How to Prevent Mold on Shoes in Closet (12 Easy Ways)


How to Prevent Mold on Shoes in Closet (12 Easy Ways)

Living on the planet Earth, we all encounter a variety of species. They can be harmful or beneficial. Mold is one of a kind. You all might have seen fuzzy slimy substance growing in humid areas like cooling pipes or ducts of your home. At this point a very major question rises that How to Prevent Mold on Shoes in Closet? We have answered this in details.

Well, that irritating substance is none other than mold. It usually grows in areas with little light and a lot of moisture. At first, you might not know if it is mold or some stain. So how to clarify that?

Here are some easy signs to figure out mold:

  • It has an earthy smell.
  • By applying some bleach, its color lightens up.
  • The surface on which it grows starts to crack.
  • There would be a source of moisture nearby it.
  • It would be deprived of light.

How to Prevent Mold on Shoes in Closet

It is natural to sweat, and when we wear shoes, the sweat from our feet humidifies the boots. Without drying those shoes completely, we put them in the closet.

The closet is deprived of light and has a humid environment. Both are favorable for notorious mold. And after the mold starts to grow, we are left with nothing but regret, the regret of our shoes being destroyed due to negligence.

To prevent such a tragedy, we can take some preventive measures. All you need to do is be careful and follow them.

#1. Ventilation system

A humid environment is a key point in the growth of mold. To prevent humidity in the closet you can create a ventilation system in your closet. It will eradicate moisture and keep your closet dry.

#2. Install energy-efficient light source

You can keep mold from growing by installing energy-efficient light sources. They provide you with good quality light but at a low expense. You can easily keep them on for a whole day. As mold doesn’t grow in the light hence it will work for you. Apart from this, heat from the light will prevent moisture in the closet.

#3. Louvred doors

In case your house has a poor ventilation system and it gets humid in your closet then you can easily use this pro tip. What you need to do is remove your old closet door and invest in louvred doors.

Now, what is louvred doors? Well, these are doors with an intriguing design, and their sole purpose is to provide privacy along with copious air passage. These remarkable doors will do the same work for you as the ventilation system.

#4. Clean and dry closet

I guess no one is a big fan of cleaning closet as it is a lot of work. But it is crucial. You might be thinking that it is a huge task and can’t be conducted on daily basis, right? Well! I am not asking you to do it daily or weekly, but you should make a habit of doing it monthly. Because in the case of fungi cleanliness is very important.

Apart from this if you spill water or there is some kind of leaking pipe or attic, then take care of it immediately. Your closet needs to be completely dry with 0% moisture.

#5. Removal of clothing bags

Whenever you bring a new suit or get your clothes dry cleaned, make sure to remove the clothing bag and keep it out of the closet. Why? It is because the fibers of the material of these clothing bags have the tendency to absorb moisture from surroundings, which can lead to the growth of mold. Usually, we are not aware of these small facts that can lead to big problems. So, make sure not to do this again.

#6. Use wire shelves


Now here is the thing, as wood is a heavy and dense material and, doesn’t have any kind of ventilation. It results in suffocation in the closet. In case you spill some water, or your shoes are not dry, then there is no way that the moisture will go away because there is no way for it to evaporate.

The best alternate for wood is wire shelves. They are more-airy and light-weight. With all these aspects, they still look stylish.

#7. Keep doors of your closet close

If you live in a humid country then it is better if you keep your closet completely shut. It will block the passage of humid air and won’t let it enter the closet. Though I’ve said earlier to make some sort of path for ventilation it was for those places which have arid air. Even louvred doors should be avoided in such an environment.

The drier your closet is the better it is for you.

On the other hand, it will lock out the entry of spores, which are also necessary for the generation of mold.

#8. Dehumidifier


We can also make great use of technology to prevent molds. Since it grows in a humid environment, what you can do is place a small dehumidifier in your closet. When there won’t be any moisture, then there won’t be any mold. A dehumidifier is a better option in those countries which have humid air. It will make their job a lot easier.

#9. Don’t ignore the musty smell

If, you open your closet and smell something earthy, musty or unusual. Then take a look inside immediately. There are 80% chances that it is due to mold. And it can be inside one of your old shoes, on the floor, on the wall or any other place in it. Keep searching until you find the spot. Once the spot is found, then clean it with mold removers and dry out that area.

#10. Use of silica gel packs

It is often seen that when you buy a new pair of shoes, there are small packets of beads in them. Have you ever wondered what it is? It is silica gel packs. Silica is well known in chemistry for its moisture absorbing characteristic. You need just to place it inside the closet and replace it every three to four days.

These packs will absorb all the excess water and, plus the point is that they don’t let mold grow on them. But it should be handled with care because if eaten by a child, it can be harmful. Hence silica gel packs are a blessing in disguise.

#11. Avoid placing wet shoes


It is a significant issue that we never dry or clean our shoes before placing them in the closet. Sweat in them and sometimes water on the soles can also lead to mold. The best way to dry your shoes is to place them in sunlight for one to two hours. It won’t only dry them out but also eradicate any kind of foul smell. It is pretty much similar to killing two birds with one stone.

#12. Sunlight

It is a tip for those who will be constructing their own houses in the near future. While designing the home, try to keep your closets in a place where they can receive sunlight even for just half to two hours. It is one of the best remedies for mold. Sunlight will provide the closet with light and keep it dry at the same time.

How to Store Shoes to Prevent Mold?

There are a few main things that can be done to store shoes for the long term. When storing shoes, stuff them with acid-free tissues. Don’t put them in any plastic wrapping. Rather than this, you can place few silica gel packs in the box. And make sure the shoe that you are storing is completely dry and, there is not even a single drop of moisture in it. Your shoe should be neat and clean. In this way, you can store it for a relatively longer duration.

How to Remove Mold from Suede Shoes?

There is one easy way to do so. All you need to do is take a spray bottle and add water and alcohol 1:1(half and a half). Before applying the solution, brush away the mold with a suede shoe brush. After this, with the help of a vacuum hose try to remove a maximum of mold.

Once you have cleaned maximum mold then spray the area with the alcohol solution you made earlier. Rub with a cloth. Continue doing so until all of the mold is cleaned. Once it is done, place your shoe aside to dry and then brush it out with a suede shoe brush.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Actually mold grows in closets mostly. It is because of humidity in the close closet. Humidity in the closet is the major reason of mold growth.

You can surely keep your closet mold free just by doing upper mentioned ways. Most effective way is to place a small dehumidifier in your closet. When there won’t be any moisture, then there won’t be any mold.

Mold is of two types, White mold and Black mold. Both these mold are dangerous for your shoes and closet. Its can harm your shoes a lot and also it can harm the wood of your closet.


How to prevent mold on shoes in closet? There are many ways to prevent mold, but all of these procedures should be performed with care. In case you get to encounter mold make sure to use preventive measures. It is because mold or any other kind of fungi is harmful to your health. Make sure it doesn’t get in contact with your skin or enters your mouth or respiratory tract.

I hope so you will be able to prevent mold from growing in your closet now!


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