Do New Balance Run Small | Are New Balance True to Size?

New Balance shoes have been popular due to their high-quality material and coziness. But there are certain queries regarding the size of new balance shoes and their durability. So let’s get to know about these two aspects of New Balance shoes.

New balance is a kind of shoe suitable for both men and women. These are famous for their style and comfort while being in range and budget. New Balance shoes promise both convenience and quality with durability. But the most important aspect of shoes is size.

All the aforementioned things do not matter if you do not get a shoe that fits your feet. A wrongly fitted shoe will give you a lot of pain and trouble. So it is important to consider the size. And likewise, durability is also a key factor that determines how long your shoe can run.

Do New Balance Run Small or Are New Balance True to Size?

This is usually the first question asked by shoppers is Do New Balance Run Small? The reviews of users imply that new balances are true to the size and do not go shorter or bigger.

But the thing you must consider before making the purchase is that the shoes are fitting on your feet. Selecting a shoe of an appropriate size is highly important. So always remember the size of your shoe and buy a new balance that fits you. Though the size varies with different designs.

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Which Size You Should Get?

As the new balance shoes do not go big or small so the normal size is good to go with. A few shoes which run small or big must be selected according to the suitable size. But that is not the case with a new balance so you should select a size that exactly fits you.

A good thing about new balance shoes is that you do not need to break them down. You can wear them directly after taking them out of the box. The company offers these shoes in half sizes. It means that they assure the exact fitting for your shoe.

New Balance Shoe Size Chart | New Balance Width Chart

For Men:

New Balance Shoe Size Chart for Men

For Women:

New Balance Shoe Size Chart for Women

How to Size New Balance Shoes?

When you are going to buy new balance shoes, make sure to measure the size of your feet because they exactly fit and do not run big or small. To measure your feet, put your heel along the wall or any other support.

Now, put something along your longest toe and measure the distance between the wall and that thing. This is the exact size of your feet because this is needed for the exact fitting of New Balance.

Here are a few tips to find the right size for your shoe by the company itself:

  • Your feet are swollen in the afternoon, so try shoes at that time.
  • Always make sure that your heel is snuggly and comfortable
  • If your feet are in between two sizes then buy a larger new balance. Because it can be adjusted with socks and insoles.
  • Keep re-measuring your shoes before making a purchase and try the shoes on both your feet.
  • When trying on new balance shoes, make sure that your tows can wiggle in there. If you can do this easily then they are of your size.

As the New Balance does not grow large or get small, that is why it is very important to get the right size because they stay true to it.

How Long Do New Balance Shoes Last?

New balance comes with high value and good quality so they last longer than other sports shoes. You can run up to miles with these shoes and they do not wear off easily.

Sometimes, they get sloppy due to overuse but this is a rare case. They outlast all other competitive shoes in the market because of the durable stuff.

It is recommended that you should wear them often because not wearing them may cause damage to them. The material becomes shabby due to sitting. And they mostly last for six months or a year. After that, the feet start feeling tired that is because the cushioning wears off. Still, they can endure wearing up to long miles.

Should You Size Up or Down in New Balance?

As the company guarantees that these shoes do not change the size so you do not need to get the size down or up shoes. These shoes will not change their size even after a few uses.

But the people who use half sizes must get one size down. But to avoid all the hassle of getting the right size, you should get insoles. But if they are a little tight, they have the flexibility to them and can be adjusted. You can break in any shoes.

How Long Do New Balance Last?

This depends solely upon the stuff and quality of the material used in the making of these shoes. Also how one uses them and for how much duration determines this too. They can go up to years without being worn out only if you take proper care of them.

What to Do If My New Balance Are Too Big?

If you fail to get a show of your appropriate size and they are big for you then you should not worry about it. There are simple things you can do to make them fit.

Get Insoles:

You can get insoles from the company itself to make your feet fit into the shoes. One can use half insoles also.

Use Thick Socks:

It is the most convenient method of fitting into bigger shoes. If you wear thick socks it will not let your feet slip in the shoes while walking.

Get Heel Grips:

Heel grips serve a dual purpose. They do not let your feet slip from the shoes and also fill up space.

Final Words:

The quality of the stuff used ensures the appropriate size and durability. New Balance shoes do not become big or small after a certain time but they stay the same. You do not need to worry about this factor while buying and just buy the size that fits you.

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