How To Spot Fake Crocs

Many shoes, sneakers, heels, and boots are available for both women and men. But Crocs are the most comfortable to wear. There are a few fake Crocs available too in the market. So I’ll help you identify the real Crocs below in the article. Whether you want to go for a walk, or you are traveling and have a late-night flight and want something comfortable for your feet, Crocs come very handy in all these circumstances. Crocs are very trendy these days. It is not only comfortable but very stylish to wear too. If you are a Crocs fan and wondering how to spot fake Crocs, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you to spot fake Crocs.

Crocs is a famous brand for its durability, comfort, and remarkable design. It was launched in 2002 and since then has become very trendy. It is made of a very distinctive resin material known as croslite. Hence, it is lightweight, odor free, and effortless to clean. The best thing about Crocs is that anyone can wear them at any age, and they are available in various colors and styles. However, anything which is famous comes with the risk of fake products. Fake Crocs can be challenging to identify, but there are some tricks to notice and ensure you buy the original Crocs. So, let’s understand how to identify fake Crocs.

Tips And Tricks To Spot Fake Crocs

You can identify fake Crocs by noticing the features below, such as logo, material, stitching, and Sizing. Buying Crocs from a reputable retailer is always advisable to ensure you get the original product.

A logo gives authentication to any brand. To identify the original logo, you must notice that the logo should be clear and well-defined. It shouldn’t be blurred or smudgy. There should be a crocodile on the logo with two eyes. You will find the white crocodile on the black background in the logo. The fake Crocs logo would not be mirrored correctly. It would be best if you looked properly. If the logo is looking a little off in any way, then it could be fake.

Tip – 2: Focus On The Material

Material is an essential thing for any product. It is made of a very distinctive resin material known as croslite. Hence, it is lightweight, odor free, and effortless to clean. It could be a fake product if the material looks dull or cheap. Original Crocs have a slightly bumpy texture, whereas fake Crocs would have a little smoother surface, and they will smell like rubber.

Tip – 3: Examine The Stitching1

You will find the stitching on the original Crocs very tidy and even. If you notice the stitching is uneven or disorganized, it could be fake Crocs. If the product is authentic, the color of the stitches and Crocs would be identical. But in the fake product, there’s a possibility that the color will not match.

Tip – 4: Look At The Sizing

Another important thing is to check the sizing. Original Crocs can be obtained only in whole sizes. If the Crocs are available in half sizes, they could be fake. To be more assured, you must review the size chart on the official Crocs website, to ensure that the Crocs you are buying are original.

Tip – 5: Check The Price

It is necessary to check the price. If the price seems too reasonable to be true, it can’t be the original Crocs. If the product is authentic, it won’t be cheap; if the price is significantly lower than the usual price, it could be fake Crocs. It would be best to review the reviews before buying to ensure that the seller is authentic. You must also check the official website to know the perfect price.

Tip – 6: Review The Packaging

There are a few things to notice in packaging for spotting fake Crocs. You must check the label, which includes the logo, product name, size, and color. If the tag is missing or a little different from the original, Crocs, it could be fake. It would be best to look for a barcode, as the original Crocs will have a barcode to scan to check the product’s authenticity. If the barcode is missing, then it could be fake. You must also notice if there are any spelling errors, as the original product would not have such errors.


I understand spotting fake Crocs could be challenging, but I hope the above article has helped you distinguish the original product and the fake Crocs. Remember always to analyze the logo. Material, stitching, sizing, and packaging. Before buying from anywhere, ensure that the seller is authentic and reverify the size and price from the official site. By following these tips and tricks, your chances will be high to buy authentic Crocs and to spot fake Crocs. If you have any suggestions, please reach out through comments by commenting below.

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