Are Timberlands Good for Snow? Find it Here!

Are Timberlands Good for Snow? We all are well aware of high-quality timberlands. Yes! Timberlands are a fabulous choice for snow. These are for sure durable, comfortable, have good performance, and are trendy. No offense, they deserve their reputation.

Since timberlands are made out of leather hence, they make for good snow boots. The leather they are made from is waterproof and has excellent weather resistance. That is the reason these can work very well in snowy conditions.

They are great to buy due to the anti-slippage, durability, and comfort level that they provide. Since in snowy weather it gets cold, the shoes that you choose should have outstanding insulation. And timberlands excel on this quality as well. They will keep your feet warm in snow and cold.

Moreover, they have very chic and modern designs. They also have fantastic support providing qualities. You can even check out the description of the shoes provided on their websites, and you won’t be disappointed.

Features a snow boot or winter boot must have

Whenever you go to buy a snow boot or winter boot, look for the following features in it:

Waterproof quality

 What is snow? It is water. Once the snow touches your shoes or gets into them due to the body heat, it starts to melt. If the shoe is not waterproof, then it will get wet and will result in frostbite.

So, it is a must to buy waterproof shoes. And leather shoes are mostly waterproof. They will keep your feet dry and warm.

Comfort level

Since it is not easy to walk in the snow, your shoes should have a high comfort level. Usually, shoes with arch support and outstanding quality inner sole are suitable for use. They provide support to your feet and are very relaxing. You won’t feel tired after a short walk.

A shoe should not cause foot pain. It should be comfortable and easy to walk in.


Snow is slippery. To walk on it, you need great support. Traction is a shoe quality that increases friction between the shoe and the ground. You can always check the outsole of the shoe for traction. But make sure to buy that pair of shoes that has a significant amount of traction.


The main feature is durability. It is of no use to spend lots of money on a shoe that is not even durable. A standard quality shoe should at least last for a year. And a good one should go for a long time.


Shoes for cold and snow weather need to have very high-quality insulation. Otherwise, your feet will probably freeze. They should provide you warmth, which will keep your feet dry, and you will feel at ease because you will feel cold overall if your feet are cold.

Amazingly timberlands have all the features as mentioned earlier. They are waterproof, they have a great comfort level, they are durable, they have good insulation, and last but not least, they have excellent traction ability.

Timberlands are made out of leather, which means that they have good insulation. In winters we wear leather jackets and gloves to keep ourselves warm. In the same way, leather shoes also keep you warm.

You can check out the shoe collection of timberlands, and you will be fascinated to see that they have some best boots for snow.

Are Timberlands Good for Snow?

According to the features mentioned above, it is proved that Timberlands are not just good but great for snow. They have leather covering with rubber soles.

And due to them, it has been proved that rubber sole provides excellent traction and leather provides excellent insulation. Apart from this, Timberlands also are good in support, comfort, and durability.

How to protect Timberlands from the Snow

  • The best decision you can make is by choosing a leather conditioner or wax that will hold on to their water-repellent qualities and not compromising their breathability. The best products to choose from are Timberland’s Maximum and also Otter Wax. These products are very helpful as they clean and protect your shoes from water and snow.

The balm proofer all-purpose protector works best for suede and nubuck Timberlands. These are beneficial as they protect the exquisite materials and restrain their waterproof standards. They will increase the durability of your shoes. Your shoes will be new as fresh.

  • If you want your shoes to remain everlasting neat and new, you should develop a habit of cleaning them whenever you wear them off. By cleaning them, you can not only get rid of dust and debris, but also you can increase their lifespan, making them look good as new. Once you start ignoring the fact that you should take care of them and clean them daily, they will start getting nasty and dirty day by day.

There are many cleaning kits available in the market for a better finish. The kit usually contains suede brushes, cleaners, protectants, and leather soaps that are efficient for perfect cleaning. You should also clean both the insoles and outsoles. This will help to give your boots a new stylish look.

  • The worst enemy for your shoes is dampness. If your shoes got wet, the first thing you should do is dry them. Drying it doesn’t mean that you should put them in front of a fire or a heater. You should just put them in a dry ventilated area. You should also protect it from direct sunlight as it may harm your shoes. And you can also put some cloth or dry paper that will absorb its moisture.

Are Uggs better than Timberlands for snowy weather?

It depends on the person who is going to wear them. Some Timbs are waterproof, and some are not. In the same way, some Uggs are waterproof, and some are not.

Those who are not waterproof cant be used in snow.

Apart from that, both shoes are of the same features. Both are durable, insulated, good quality, have excellent traction, and all other features of boots to be used in snowy weather.

But you need to know what shoes from both brands can be used in snow and whatnot. Do your research before buying.

Do Timberlands have good traction?

Yes! Timberlands have excellent traction.

Usually, they have a rubber sole and are slip-resistant, which results in absolute traction. They are made initially to be used in harsh climates, so they are adamant and supportive in that aspect. You can expect them to be comfortable walking in on snow where there is the most need for traction.

Are Timberlands boots durable?

Timberlands have been in the race for good quality shoes since 1952. They produce one of the best and high-profile shoes.

The material that is used in their manufacturing makes them durable. They can withstand all kinds of weather. They are made out of the best quality waterproof leather, rubber outsole, and comfy plush insole.

How long can Timberlands boots last?

Their boots have a long lifetime. You can expect them to stay with you for about 3 to 4 years. You can quickly wear them in any season. They won’t wear out quickly and will be with you in the long run.

Do Timberlands require a break-in period?

It is a normal thing with any new shoe that you get. At the start, the shoes are stiff and rigid, but as time goes by, they start to loosen up and adjust according to your feet.

Timberlands are no exception. Just like all other shoes, they are also stiff and hard in the beginning. But if you wear them 3 to 4 times, they will start to fit appropriately.

You will start to feel comfortable in them after the first few wears as they would loosen up a bit.

Are Timberlands boots waterproof?

The upper of the timberlands are made from leather and then tanned for maximum water- resistance. They are coated in the factories for this purpose. And the parts of the boots are joined and stitched so well that no water enters inside if you accidentally step into a puddle.

But not all of their shoes are waterproof. You can always check that in the description of the shoe. Even on their website, they have written to read the description of the respected shoe you are looking for. Like this, you won’t be fooled, and you will also learn whether the shoe that you want is waterproof or not.

How to prevent Timberlands from creasing?

There are many ways to prevent creasing in Timbs.

Shoe tree

It is a shoe-shaped device. It is usually inserted in the shoe when you are not wearing them. So at night or whenever you take off your shoes, insert a shoe tree in them and put them aside.

The shoe tree will keep its shape maintained. It stretches the leather and prevents extra creasing.

You can also use boot trees. These are also made up of wood or metal and are the same thing as shoe trees. But just the only difference is that the heel portion of the boot tree is taller and great for boots.

Use newspaper or paper

In case you don’t have a boot tree, you can use newspapers or simple paper. Just get some and stuff it inside your boots. This will work as an alternative to the boot tree.

Keep in a safe place

Another critical point is to put your shoes in a safe place. Don’t stack shoe overshoes. And keep them somewhere where there is no dust. Avoid putting anything on top of the shoe.

This spoils the upper of the shoe, and as a result, they start to crease.

Above mentioned ways can help you prevent excessive creasing in shoes. But creasing is something that you can’t altogether avoid.

Are Timberlands good boots for walking?

Yes! They for sure are perfect boots to have a walk. But not that great for hiking. Apart from that, you can always look up to them for a walk.


Overall, Timberlands are great quality boots for snowy weather, and you should try them out at least once. They are the perfect match for the cold weather!

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