Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes? [Authenticity Check]

What is Goat App?

Goat is one of the biggest worldwide sneaker brand, having 12 million users. It is a fantastic sneaker marketplace with a huge inventory of 400,000 pairs in the market for sale. It was introduced in 2015 by Daishin Sugano in 170 different countries. From the perspective of market capitalization, it holds $1.75 Billion of the total market place.

It is an online marketplace for sneakers where sellers are free to enlist their high values and limited editions for buyers. G.O.A.T is abbreviated as Greatest of All Time. Goat is not only a marketplace between sellers and buyers, but it also focuses on the product’s authenticity. It allows the users to buy new and old, and used shoes.

We live in a modern era where everyone loves sneakers, but apart from that, Goat sneakers have many other qualities that force the buyer to buy them.

For instance, if you are looking for a fashionable as well as comfortable shoes, then you should must try Goat shoes to fulfill your need and If we talk about the stability of Goat shoes, it’s mind-blowing.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes?

No, Goat does not sell fake shoes. It’s very rigid about its products that they are authentic or not? It gives a truthful platform for the buyer as well as the seller.

It is a 100% lawful sneaker marketplace that is now followed among sneaker heads. In addition, Goat offers a strict authentication policy for its products.

Goat uses a model from its beginning named Ship- to –verify the model. In this model, when a customer purchases a pair of sneakers from a seller, it is not directly shipped to the buyer or the customer. Instead of shipping to the customer, it is firstly shipped to the goat team. Then each item is examined by the Goat team to ensure that the product is real or fake?

Once the product is examined real by the Goat team, it is shipped to the customer with a Goat guarantee. Still, if the customer is unsatisfied, they have a money-back guarantee.

How Does Goat Authenticate Shoes?

Several methods and techniques are used to verify the authenticity of shoes, but Goat uses these two methods to check and balance all the Goat products.

Physical Checks

For the sneaker’s authenticity, Goat has made a team of experienced sneaker specialists. This team checks out every pair of sneakers before shipping them to the customer. Then, they perform the physical test of every pair of shoes to fulfill the customer’s demand without any un happening.

Al-assisted Checking

For authentication purposes, Goat uses an automatic process named as Al-Process to detect fake shoes. Due to Al- technology, most shoes do not even need physical checks. This technology is a gemstone for detecting fake shoes; if the shoes are detected as fake, the seller will be permanently banned.

So, you need not worry about the quality and authenticity of the sneakers. They are 100% real, so grab your favorite ones and enjoy them.

What happens If My Shoes are Fake?

The Al-assisted checking detects most fake items, and physical checks detect the rest, so there is little possibility of shipping the fake product to the end customer.

So, if you get a fake product or your product is not meeting your expectations, Goat has the money back guarantee for this situation. So, do not hesitate to spend your money on Goat; if you are unsatisfied with the product, Goat will send back all your money.

Returns & Exchanges Policies Offered by Goat

Goats offer returns and exchange policies as they are fully confident about their products and services. But this policy is only worth full if the product is not used by the customer and is in the same condition.

Evaluation of shipped Back Products

To evaluate whether the customer uses the product, Goat organizes a team that evaluates the returned products.

If the product is in the same condition, Goat will return 100% money. On the other hand, if the product is determined to be used by the customer, then the product is shipped back to that customer by deducting shipping charges from the total purchase amount.


So, As you read in this article that GOAT does not sell fake shoes. GOAT is an authentic brand because they check their product by doing two authenticity check through physical check and AI assisted check.

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