How to Clean Patent Leather Purse (Easy Steps)

From the 19th century till today, leather cloth has always been sensational stuff for fabricating a wide range of accessories. These include purses, shoes, jackets, boots, belts, etc. Obviously, it is due to the attraction and durability of the material. This makes anyone select leather products apart from the goods made of other materials.

Furthermore, leather stuffed accessories are found to have great worth in the winter season. As people all around the world prefer to wear jackets, uppers, socks, skirts, and even gloves that are made from pure leather. But one of the problems with these leather purses is that they get stained easily.

Top Black Patent Leather Purses

On top of that, the stains are quite difficult to remove from leather material. The reason for this lies in the fact that they are made from animal skin. Animals skin absorbs all kinds of stains quite readily.

Even if you use your purse, or jacket very carefully and avoid any stains. It is still inevitable that with time it will get dirty. Now, leather is not compatible to go into washers. That makes the cleaning a bit tricky.

This article focuses on different types of leather stuff and the products that are made from them. Moreover, we shall discuss some tips and methods on how to clean patent leather purse which will be obviously very helpful for the ladies out there. So, let us have a look further.

Different Types of leather and their Cleaning:

Numerous types of leather are totally different from each other and one has to take careful consideration of the durability and quality of the material before paying for it. Knowing different types of leather materials can definitely help in this regard. Here are some common types of leather that one have to know for sure:

Faux Leather : Faux Leather is a very popular type of leather mainly built from the synthetic materials of plastic and rubber-like fabric. People prefer Faux Leather material for decorative purposes and most likely they use it for their furniture. The best thing about Faux Leather is that it resembles pure leather material as per its look as well as durability.

Suede Leather : Suede Leather, another popular type of leather stuff, is manufactured through the inner portion of the hides of different animals.  It consists of a thin and soft innermost layer. Overall if we see, the durability of the Suede Leather stuff is good, having a much cheaper price than Genuine Leather. The only annoyance that this material creates is the cleaning process as it rapidly gets dirty and requires a great effort to retain its tidiness. Moreover, it is considered to be the most high-class leather among other types.

Full-Grain Leather : One of the most expensive leather stuff in the market is none other than the Full-Grain Leather. You must be thinking that what makes it so special and worthy? The answer is obviously its originality. The most beautiful thing about Full-Grain Leather is its genuine texture.

Genuine Leather : High-quality leather is made up of the third layer of the hide of animals. it goes through a particular process to attain the best shape and texture with maximum finishing effect to make it attractive. The material requires good care to make it long-lasting.

Patent Leather and its cleaning :

Patent Leather is a shiny and glossy material made up of synthesized material. The surface of the stuff is water-resistant which makes it vivid to realize. As the leather has an attractive look, it is widely used to make formal accessories like belts, shoes, handbags, purses, etc.

When using any sort of product that is made up of Patent Leather material, one has to take care of the scratches that may occur if taken for granted. Furthermore, the material is not much cost to build, thus the products manufactured from Patent Leather are also easily affordable.

Since patent leather is shiny and glossy that is why any little stain or dirt or scuff marks get highlighted to a great degree. It decreases its charm and makes it seem like a cheap material. That is why it becomes inevitable to remove these dirty stains and marks.

Methods to Clean a Patent Leather Purse:

Cleaning leather material is not a big challenge but requires different methods and techniques to carry out. These methods and techniques obviously vary from type to type of leather goods. The most important thing to remember is to go defensive when cleaning leather stuffed goods, otherwise, it may result in tearing out of the leather material. After getting brief know-how about some different types of leather, we are keen to describe “how to clean patent leather purse”. So, without any other discussion, let us focus on different techniques to put in mind:

How to Clean Sticky Patent Leather Bag:

You can not clean sticky patent leather bags through ordinary washing methods. As this can damage your purse. Does that mean you can not clean a patent leather purse without ruining it? Well, the answer to this is no. There are various other methods for cleaning the sticky patent leather purses without ruining them. These methods are as follow:

  • Through Soapy Solution:

You can easily make a soapy solution by mixing soap liquid and a little warm water with each other. You can apply this solution to the areas of your purse where you find stickiness. Usually, you can use a piece of T-Shirt or any other old rag for applying the solution. Drying the purse with a towel is definitely the last and the last thing to do.

  • Through Using Petroleum Jelly:

You will definitely find it interesting how to clean patent leather purse or bag which seems sticky through the use of Petroleum Jelly. I know you might be thinking that it is a little strange or weird but don’t worry it is quite legit.  What you have to do is to take a small amount of Petroleum Jelly and apply it on your purse at different points having a sticky surface. After this, take a white cotton cloth and rub each of the applied Jelly circularly. You will find your purse look clean and stickiness free again.

How to Clean Patent Leather Stains:

If like me you use your leather purse a lot. Be it a shopping spree with your friends or an evening dinner date. Then it is inevitable that some stain marks get on it. It might be food or some juice or dirt etc. If you are worried about these stains and looking for methods as to clean patent leather purse, then I am your knight in shining armor.

  • Clean Patent Leather purse Through Detergent and Water:

Liquid Detergent is created to get rid of germs, dirt, and stains. However, making it a little dilute can help in cleaning patent leather purses or bags having stains. You have to take 1 Tablespoon of the detergent in a cold cup of water around 120ml. Apply the Detergent solution to your purse with the help of a cloth and then dry it with a clean cloth. You are done with it.

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Patent Leather Bag:

Scuff marks are quite annoying. With just a little use the shiny surface of a leather bag becomes dull and unattractive thanks to these little devil claw marks. If you are also annoyed with these scuff marks and want to remove them. Then there is a piece of good news for you. You can remove these marks with the help of a common household item i.e nail polish.

  • Clean Leather Purse Through Nail-Polish Remover:

If you are annoyed due to the black scuffs on your Patent Leather purse, do not worry. Take out your Nail-polish remover and apply it on the scuff marks with the help of cotton. Now, take a moist cloth and apply it all over your purse to remove any remaining Nail-polish leftovers. Let the purse dry and it is done. Voila, Your purse will look like new again.

How do you Remove Color Transfer from Patent Leather:

If you managed to ruin your favorite leather purse because of the color transfer from a piece of clothing that you accidentally placed alongside it.  Don’t worry at all, as you can easily remove this color from your patent leather with an excellent trick.

  • Through Rubbing Alcohol:

Color Transfer or discoloration on your Patent Leather bag or purse can easily be fixed through using alcohol. You will need a small amount of rubbing alcohol and two pieces of clean cloth. Simply drop some amount of alcohol on one of the cloth and start rubbing the surface of Patent Leather where the discoloration has affected. Next, wipe out all of the areas with the second clean cloth piece. The color transfer is definitely gone.


After going through this guide, you must have been amazed to note down some types of Leather and how to clean patent leather purse. No worries if you are having problems cleaning your purse made up of the patent leather material. Just follow the guided methods to get your job done.

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