circular treads are distinguishing feature of non-slip shoes. Apart from the shape of the tread, its number is also very important. Shoes with more tread counts are more likely to be slip-resistant than the ones with less count.

#3. Sole checking:

After label and tread, the 3rd step is to inspect the sole of the shoes. The flat soles are good at trapping the liquid and oil inside and hence end up causing a slip. So make sure that the sole is round instead of being flat.

#4. Grooves inspection:

Inspect the groove of your shoes properly before buying them. Shoes that have grooves like a tractor tire are more likely to grip the floor firmly. They also impart flexibility to the shoes. This flexibility helps in pushing the trapped liquid out of the shoes.

#5. Check the bottom:

The bottom of the shoes is the most important factor while considering the non-slip property of the shoes. The more flexible the downside of a shoe is the more slip-resistant it gets. Apart from flexibility look for the material as well. When it comes to material rubber is the best.

Are all Crocs Slip Resistant?

No not all of the crocs are slip-resistant. But these shoes are much safer and comfortable in most cases. Only shoes that have the label of anti-slip are rightly resistant.

That’s why it is preferred to check the label as well the shoe, the tread, the groove before buying them.

Bright side is that the shoes without the logo also have a good resistance to slippery surfaces and a best pattern of groove to offer safety against wet and slippery surfaces like the one polish wood.

To steer clear of the legal issues, they can not out right claim that they are non slip on their websites. But most of the times they are.

How to Make Crocs Non Slip?

So probably you bought a shoe that is without the anti-slip feature. And now you want to make it resistance to slip? Is that so? Well, we can help.

There is no need to be worried. The methods we have mentioned below will make a transformation of crocs into slip resistance

  • Use puff paints to make the sole of your shoes less slippery.
  • Sandpaper can roughen up the bottom of your shoes to provide it more resistance.
  • You can also use ice grips to grant anti-slip property to your shoes.
  • The slip resistance feature is mainly dependent on the sole. To make it resistant you have to scuff the bottom off to make it rough in nature. So for this purpose the recommendation is to walk in the gravel or some rough terrains.

How is the Fitting of a Non Slip Crocs?

Resistance to slippage has nothing to do with the internal measurements of a shoe. That is why they will fit just as any other normal shoes you wear. You can get narrow as well as wide fit and see which one suits your feet the better.

Frequently Asked Question: (FAQs)

Are Crocs Comfortable for Shower?

Yes, crocs sandals are comfortable to wear in shower. They are safer than other shoes during shampoo and conditioner use. They don’t wear out in the presence of water. So, yes you can safely wear them while taking a bath.

Are the crocs shoe non slip?

Crocs never guarantee sandals and shoes to be non-slip on the website and the logos. It is due to the fact that it’s not possible to construct completely non-slip shoes. Still, the water resistance of crocs is way better than the other shoes.

What is Reason behind the preference of chefs wearing crocs?

Out of all us, chefs are most likely to walk on slippery surfaces. That’s why they need a grim grip and non slip features in their shoes. These crocs are designed to have grip that offer a resistance on slippery surfaces. So Chefs always remain safe even if the floors are wet due to water spillage, which is the case with them.


Although the crocs never claim their shoes and sandals to be slip-resistance on their site, they make a lot of non-slip models. The only thing is to check is the sole, tread and groove to identify the non-slip feature.

Also if you are not sure about this capability you can convert the sole into non-slippery one yourself. You can have a walk on gravel, can use a sandpaper on the sole for scuffing it. All these methods ensure that you never experience a embarrassing fall while wearing your shoes.

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