How to Break in Cowboy Boots | Easy Methods

Are you looking for “How to Break in Cowboy Boots” then this content is specially for you. Did it ever happen that You found the boots of your dreams? But after wearing them for a day or two, your feet started hurting. You felt a big mistake in buying them and are willing to return them.

They may be well made but it takes time for them to fit well. It’s not that hard to break in your cowboy shoes. The perfect methods can help you to break in easily with less effort. Don’t hesitate to take them off.

The problem always arises with new shoes. You usually take time to break in them. First, you should choose the right size boots for your feet. It may be a problem if it’s short or oversized for you because it can badly hurt your feet.

The early days may be difficult but if you know the tricks for breaking in then it will be easy to go. By using the ideal methods as suggested you can ease your problem.

6 Methods on How to Break in Cowboy Boots:

The best way to stretch your shoes is by wearing them in your house. You can wear them everywhere even when you are sitting. It gives your boots more time to adapt to your feet.

It eases your suffering and makes your boots fit you like a glove. A pretty simple way is to wear them with thick socks.

The socks add up space and stretch your boots. It increases the width and height of your boot as it puts pressure to spread. It prevents blisters and potential injury.

You can wear them 2-3 hours/day.  Once your boots are broken in you will enjoy wearing them daily.

The effective way that shortens the time for breaking in is applying leather conditioner and stretch spray. It expands the leather fiber of the boot making them comfortable.

These products soften the leather and make them flexible. They help the stretching process run smoothly and be less time taking. These also keep the boots waterproof so there will be no water damage in the future.

They maintain the boots and give them a shiny, beautiful, and everlasting look.  Apply the spray inside the boot and also the outside as per instructions for better results.

It is the most convenient method as it is very fast-acting. It helps you skip all the hard work for stretching the boots. The boot stretcher is a device that mimics the shape of your foot which is placed inside your boots to stretch them.

It is a very efficient strategy that people use to shorten the time for breaking in. The only need is to put the boot stretcher in your boots and leave them overnight and see miracles.

The boot shapers are best to shape your boot in a perfect way. It is very essential in keeping the shape of the shaft neat and wrinkle-free.

The most inexpensive method that helps in breaking your cowboy boots is using heat. There are various heat sources that can help but you should wisely choose the effective ones. The best sources that can actually help are:

  • The streamer
  • The hairdryer

You should use a warm stream to soften up the leather. Take good advantage of the kettle present in your home. Use the steam rising from the kettle inside your boots.

You can also use a hairdryer to warm up the areas of your boots where you feel irritation.

It promotes the breaking-in process. It is important not to let the heat get close to the boots. Most importantly, don’t forget to dry your boots.

The procedure which is best for small stretches is using ice. This method is inexpensive and the easiest. You can loosen up your boots without any worries.

The only need is to put a water bag in your boots and place them in the freezer overnight. As you know water expands on freezing, it would extend and stretch your boots.

You can also spray a little amount of water inside your boots especially the areas where you feel pain. Avoid spreading extra water as it could damage the quality of your leather.

The most important thing to avoid is to submerge your boots in water as it is a very big drawback.  Dry up your boots with the natural wind.

The key to stretch new leather is making it softer. For this purpose rub the inside of the boots with alcohol or wine. Gently apply to those parts where you feel discomfort or pain.

When alcohol has evaporated it will become comfortable to wear.

Boot trees are also very helpful. Insert them in your boots and leave them overnight. It keeps the shape of boots and dehumidifies them.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots?

Your shoe suddenly might become tight and pinching in some areas. To get rid of it you can steam the inside of the boots or you can use icing or submerge your boots in water.

Stuffing your shoes with socks might also help. Apart from all, a shoe stretcher spray and a typical shoe stretcher always come in handy.

How to Shrink Cowboy Boots

It is a difficult task and there aren’t many ways. You can either dry them with intense heat or use a conditioner for this purpose.

Some recommend soaking your shoe in warm water but that is not a good idea as it can affect the quality of the shoe.

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

Cowboy boots need to be snug, but there should be some space for your toes to wiggle. Being snug will reduce heel slippage. Along with being tight on heels and airy on toes cowboy boots need to be comfortable.

How to Soften The Cowboy Boot Shaft?

In order to do that you can use a leather conditioner, leather stretcher spray, lotion, water, or some alcohol. All of these products work well to soften the new hard leather of the shaft.

How to Break in Shoes that Rub your Heels?


The moment you buy a pair of new shoes, you get very excited to wear them. When you wear them you realize that you are not very comfortable with them.

They either rub your heel or they may feel too tight. Shoes that constantly rub your heel cause a lot of pain so sometimes even wounds in the heel area.

There are a few solutions that can help in making your shoes comfortable and wearable. you can dip those shoes in water for a few minutes. Wearing beautiful socks can also help you in preventing blisters. It also helps to solve the issue of size.

#1. Use Surgical tapes:

The key to breaking in shoes is by wearing them. It can be very difficult to wear shoes that are already rubbing your heels. In such cases, it is wise to protect your heels and other sensitive spots by using paper surgical tapes.

#2. Insert moleskin or other soft lining material under your heels

This method is similar to the one we mentioned just above, the only difference is to use moleskin instead of surgical tapes. It is soft and provides enough cushioning for you to bear with your new shoes until they become comfortable enough.

#3. Use of deodorants

Most of the time, new shoes start rubbing your heel when you sweat in them. The moist sweat along with germs and rough texture of shoes constantly rub your heels resulting in blisters.

In the previous two methods, we were basically working against the rough texture. But you can also protect your heels by using antiperspirant sprays or simply your deodorant. The absence of sweat will keep your feet moisture and germs free.

How to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles?

There are few reasons why your new shoes rub your Achilles. In order to prevent this issue, you need to buy the proper size of shoes. You can also use deodorant or sprays to avoid Achilles

How to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel?

As we all know how vital our feet are for us and wearing comfortable shoes is a must to avoid any kind of blisters. blisters are not only painful but are very harmful as well.

If you are also facing this issue you should wear comfortable shoes of your size along with socks.

How to soften the back of new shoes?

It is not very difficult to soften the back of your new shoes as many shoe conditioners are available In the market nowadays. Damp new paper can also help in softening the back of your new shoes.


For all those people who are fashion savvy and trend loving, cowboy boots are a perfect choice. These boots provide a trendy look to the wearer. But when you first buy these boots, they can get a little uncomfortable or tight.

It takes some time for you to adjust or break in these shoes. To provide a solution for this problem of yours, I have mentioned some techniques, you can break in these boots easily with the help of methods mentioned above.

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