How to Clean Timberland Boots with Soap and Water

Timberland boots are one of the classic boots which are used for fashion purposes as well as work wear boots. These are iconic of all the boots with a fantastic investment on them. It is very important to take care of them and have a fabulous look. So, if we talk about the care and maintenance of these boots, it is surely difficult to clean them but once you know the steps and follow them it becomes easier.

One of the methods is cleaning the boots with soap and water but many people don’t know that how to clean timberland boots with soap and water So, we will discuss this method mainly in this content. There are some steps to follow for it.

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Soap and Water

Cleaning Timberland boots with water and soap is a quite easy method to go for it, because all the items you use for them are easily available at home. A list of these item is here

  • Water
  • Mild soap
  • A piece of cloth or towel
  • A small amount of vinegar
  • An old toothbrush
  • Gum remover or gum eraser
  • Leather protector
  • Baby wipes
  • A small bowl

Steps for cleaning timberland boots with soap and water

Step 1. Lukewarm water and mild soap

Take a small amount of lukewarm water, pour it in a small bowl and add some mild soap. Usually dish washing soap is preferred. Do not take hot water or harsh soap for cleaning the boots; it may damage the leather of the timberland boots and its shine fades away. Now take a small piece of cloth or towel and dip it into that bowl.

Now apply that wet cloth onto the surface of shoes to clean it deeply. Gently rub it on the surface of shoes until it is clean

Step 2. Use baby wipes

After cleaning the shoes with water and soap, use baby wipes to wipe away the remaining soap mixtures from the shoes. Remember to avoid the use of excess water on the surface of boots. Baby wipes are the best remover for it.

Step 3. Use of lemon juice mixture

After the above steps take a small amount of lemon juice and a part of cream of tartar, blend them well to make a paste. Now apply that paste on the surface of shoes and leave it for a few hours after that to wipe it away. Due to the acid content of lemon juice the remaining stains will fade away.

Step 4. Leather protector

Cleaning of boots twice or thrice may damage their leather so, apply a leather protector after every cleaning session of your timberland boots. It enhances the life of your boots and protects your boots against many harmful factors and weathering effects.

It also gives your boots fabulous lasting and beautiful finishing. But make sure that your leather protector suits your timberland boots. For deep cleaning your boots remove the laces first, then start the cleaning process.

How to Clean Timberland Boots at Home

Steps to remove the dirt and stain from timberland boots

Step 1. Wipe away the dirt

Cleaning timberland boots is not an easy process; you have to be careful of the dirt and spots you are dealing with. Firstly look at the spots that need your special attention, clean it. Then focus on the bottom of the shoes that are sole, remove dirt from it. If the dirt is stuck at the bottom of the shoes then use some small rod shaped item to remove it. Cleaning the bottom of shoes is the first step so that the rest of the shoes will remain away from that dirt.

Step 2. Use of gum eraser

Check out the visible spots on your shoes then use the gum eraser to remove the rest of the spots. Just move the gum eraser in circular motion. Due to gum erasers the cleaning process becomes easy and the leather of the shoes become smooth. But be careful rubbing this gum eraser with a light hand.

Step 3. Apply vinegar

This is an exceptional step for those boots which have some stains or spots which are difficult to remove. Apply vinegar to such a spot to rinse away the stain.

Step 4. Use a toothbrush

Use a soft old toothbrush to clean the dirt from the upper part of boots. Use the brush lightly to remove the dirt and dust.

All the dirt and stains are gently removed by following the above steps, now your shoes are ready to clean it with soap and water.


Timberland boots are expensive and one of the fashion as well as work wear boots. Cleaning timberland boots is a quite difficult process. You have to be careful while dealing with it. In order to be careful, follow the above methods step by step. It will help you to clean your boots easily. All the items used in the above methods are household items and are easily available.

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