How to Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes? (Effective Ways)

Has it ever happened to you that you were walking down the street and suddenly heard a squishing sound? And without a second thought, you realized that it is a dog’s poop. Once you have stepped in dog poop, there is no going back, but you can act fast by finding techniques for how to clean dog poop off shoes.

It can be the grossest thing ever; that is why it is crucial to get rid of it then and there. Most of the time, we try to rub our shoes on the ground to remove it. But it doesn’t get off that easily. You need proper techniques, and for that, I have penned down this article. So, you can learn how to remove dog poop off shoes.

How to Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes:

To remove the horrendous substance from your shoes, you can follow the following simple steps.

1. Freeze the poopy shoe

Take a plastic bag and put your dirty shoe in it. Leave it overnight in the freezer. Once the gooey substance has frozen, take a sharp tool (not too harsh that can harm your shoe) and scrape off the frozen substance.

Then with the help of a toothbrush, dish soap and water, scrub everything that is left. Make sure not to get anything on your clothes because that won’t be a great idea.

If you are still skeptical, then wash your shoe in the washing machine. Before doing this, make sure that your shoe is washable.

2. Dry under Sun


You can put your shoes under the sun and wait till the poop dries out. Once it has dried, you can scrap it off with a brush and, in the end, clean it with detergent or soap to ensure everything has been removed.

You can also try to bend your shoe a little bit. This will lead to cracking and falling off of loosening poop. Scrub into all the creases of your shoe for a good result.

3. Grass and stick

In case you are somewhere out and you need an immediate rescue from this dilemma. Then just find a good patch of grass. Walk there and rub your shoe vigorously so that the grass captures all the poop.

Try to rub the sides of your shoe as well. After you have done all the rubbing, you have done 70 per cent of the work. Then take a stick and use it to clean the creases on the soles and the sides.

You can wash your shoes once you reach home, but this technique is a remedy in an emergency.

4. Concrete pavements

Wonder if there is no grass and you are walking to your school or work! Then what to do? It is a similar technique but with the help of concrete pavement.

All you need to do is scrape your foot along with it. Scrape as much as you can and remove as much as possible. It won’t altogether remove it, but it will help you walk to the office quickly.

Once you have reached your school or office, run to the bathroom, wash your shoes with water, and wipe them with a paper towel’s help.

You will be able to walk freely for some time.

5. Use of WD-40


Coming towards money utilizing process. WD-40 is something not available in every home, but it is an excellent spray. All you need to do is scrape off the poop from the shoe and then spray the shoe with WD-40. After spraying, use a toothbrush to scrub away any residue of the poop.

It is an easy way, but you need to spend some money.

6. Use a jet of water

Some people don’t want to get in contact with the poop. For them, this technique is good to go. First of all, take your shoe outdoor and, using an eater, blast the poopy area with a jet of water. Make sure to keep the direction of water away from you. Otherwise, splashes of poop will be on you.

And if still there is some left on your shoe, then take an old brush and scrub with it.

7. Golf course

If you have a golf course near you, then it is better to go there. Why? You might be thinking, what does a golf course has to do with the poop on shoes. Well, the thing is that golf courses have shoe cleaners.

These shoe cleaners use compressed air and take off all sort of dirt from golfer’s shoes. So all you need to do is find a golf course near you, if any. Once you are there, it is a game of a few seconds, and you will get a brand new clean shoe.

8. Hot water and soap

Take a bowl large enough to fit your shoes inside. Then add in it hot water. Add enough water to soak the soles of your shoe. Then in the water, add the detergent or dishwashing soap. Leave your shoe in water for some time and let the shoe soak as much water as it can. After that, take a brush and scrub your shoe with it.

Try to reach every nook and corner. Scrub in the direction opposite to you; otherwise, you will be gifted with splatters of poopy water.

In the end, put your shoes under the sun to dry completely.

9. Take help from professionals

If you have given your best. You have tried all possible methods, and still, you have got no positive result. Or you just don’t want to get yourself indulged with this stinky substance; then you might want the help of a professional.

Professional shoe cleaners know how to clean shoes, and they are aware of what techniques to be used for what type of shoes. But make sure that person is not a fake shoe cleaner because he will damage your shoes further rather than repairing them.

10. Throw them in a washing machine


It is another easy peasy way. If you have a washing machine, then use it to clean dog poop from your shoe. Take your shoe and try to clean some of the poop with the help of a brush.

Then wrap it in a piece of cloth and put it in the washing machine. Add in the detergent as well. Let it be washed in the machine for some time. Once it has been cleaned, then take it out and scrape the remaining poop with the brush.

In the end, let it dry under the sun.

How to Get Dog Poop Smell Out of Shoes?

Now you know a variety of ways to clean the shoe, but there is another critical situation. And it is the nasty smell of the poop.

You might be able to remove the poop from shoes, but it leaves its trace in the form of smell. No one likes it. But it doesn’t mean that you cant get rid of it. There is always a way.

1) Smell removers

Some natural smell removers available in the market. They prove to be very helpful. All you need to do is apply the remover on your shoe and then let it sit like that for a few minutes, and soon you will get smell free shoes.

2) Remove Smell From Shoes with Baking soda

It is an old way of removing smell from shoes. For this, you need a zip lock bag. Place your shoe inside it with a lot of baking soda. The bag should be airtight. Then let it stay like that for a couple of hours.

After a few hours, take the shoe out—dust off the soda. And you will notice smell free shoes.

3) Activated charcoal

This another most often used way to get rid of the smell. It is the most straightforward way. All you need to do is have a bag of activated charcoal and leave it open.

Then place your stinky shoes right next to it. Leave your shoes for two to three days. After some time, go and check if your shoe still smell. It is guaranteed that your shoe won’t smell dog poop ever again.

How to Clean Dog Poop off Suede Shoes?

Use a dull object to scrape off the poop. Be as gentle as possible. Then soak the soles of your suede shoes in lukewarm water. After a few minutes, take them out. Then use a sponge soaked in soap water. Dab all over the area with the help of that sponge.

For creases of soles, dry the shoe out in the sun. Then tap the shoe hardly against a wall or floor. It will cause the poop to fall off. After this, spray with a high-pressure water jet.

How to Clean Dog Poop off Vans?

You can use a water hose and toothbrush for vans. Spray the poop with water, and then rub it off with the help of a toothbrush.

You can also use the washing machine technique for vans. But don’t forget to remove the shoelaces before washing your shoes. For smell, you can use the methods mentioned above.


Dog poop is very irritating, but you can always get rid of it. There are many ways to do so. Just be careful while doing so and try not to get the unpleasant substance on your self. I hope so now you will be able to clean your shoes even in case of an emergency. Try to have self-control in a crisis, and you will be able to deal with it.

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