How to Convert Women’s Shoe Size to Men’s

When it comes to footwear everyone has different foot sizes according to their feet and choice of comfort. There is no size that fits every person at any time. In this article we are going to discuss How to Convert Women’s Shoe Size to Men’s and why it varies. In general, there is a difference of 1.5 to 2 between men and women footwear but it may also vary from brand-to-brand size. For example, a woman’s size 9 is equal to a man’s size 7.5. However, many brands only have a difference of 1 between both sizes.

How to Convert Women’s Shoe Size to Men’s

Men’s shoes are made longer and wider than the women’s shoe because of the variation of foot structure of both men and women. While women’s shoes are made smaller and narrower. The main difference between their size depends upon the brand’s number but in general it is 1.5 respectively. Sometimes women and men are labeled M for medium width while the capital letter A stands for the normal size or regular size.

So, for the conversion of women to men shoe size is quite difficult for that reason you must know how these shoes are made. You can also use some tips and tricks for that purpose.

Convert Women’s Shoe Size to Men’s | Comparison Chart

After checking almost all big shoes brands we came to know that women and men shoes size are differ by roughly by 1.5. To understand better we have compiled a comparison chart for you.

  • Women’s Size 7 in men’s is 5.5
  • women’s size 7.5 in men’s 6
  • Women’s Size 8 in men’s is 6.5
  • Women’s Size 8.5 in men’s is 7
  • Women’s Size 9 in men’s is 7.5
  • Women’s Size 9.5 in men’s is 8
  • Women’s Size 10 in men’s is 8.5
  • Women’s Size 10.5 in men’s is 9
  • Women’s Size 11 in men’s is 9.5
  • Women’s Size 11.5 in men’s is 10
  • Women’s Size 12 in men’s is 10.5
  • Women’s Size 12.5 in men’s is 11
  • Women’s Size 13 in men’s is 11.5

Why Do Size Vary

Shoes are constructed by a foam called LAST, this last determines the shape of the shoe. These lasts vary from shoe to shoe according to their size. For that reason, every brand has hundreds of lasts. Many brands simply shrink down the men’s size but many others make separate lasts for women.

Width Variation

Apart from length, shoe width also varies from men to women so while converting also keep in mind the width variation. Men width size normally comes in

  • Narrow width
  • Medium width
  • Wide width

Can Women Wear Men Shoes

Men’s shoes are quite longer and wider than the women shoe size but if you like some men collection of shoes and you want to buy it too then convert the size from women to men shoe sizing. So, after the conversion YES, women can wear men’s running shoes as well as boy style shoes. Just add 1.5 to your women’s size shoe and enjoy the men’s collection of shoes of your choice.

Unisex Sizes Compared to Women’s Sizes

Unisex shoes mostly fallow men’s sizing so either its your men shoe size or your women shoe size minus 1.5 or 2. These shoes are made apparently narrow as compared to typical men’s shoes.

How Do Laces and Insoles Play Into the Fit

Some people also need insoles and laces in their shoes as they feel comfortable with that and might be some other reason. There are some cases in which a person wants an extra thick sole because of one leg shorter than the other.

And in case of laces, they also play a vital role in fitting shoes because of the shoe tongue which holds the feet tightly and gives a booster to the foot while walking.

What About Men with Narrow Feet

Men can also wear shoes with different wide ranges, they can mainly wear shoes with size tag of M, here M stands for medium width size which is perfect for narrow feet.

Do brands vary their sizes

Yes, every brand varies in their sizes and styles. For example, if you wear size 7 of a particular brand and it fits you perfectly, on the other hand if you wear the same size of another brand it may be loose or tight to your shoes. So, variation in brands is usual and might be necessary.

Is there any drawback to wear wrong shoes

Men and women can wear each other’s shoes but only in case when it fits you perfectly. If the shoes are not comfortable then don’t go for it. But apparently there is no drawback of wearing each other’s shoes.


Everyone have different foot size but it can also be converted. Mainly there is a difference of 1.5 to 2 between both the sizes so by adding or by subtracting 1.5 to 2 can give you the accurate size. The sizes may vary from brand to brand so this is only a rough and general estimate. There is no harmful effect or drawback of wearing others shoes. So don’t hesitate and go for your comfortable shoes.

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