Are Vans Good For Running? [Facts To Know]


Are Vans Good For Running? [Facts To Know]

Running and walking is the most necessary activity in the life of a person. Take it for work or any essential chore; you have to walk almost daily to get things done. Walking and running is the therapy that helps you relieve your stress. But for a good walk or run, shoes are the vital part. They make your walk easy and your feet comfortable. Most of people questioned that “are vans good for running”.

If that is not the case, then your feet will become discomfort, and you will not be able to walk too long miles. A good pair of shoes support your feet while walking and make them feel comfortable. Such shoes ease your other hobbies as well as walking. Especially for hiking, comfortable shoes must be a top priority for a good hike.

Vans are pretty famous for their friendliness for walking.

They have established their popularity around the world for being supportive of such activities as running, walking, hiking, and lifting. But are these really suitable for these activities? Do they support your tasks effectively? Let’s find the answers to these questions.

Are vans good for running? Yes! These are highly supportive for walking because of the comfort they offer. But they are not suitable for much longer walks. You can lift weights and run in these shoes too. But never think to wear them for hiking.

What Are Vans?

Vans are shoes manufactured in America. They make skateboarding shoes and all other relevant apparel. They have brought the skate culture of California all around the world.

Brief History of Vans:

Paul Van Doren, who was a shoe manufacturer, started his brand of shoes. He belonged to America; that is why this is an original American brand.

They basically started making skating shoes only, but now they are making quite diverse shoes too.

Later, Van Doren partnered with his brothers, and they opened their store in 1966 and named it The Van Doren Rubber Company according to Vans.

They had crafted a new design of the shoes and made them available to the public for buying. They designed their original logo in 1970. But the company gained widespread popularity in the 1980s. These especially gained popularity among skateboarders. In 1991, they renamed their company Vans, Inc.

Especially, ‘44 deck shoes’, which are known as ‘authentic shoes,’ were among the first pairs which gained popularity. Succeeding in line came: ‘‘‘Classic Slip Ons,’ the old skools,’ and the ‘Sk8-Hi’. The Vans #95’ were also famous as ‘The Era.’

Vans are in all the range since then. They have high demand, and they have incited this demand by publicizing their brand through celebrities and famous athletes.

Suitability of Vans

As they were introduced as shoes for skateboarders, thus they have become favorites of athletes. They are suitable for snowboarding, too, as their sole has sticky rubber in it. Other activities like surfing and cycling also make their way into the list of activities these shoe support. And these are not the only uses of these shoes alone, but weightlifters are pretty fond of these shoes.

Are Vans Good for Running?

The Vans shoes are advertised as running sneakers as well. So let’s find out they are suitable for running or not?

Characteristics of Running Shoes:

  • Arch Support: Running uses the best high arch, and thus a good pair of shoes is the one that supports the arch.
  • Cushioning: While running, good shoes provide comfort to the sole. That is why a sole that provides cushioning is the best.
  • Flexibility: They allow a steady and flexible motion.
  • Comfort: It is the critical aspect of a good pair of running shoes.

Vans as Good running shoes:

Vans have a supportive sole that supports the arch as well as gives cushioning to the sole. They allow flexible motion along with comfort. They have a particular version of shoes for running, which is ‘Vans Low-Top Sneakers’. They are the best because they have the following features:

  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Ample cushioning
  • Breathable fabric


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Best Vans for Running - Low-Top Sneakers

  • 100% Canvas
  • Slip-On Pattern
  • Original Waffle Outsole

Are Vans good For Walking?

Vans perform their job well as walking shoes. They have a mixture of fashion and comfort. But they are pretty good to walk in.

They are good shoes for walking all day long and for long distances. Their rubber sole is quite supportive and offers a good grip.

They do not slip on wet surfaces. These all combined make them a perfect choice for walking.

Let’s find what are the best features for a good shoe for walking? And do Vans fulfill these customized features?

Characteristics of Decent Walking Shoes:

  • Comfort:  A good walking shoe is the one that provides comfort to your shoes while walking.
  • Protection: While walking, a good pair of shoes makes sure that your feet are protected inside them.
  • Flexibility: When you are walking, the shoes allow you to move your feet in any direction and support your walk.
  • Flatness: It is important to walk that the sole of the shoes is flat so that your feet do not feel bumps.
  • Firm grip: A good pair of shoes provides a perfect grip to the sole of your feet.
  • Best Fitting: The fitting is necessary for a better walk. Otherwise, your feet keep slipping.

Vans have almost all these characters. They have a rubbery sole that provides a good grip.

Vans as Walking Shoes:

Vans possess the features mentioned above. They are quite the right choice for walking. They are flexible as well as secure the whole foot in them. Their sole is flat, along with providing the excellent grip necessary for walking. The shape of these shoes fits well.


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Best Vans for Walking- Low-top Sneakers Trainers

  • Gum Rubber sole
  • SPD studs connection
  • Vulcanised sole for extra grip

Vans for Long Walks:

The canvass used in the making of Vans is not durable. So it is recommended not to use them for long walks as they may wear out. As the material only supports gentle walks, so they are not suitable for a long-distance walk.

Are Vans Good for Lifting?

Vans are not quite a favorite choice of lifters. They only consider them as an option. Let’s find out what are the excellent features of lifting shoes.

Characteristics of Lifting Shoes:

  • Raised Heel: Shoes used in lifting must be heavier than the other ordinary shoes.
  • Flat Sole: They should have a flat sole to support the body while lifting.
  • Raised Heel: The heel of the shoes used in lifting must be high.

Vans as Good Shoes for Lifting:

Vans are not the best choice for lifters, but it is not a bad one though. They provide excellent support to feet for lifting heavyweights. They make your feet stable during lifting, so you can choose them for lifting as well.


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Best Vans for Weight Lifting - Men's Sk8-hi(tm) Core Classics Trainers

  • Rubber sole
  • Canvas upper
  • lace-up design

Are Vans Good for Hiking?

Vans are not precisely advertised as suitable for the activity of hiking. They are not considered a good choice for hiking, but you can use them for other purposes like running and lifting.

Characteristics of Hiking Shoes:

  • Durability: Hiking shoes must have a solid base to make them durable.
  • Firm Sole: They must be strong enough to bear rough terrains.
  • Traction: It is necessary for a firm grip during hiking.

Vans as Shoes for Hiking:

The canvas of Vans is not suitable for hiking as it is not strong enough to support the arches.


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Best Vans for Hiking - ULTRARANGE Rapidweld Black

  • Black Flame Color
  • Hiking Design
  • Amazing grip

Final Thoughts:

Vans are rightly famous because of their multi-use for lifting, running, and walking. Customers have given positive reviews about the fitness of these shoes, and thus, they have garnered a higher rating which is rightly earned.


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