Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

If you want to add more comfort to your shoes you should use memory foam in your shoes. It adds comfort to your shoes and makes your walk easy. The two question arises here, what is memory foam? and Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Flat Feet

Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet? Yes, It seems difficult to walk with flat feet, but memory foam made it easy. Many people have a wonderful experience of using memory foam. The shape of memory foam shoes changes with the passage of time as the time passes.

Its pressure taking ability makes it different from all other shoes. Its mattress-like structure allows the air to pass easily from it. It is also recommended by podiatrists for flat feet. Because of all these characteristics it makes it easy to walk with flat feet.

What is Memory Foam

Memory foam was first used in 1966 by NASA’S Ames Research Center for its elastic properties. Memory foam is made up of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a dense and durable substance. It is created by adding gas into a spring-like polymer matrix. It is also known as slow spring back foam.

Memory foam was very expensive to use in everyday life but as the time passed it became cheaper. Memory foam was firstly used in the medical sector, and it got awesome reviews from patients according to their comfort. It was basically used to make sofa, pillows, and mattresses. But now shoes and their soles are also made from memory foam.

It increases the support to your feet and enhances your balance. This foam also adds softness to your shoes.

Benefits of Memory Foam Shoes

There are many advantages of memory shoes, some of them are listed below with a short brief.

#1. Reduce the Risk of Injury

If you are with flat feet or have an arched raised above, in both the cases memory foam reduces the chance of getting injured. It protects your feet from an external harsh environment.

#2. Maintains the Balance

If you are wearing some heel type shoes, and you lose your balance in this case, memory shoes help you to maintain your balance. It enhances the comfort of your feet while walking. Due to this balance maintenance the chance of ankle injury also reduces.

#3. Health Benefits

Memory shoes also maintain high and low blood pressure. So, it is highly recommended by doctors for bp patients.

#4. Prevents Blisters

Shoe users also face another problem of causing blisters on their feet. Wearing hard shoes for the whole day mainly causes blisters. But memory foams prevent these causes of blisters.

#5. Provide Support

Memory foam shoes also provide support to your feet. if you wear shoes for a long period of time your day becomes hectic. But memory foam shoes give you more support and comfort to wear shoes for many hours.

#6. Distribution of Weight

Instead of centralizing your weight on heels, memory foam distributes all your weight to whole shoes. Due to this distribution of weight walking becomes easy.

#7. Shoes with Memory Foam also Retain Heat

Memory foam also retains the temperature within the shoes. In cold weather when your feet become cold, this memory foam maintains the inner heat of the shoes and gives you a warmth effect.

#8. Washable

Memory foam itself is washable, you can easily take it out from the shoes and wash with the soap or detergent. You can also wash it in the washing machine. But be careful only this memory foam is washable, not the whole shoe.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Shoes

#1. Smells Bad

As it is already discussed above, it has a mattress type structure made up of chemicals. Due to these chemicals, It smells bad. This bad odor is just because of the material from which this memory foam is made.

#2. Unstable

Memory shoes are good in balance but while in a long run test you will feel that the shoe is losing its elasticity. So, in this case the memory foam loses the stability for feet.

#3. Heat and Sweating

As it is heat resistant and made up of warm material but also causes sweating in your feet. These shoes are not comfortable for the summer season due to this sweating. But apart from summer it is very good and warm in the winter season.

#4. Knee Pain

Maximum use of memory foam shoes may also cause knee pain. But it is obvious that all the shoes which are carried for the whole day cause some foot problems.

#5. Nails Lose or Damage

Memory foam may also cause nails to lose or damage when your feet are hit by some hard objects. Which may cause some pain and irritation while wearing the shoes.

Can Memory Foam help with Plantar Fasciitis

Yes, memory foam helps in planter fasciitis because of its comfort. It takes away the stress from plantar ligaments. Because of the soft cushion type structure, it provides support and comfort to the arch of the feet. It is one of the orthopod brands of shoes.

Recommended by podiatrists

It is highly recommended by podiatrists due to its functionality of cushioning and rocker sole. They are classy and comfortable.

The Sum up

Memory foam shoes are made up of some cushiony material and that is good for your feet. It provides support to your feet as well as maintaining the balance of your feet and also prevents your feet from injuries.

It is highly effective for flat foot people to try it once. That makes their walk easy and comfortable. It also prevents your feet from blisters. But it may also cause bad odor and sweating in the summer season, so it is your best choice in the winter season.

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