Can You Put Sneakers In The Dryer?

If you are a runner or frequently wear your sneakers, it becomes dirty. Playing in a wet environment offers pleasure, but it imposes worse effects on your sneakers. If you want to dry your sneakers, check the material of the shoes before drying them. Can You Put Sneakers In The Dryer? This question is often asked by runners and players who wear sneakers.

In the dryer, the shoes get dry faster as usual. A dryer can speed up the drying process. However, it is essential to know the material of shoes before putting them into the dryer. The canvas shoes and cloth material is perfect for washing.

Sneakers have thick plastic soles that are more prone to dust and dirt. If you did not clean them regularly, it discolors and appears rough.

How To Dry Sneakers In The Dryer?

Try your luck and dry your sneakers in the dryer. But follow some tips that will help you to dry the sneakers accurately. Also there are some dryers which are specially used for Drying shoes.

Check The Label:

Before washing and drying, check the label of your shoes. If your shoe label has an “X” in the square, do not put these shoes in the dryer. Check the label to make sure that You Put Sneakers In The Dryer or not.

Shoe Material:

Before using the dryer, check the material of your shoes. If your shoes are made up of leather, do not put them in the dryer as the leather will deteriorate. However, you can dry sneakers and tennis shoes in the dryer.

Tie The Shoes:

If you put on shoes without a tie the laces, it will cause noise. Try to tie the shoes tightly.

Hang The Shoes:

Hang the shoes on the door. Hanging will prevent the tumbling and tangling of shoes. You can easily lift the shoes by laces.

Use Air-Dry Setting:

The best drying option is the air-dry mode. However, if your machine does not have this option, then select the lowest temperature. If you choose the high temperature, there is more chance for shoe damage.

Dry For 20 Minutes:

Whether your sneakers are dirty or have a smell, dry them for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, check the shoes and pick them firmly. If the sneakers are moist, put them in the dryer for five additional minutes.

Can You Put Leather Shoes In The Dryer?


It is the most frequently asked question. People want to know that whether they dry their shoes in the dryer or not. If you put leather shoes in the dryer, they will deteriorate. Leather can not bear the high temperature of the dryer.

If you put the leather shoes in the dryer, you can get wrinkles and creases on them. After completely dry, the shape of your shoe will be changed. On the other hand, the dye of leather shoes will ruin, and shoes discolor.

If you put other shoes with leather shoes in the dryer, it will wrap other material and causes inconvenience.

Can You Put Converse In The Dryer?


Can You Put Converse In The Dryer? Can You put Tennis Shoes in the dryer? These questions are asked by people. There is a simple answer that before putting your shoes in the dryer and washer must check the material of the shoes.

If you want to put your converse in the dryer, add a few towels to the dryer. A couple of dry towels prevent the tangling of shoes and reduce the noise.

Your shoes can not be damaged if you wash and dry them occasionally. However, if you want to dry them frequently, then the fabric of the shoes will ruin.

You can dry converse shoes by following steps:

  • Take Newspaper
  • Remove the laces & insoles of the shoes
  • Lose the shoes and wrap them in Newspaper
  • Place the shoes in the dryer
  • Replace the newspaper if you feel moist

Can You Put Vans In The Dryer?


Do not put your Vans in the dryer. The high heat and temperature of the dryer can damage the shoe material. If you put them in the dryer, it results in cracks and wrinkles.

If you put your vans without checking the material of shoes, the results will disappoint you. Never use harsh chemicals and hot water to wash the vans.

The soft fabric of the vans will be damaged and the shape of the shoes will be changed. However, you can use a blow dryer if you want to wear your Vans immediately. Remember that never use the solvent cleaner as it can loosen the glue of the insole.

Can You Dry Sneakers With A Blow Dryer?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can dry your sneakers in a blow dryer. Before the blow dryer, follows some precautions. Use cold heat in the blow dryer. The main benefit of using a blow dryer is that it will not ruin the shoe’s material.

In the blow dryer, cold heat is used which can not damage the shoe insoles and other material. The Blow dryer never puts limitations on the type of materials.

Where Should You Blow Dry Your Shoes?

If you wear your shoes regularly, it can produce an unpleasant smell. The unpleasant smell of shoes will spread in the bathroom. If you do not have a well-ventilated place to wash and dry your sneakers then use the bathroom.

But I will recommend you to blow dry your sneakers in an open place.

Is It Safe To Put Sneakers In The Dryer?

If you have got caught in the rain and get your shoe dirty. Not to worry, you are not alone. Many of us are not sure that putting sneakers in the dryer is safe or not.

Can I Put Sneakers In The Dryer? The answer is yes, you can use a dryer to dry your favorite pair of shoes. There is a need to use the right techniques for drying the shoes. Most shoes are prepared with a material that can manage the high heat of the dryer.

However, there are chances that your shoes will damage if you do not use the right tactic. If you through a bulky pair of shoes in the dryer, it can damage the machine. Similarly, if you put the wrong fabric in the dryer, your shoes will be ruined.

What Type Of Shoes Can You Dry?

Drying shoes in the dryer is much quick and efficient. If your shoe label allows you to dry the shoes in the dryer, do not wait more and put them in the dryer.

The following materials of shoes are dryer friendly:

  • Canvas
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

What Causes Smell In The Sneakers?

Before moving towards washing and drying the sneakers, it is crucial to know what causes the smell in the shoes. There are many reasons for the smell of shoes. If you wear shoes frequently, it absorbs sweat and produces a funky smell.

However, if you do not allow your shoes to dry properly after washing, it produces an unpleasant odor.

Other reasons include wearing shoes without socks. It may cause diseases like Athlete’s feet. Due to poor ventilation, sweat causes a funky smell.

Can You Put Sneakers In The Washer?

Washing sneakers in the washer is simple. It involves only a few steps. Washing a pair of sneakers is not as comfortable as a tennis pair. After some time, your shoes produce a funky smell. It is the time when you have to put your shoes in the washer.

The household washer can efficiently remove the smell and dirt from your shoes. After washing, you can get a tip-top pair of sneakers.


How To Clean Shoes In The Washer?

Now it is clear that what causes your shoes to produce an unpleasant odor. Turn towards the main point, yes you can wash your shoes in the washer. Before putting your favorite pair of shoes in the washer, be aware of some things.

Wash Sneakers:

You can wash only a few shoes in the washer. Before washing shoes, check the material of the shoes. Suppose if you have leather shoes, you can not put them in the washer. The leather will deteriorate in the washer.

Remove Laces & Insoles:

If you do not remove laces from your shoes, they got tangled. Separate them and put them in a pillowcase or bag to wash. Never forget to remove the insoles of your shoes. You can clean the insoles by hand. Remove insoles and wash them with warm water and detergent.

Add Towels:

If you put your shoes without adding towels, the shoes produce noise in the washer. Add 4 – 6 towels. The towels will prevent your shoes from banging. For extra protection, you can put your sneakers in the laundry bag.

Choose Cycle Wisely:

If you have decided to wash your sneakers in the washer, then choose a slow spin cycle. The slow spin cycle will balance the washer, and clean the sneaker delicately.

Disinfect The Sneakers:

The disinfectant is necessary to remove fungus, and it prevents the Athlete’s foot. You can add 80% pine oil as a disinfectant. Add disinfectant in the warm water and wash your shoes effectively.


Can You Put Sneakers In The Dryer? Yes or No because it depends on shoes material. Remember to follow the safety precaution before drying your unique pair of sneakers. Never regret if your shoes get dirty, you can wash and dry them at home.

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