Do I Have Wide Feet or Narrow Feet?

Has it ever happened with you, that you tried on a shoe and it is the right size but is too loose on the sides? Or it can even be too tight on the sides despite being the correct size.

It is something that the least number of people encounter. But it is a fact and it is because of variations in foot width. People normally don’t tend to measure their foot width. But we need to know it also plays an important role in size determination. Some people have narrow feet, some have wide and some may be in between.

It is not something very serious or something that you should be concerned about, but if you know it then it might make it easier for you to choose the right shoes.

Now the thing is, you need to first of all figure out whether you have narrow or wide feet.

So, let’s discuss them one by one.

Do I have wide feet?

The first thing to know is the correct measurement for wide feet and after that find the best running shoes for wide feet.

width Shoe size
4 1/6’’ 9
3 3/6’’ 7

Womens feet width size.1

If you have the above-mentioned foot width in its respective shoe size then you are surely a person with wide feet.

The second factor that highlights whether you have wide feet or not is that no matter from where you buy the shoes they are always snug or tight on you. This is an ultimate key point. You can tell in a blink if this happens with you.

You might be wondering I am telling you to check the measurements and all, but not guiding you how. Don’t worry. If you don’t know how to measure foot width then I’ll explain to you how it is done.

How to measure wide feet? Wide Feet Measurement

In order to measure the width of the foot you need to keep few things in your mind.

#1. Make sure to take measurements on a flat surface.

#2. If you are a person who wears socks with shoes then take measurements wearing socks.

#3. Measure them at night because your feet expand during the day.

#4. Accoding to wikihow, Keep the pencil close to the feet for a better result

#5. Take at least three sketches to ensure accuracy.

Now take plain paper and place it on the flat floor. Then step over it and trace the outline of your foot with the help of a pen or pencil. Measure the width of the sketch.

Width is measured between the widest points of the foot. After taking the measurement compare it with the above-mentioned table or any other size chart. You will get to know if your feet are wide or not.

American Foot-Shapers

These can be used easily to measure your foot width and even length. You can easily get your hands on them online. This a very easy way to measure shoe width but you will need to spend some money on this.

Taking help from size charts

There is a large variety of size charts available on the internet. You can tally them for a better and accurate answer. Even different shoe stores have their size charts uploaded online. Take a look at them to know exactly what you want.

Causes of wide feet

Before moving on ways to get rid of wide feet. We first need to learn what are the possible causes of wide feet.

Genetics: it can be due to your family history. it is something that often runs in the family and you can’t avoid it.

Edema: it may be due to edema or in simple terms known as swelling.

Deformities: your wide feet can also be due to a bony deformity, calluses, or some other kind of abnormality.

Age: age also plays an important factor. As you grow old your tendons and ligaments start to loosen up and your feet start to become wide.

How to get rid of wide feet?

Since we know what can be the possible causes behind wide feet, let’s talk about how how to narrow down your feet. You might be thinking that this is absurd and doesn’t make any sense. But no, it is not wrong. There are ways to get rid of wide feet.

Foot Narrowing Surgery

It is a surgical way to correct the imperfections of your feet. It can be done to narrow wide feet. Even if you have any other deformities they can also be taken care of by this method. Nowadays it is becoming more and more common. Moreover, it is done with anaesthesia and has good results.

Use of insoles

If you have flat feet which means that you don’t have foot arches then it means that you have wide feet. If it is the case with you, then just go and buy insoles. They will raise your foot arch and your footbed will not be completely flat. This won’t create a difference on a large scale but will bring a healthy change.

Surgery for bunions

Bunions are a foot condition that can cause wide feet. It is genetic but can be treated. Apart from that, it can also be caused by heels. The way to fix the condition is by the correct surgery.

I know most ways to get rid of wide feet are surgical and most people are scared to get surgery. In case you are brave and confident then you should go ahead and try to cure your wide feet.

Bunion surgery before and after

Bunion surgery before and after

Problems due to wide feet

Wide feet caused due to some sort of disease or genetics can cause further problems. If you have wide feet and you wear shoes that are even a tiny bit tight on you. Then they can cause many problems. Such as it can lead to further ailments as:

  • Arthritis of big toe
  • Bunions
  • Pain and foot deformity
  • Types of the hallux

So it is better to get treated for diseased caused wide foot.

Do I have narrow feet?

With the help of the similar technique as mentioned for the wide feet, measure your foot width using a measuring tape or foot-shapers. Then compare your result with a foot chart available on the net or the one below.


Width Shoe Size
3 1/16’’ 7
3 3/8’’ 9

How to make wide shoes fit narrow feet?

If there is a shoe that you like a lot, but you can’t wear it because your feet are slim and narrow. You don’t need to feel down or sad. Just simply try some of the following hacks and see which one works for you best.


The use of insoles is a simple way to provide your shoe cushion and make them stay in place in a loose or wide shoe.

These are easily available in the market. But you will have to try a variety of them to find the right one for you.

And you have to place the insoles in a way that they provide your sole and arch, shock support.

Moreover, insoles are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes.


If the shoe is one with laces then you can make it fit you by tightening the shoelaces. You can just simply reinforce your shoelaces. Try to tie your laces further from the tongue. This will help to close your shoe more tightly.

Gel pads

Gel pads make your heel a bit higher and make a cozy environment for your shoe to easily fit in. you can also use anti-slip gel pads. They are to be placed on the tongue part of the shoe.

They also provide the cushioning effect. And they won’t let your foot slip out of the shoe.

Leather sandals

This technique is applicable for leather sandals but works very well. If you have a pair of leather sandals that are wide for you. Just take them out and wet them completely.

Then let them dry.

Once the leather gets wet it tends to shrink. Like this, they will come close to your size. And it will be easy for you to wear them.

Use of heel grips

You can also use heel grips to fix the problem.

They are attached on the heel side or the sides of the shoes.

And as the name says they provide grip to your heel and won’t let it slip out of the shoe.

Some don’ts to keep in mind

If you are looking for ways to fit your narrow feet in wide shoes then just make sure that you don’t use cotton balls, toilet paper or any kind of rolled fabric. Because this will only be uncomfortable and cause you pain.

Moreover, completely avoid the use of tip-toes pads. Why? Because they are not properly designed according to the shoe curves.


It is not a big deal to have narrow or wide feet. It is just simply who you are. But yes, if you are facing some problems due to this then definitely you can fix them and live a bit more comfortable life.

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