How To Lace Shoes So They Slip On | 5 Easy Steps

Tying your shoelaces again and again is a common problem in adults as well as in children. It seems irritating to tie your shoe laces at work, or tie them while walking. The children’s parents are also facing these difficulties. So, instead of tying your shoelaces again and again, why not try some methods and techniques to overcome that problem.

We know that you are in search of some simple tricks which are beneficial for you in all aspects of shoe lacing. So, here we tried to answer the most awaited query and that is how to lace shoes so they slip on and we also bring some techniques and tricks for you to follow and save your precious time.

Tying of shoelaces mainly depends on the shoe structure and the length, width of the feet of the person. But as per my personal experience I use to tie my laces in a straight way so that they can slip on easily, it saves my time as well as saves my effort for that irritating action again and again.

How To Lace Shoes So They Slip On

Tying your shoelaces in a straight way saves your time and gives you comfort while wearing the shoe. Tie your shoe lace in a straight way which is quite easier than the other shoe lace tying methods. The other easiest method for tying your shoelace is to use elastic laces in your shoes so that you only have to tie your shoe lace only one time. These elastic shoe laces stretch every time when you wear the shoes.

It also makes the whole shoe stretchable and comfortable. But these elastic shoe laces are not available in all shoes which you buy from brands so you have to buy them separately. In other cases, learn some techniques to tie your normal everyday shoes so that they can slip on easily.

So here are some techniques which are normally use to tie shoe laces.

Straight Lace Technique

This is an excellent lacing technique in which half of the laces lie under the tongue of the shoe. So, this unique style gives the look of a bar to your shoes like many converse shoes. It also gives a classy look like many sneakers.

To tie your shoe like straight lace technique, follow the given method step by step and enjoy your unique and comfortable styles with us.

Step 1.

Take your lace and pass it through the eyelet of your sneakers bottom. Take a note that you must pass it down from the shoe tongue rather than pass it upward from the shoe tongue.

If you pass it carefully from the first eyelet then pass it by the second one then the third and so on.

Step 2.

Just repeat the given pattern one by one and make sure that the design must resemble bar shape laces.

Step 3.

Now on the top eyelet of your shoelace it’s time to make a knot so that it can slip on easily. Take your shoelace upward to the inner tongue of your shoe now tie it in a way that it just fixes under the tongue to give you comfortable and stretchable shoes. I think it makes sense to tie them easily.

Use Elastic Laces

Elastic laces are a quick and easy method for adults as well as kids. It required only a one-time tying procedure because of its elastic capabilities. Once you tie it correctly it becomes very easy to wear them and take them off. Make sure that while tying them it seems quite elastic so check that both sides are even or not. I personally use to check them again and again while tying because I think instead of tying them again and again, tie them accurately. Due to these elastic laces you and your kids both can enjoy the shoelaces comfortably.

Use Lace Anchors

Lace anchors are one more accessory of shoes that are small in size but big in functionality. It is made up of simple plastic that fits under the top eyelet of your shoes. It gives grip to your shoelaces as well as it does not irritate your feet or it doesn’t interrupt in case of your shoe comfort.

Width Variation

Lacing of your shoe also depends upon the structure of your feet for example, some shoe lacing styles are slip-on styles for narrow feet but on the other hand the same lacing style does not slip on the wider feet which is quite strange. But this is just because of the width of feet one should have.

Lacing Shoes for Narrow Feet

If you are a person with narrow feet then you must try the lacing of shoes like bunny ear style. This will be beneficial for your feet and for the comfort of your self. Take one eyelet and pass it through the other eyelet and continue that process one by one.

Lacing Shoes for Wide Feet

High instep lacing style is shoe lacing technique which is useful for persons with wide feet. Take your one lace side and pass it through the eyelet from bottom to upward position. Cross over the laces one over the other and continue the process as soon as you cross all the eyelets.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Lacing Methods

First, analyze the structure type of your foot then go for the shoe fitting and meet its criteria. After that analysis you must know the perfect fitting of your feet for lacing techniques.

Secondly, if you want your shoelaces that slip on easily just lace them tightly and knot them double irrespective of the fact which technique you used for lacing them.

Sum Up

When it comes to shoes type and lacing techniques everybody wants comfort. The major issue among kids and adults is lacing your shoes again and again, So many people asked that how to lace shoes so they slip on. To counter that issue read the above article carefully and that will be helpful for you. There are some tricks and techniques like using elastic laces which are stretchable and are easy to wear. The other way is using straight lace technique which is quite simple.

Just take one side of your lace and pass it through the eyelet from the bottom one by one. Be careful while passing through the eyelets that the lace should pass under the shoe tongue not above the tongue. And if you can’t follow the above steps one by one then just lace your shoes tightly and then double knot them to make them easily slip on. So here we tried to describe all lacing shoe tricks which you can follow and make your life easy.

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