Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

Ah, the dazzling Rain. With the rain, the question arises that Can you Wear Leather Boots in the Rain? If you love the rainy season and wait for Monsoon, then buy leather boots.

Hold on! Not everyone likes the rain. Most people dislike it due to the mess it creates. When you think about rain, the primary reason that comes to your mind is Shoes. No need to worry about your leather shoes and the rainy season.

Put your stress aside and wear your favorite pair of leather shoes in the rain without any care. Also, your leather shoes get discolored when coming in touch with rain and mud. Getting rid of the rain marks is quite challenging.

Do you think to put your leather shoes in the back draw during rain? Anguish not, and keeps on reading, I’ll clear all your doubts regarding leather shoes wearing in the rain.

Here, I will explain all the solution to your problems regarding rain and leather shoes.

Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

I like the leather shoes due to their durability and style. Are you? Also, durability and rich styling, you might be thinking about the monsoon season. If you are worried about the limited use of leather shoes, don’t panic. You can buy waterproof leather. Also, many waterproof covers are available in the market that prevents the deterioration of leather in the rain.

What Shoes to Wear in the Rain?

If you are dressed up well, then don’t mind the wet rainy weather. However, you wear squishy socks and shoes, then they will soak the wet.

Most people suggest the rainboots up to the knee. The rainboots appear like fisherman shoes. I don’t like rain boots, as they are heavy and uncomfortable. Consider your look that you are wearing rain boots with a pencil skirt.

You wouldn’t worry about shoes in the rain. I will show you a curated list of suitable shoes for the rainy season.

  • Polyurethane boots
  • Leather boots
  • Suede and Nubuck
  • Henrey Ferrera Waterproof boots

Does Water Ruin Leather Boots

Leather material is quite porous and when water comes in contact with leather is absorbs the water. After drying, the water leads away from all the oil and shine of leather shoes. It results in premature damage and cracking of the shoes.

If you have footwear of genuine leather, then it will not deteriorate too fast. The pure leather is strong and resists water damage.

You can wear pure genuine leather shoes in the rain as well as on low ice. Pure leather is less prone to wrinkling and damage.

How to Protect Leather Boots from Rain?

I know you don’t want to put your stylish leather footwear in the ditch, but sometimes nature turns against you, and you got stuck in the rain shower with your favorite leather boots.

You can prevent your gorgeous leather boots from water damage:

1. Keep leather boots clean:

If you are deciding to put waterproof material over your leather boots, then clean them thoroughly. You can clean with a dust soaking brush or soft fabric. If the dirt got stuck in your boots, it becomes permanent. Further, you can use damp clothe to wash tough stains.

2. Waterproofing:

The waterproof covering is not a permanent solution for leather boots. The most popular method for waterproofing is to put a layer of wax over the shoes.

Remember that wax covering deplete with time, and you have to repeat the process after 15 days. This period depends upon the time you wear the leather boots.

Whether putting wax layer, you can purchase waterproof leather boots as they are available in the market. Leather boots can avert water damage.

3. Water resistive covering:

If you live in an area where rain comes frequently, then invest in good water cover. You can keep your waterproof shoe covering in the car or bag for frequent use. Keep the cover close to you for immediate use.

After all, you can go with premium leather boots.

Can Leather Boots Get Wet?

Are you conscious of your leather boots?

Leather boots are highly durable and flexible, that’s why everyone prefers to wear them. But the leather boots are not 100% water repellent as the water and salt is leather enemy. Water can enter your precious footwear and deteriorate them.

First of all, water goes into the insoles, and the salt remains outside on the surface. When leather dries, the salt will lead to cracks and wrinkles. Salt is corrosive to leather and deforms the boots.

In the rain, there is a rapid influx of water that seeps through the pores of the leather. Water and salt in the brine water of the rain will rupture your leather boots. Even you can not identify your precious footwear after few such events.

What Happens When Leather Gets Wet?

Alas! You got stuck in the rain. Don’t regret it, water will be drenched away.

1. Dry shoes quickly:

Instantly, put off your shoes and allow them to dry. Remember to put newspaper or shoe tree inside the shoes as it helps to retain the shoe shape. The heat source is not suitable for leather as it dries up quickly.

2. Restore Moisturization:

You can restore the flexibility of leather boots by applying conditioner to the boots. It will ward off the cracks and wrinkles due to humid weather. Before using the conditioner, remove the shoelaces.

You can use a nickel-size conditioner on the shoes with help of a soft sponge and a clean cloth.

How to Restore Wet Leather Boots ASAP?

Oh, no! The rain shower is on your way, and your shoes are wet. If you want to restore your good stuff leather shoes, then use the following methods.

Allow your shoes to dry completely. After that, remove the dirt and mud with the help of a brush. Now, moves towards the next step and apply shoe cream. Moreover, you can use a high-quality conditioner over the shoes to prevent cracking.

Remember that the shoe cream will take your shoe polish away. So, have to re-polish the leather boots again.

Until now, have you cleared with the question Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

How to Remove Salt Stains From Leather Boots?

Well, you are aware of the rain damage. It seems pretty dangerous to remove the salt stain from leather. You have to clear these stains quickly to wear the shoes again.

Take off your shoes and dry them fast. After that took a damp fabric and rub the shoe ridges. You can remove the salt creeping out from the ridges, then apply shoes cream and conditioner over the leather boots.

What Can You Expect from Leather Boot?

If you own leather shoes and wandering to know about the durability of leather boots, then stop wandering. Apart from water resistivity, it offers much more than you are expecting.

1. Strength:

You can use leather boots for several years as compared to other materials. You can inspect greater durability and fewer wrinkles from leather boots.

Moreover, it resists water and other harsh chemicals to come in contact with feet. So, you can wear leather boots in the winter and rainy season.

2. Style:

Leather boots are in trend all the time. When it comes to styling and fashion, no one can compete for leather boots. Further, leather footwear will suit all your outfits.

One of the most significant things to consider about leather boots is the bold statement.

3. Feel:

I love to wear leather footwear as they are soft and flexible. It offers high-quality, fashionable and luxury. The other significant facts about leather footwears are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Soft
  • Strong texture
  • Comfortable

Final Thoughts:

I hope that this article has successfully explained how leather boots fight against rain and mud. But if you are confused and still wondering, Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain? Then I would like to answer this question once and for all. Yes, you can wear them in rain but there is a chance of getting them damaged.

If you have a premium pair of leather boots, then keep a waterproof cover with you. From my viewpoint, it is the cheapest and the perfect way to protect the leather boots in the rain.

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