How Much Height Do Vans Add?

Vans were first introduced in 1977, it is a popular shoe brand and is considered in the top five shoe brands. Van shoes were firstly designed by skateboarders for skateboarding.

Shoes are an important factor to increase the height of a person. If you are short and want to increase your height you must try vans shoes. It increases your height while having a charming look.

Lots of people want to look taller,  vans shoes make you taller to some extent like other shoes. Many shoe brands provide an illusion of height. Here are the exact number for how much height do vans add.

How Much Height Do Vans Add?

According to the users and customers feedback, Vans added roughly 0.7 inches to their flat shoes. But the basketball and running shoes are added with a height of 1 ā€“ 1.5 inches. It means vans classic ā€“ slip added 1.8cm height to a person. The complete outsole area is about 3cm long but the insole area is much smaller than the outer one.

Insole area is much more flexible than the other one. A vanā€™s plimsoll elevator adds 7cm to your height. Vans classic-slip on shoes were also known as style #98 and were market leaders in 1977.

How Thick is The Sole of Vans

The thickness of the sole is approximately 7mm. The weight bearing area of these shoes are quite thin. But after some time while using these shoes, you lose some of the height of the shoes.

Are Vans Stacked Comfortable

Vans also add some extra lift stacked which are loved by many buyers. Shoe feels great on extended wear which adds height to a person. These stacks are very comfortable to carry.

Are Vans Zero Drop

Vans are 0 drop shoes unlike the other brand, 0 drop means that there is no drop from the heel of toe to the sole of the shoe.

Are Vans True to Size

Yes, van shoes fit accurately to the size of your feet. It means the size you wear in all other brands of shoes fits exactly to the size of van brand shoes. These are little, smaller but are flexible enough for your feet.


As everybody wants to look taller but what about those who are short heighted. As per my suggestion those who are short height must try vans shoes. This is the most popular shoe brand. These shoes incredibly add 0.7 inch to your height. Apart from that basketball and running shoes add 1-1.5 inch to your height.

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