How To Stop Leather Shoes From Squeaking | Useful Tips

It is very irritating every time we walk or take a step with squeaking leather shoes. The noise they make is really embarrassing. There can be many reasons why our shoes squeak and also there are many ways on how to stop leather shoes from squeaking in this article.

It may be because of friction, it can also be because of water. Like when you walk in the rain, water gets trapped inside the shoe. This captured water makes your shoes squeak and produces noise.

As this noise is really embarrassing so everyone wants their shoe not to squeak every time they take a step. So, they look for methods for how to stop shoes from squeaking?

There are many methods that you can use to stop the noise coming from your squeaky leather shoes. But first, try to figure out the main problem behind the squeaky shoes. Because it will help you in finding the solution to stop the noise. So, lets go dip into the reasons first.

How To Stop Leather Shoes From Squeaking

You can use these methods to get rid of your noisy shoes. All of these are tried and tested. You can use them one by one or in combination on how to stop leather shoes from squeaking.

1. Apply the Talcum Powder:

Problem with shoe soles is mainly the reason behind the noise coming out from the squeaky leather shoes. For this dilemma, you can use any good baby powder or talcum powder. Simply sprinkle some powder inside your shoes it will absorb the excess water or moisture and will reduce the noise. If your insole is removable you can also replace it.

2. Check your shoe’s heels:

Shoe heels can be a major problem. Loose heels may cause irritating noise. Whether your shoes are new or old, the problem with heels can be a problem with squeaky shoes. Before you put on shoes check your heels and try to fix them. It will help in reducing the sound that is coming out because of loose heels.

3. Glue your shoe bottoms:

Loose shoe bottom can be a major problem behind the squeaky shoes. If your shoes are old or of low quality, it can make the bottom of your shoes turn wobbly. So either try to fix it yourself by using super high-quality glue or take them to a cobbler to fix them.

4. Use a dryer to dry the water:

If your shoes are squeaking because of water that is trapped inside the shoes then the best solution is to use a dryer. With the help of a dryer dry the water confined inside your shoes and then clean them with a dry cloth. This method can help in reducing the noise coming out from the squeaking leather shoes.

5. Use leather conditioner on the shoelaces:

Shoelace can be another cause of squeaking. So if your shoes are squeaking and noise is coming from the outer part of the shoes then you can use a leather conditioner. Simply rub the leather conditioner on the shoe and then buff it with a dry cloth.

Make sure to use the perfect type of conditioner for your shoes like use suede conditioner for your suede shoes. It will reduce the noise.

6. A manufacturing defect in the shoes:

Sometimes you buy new shoes and it produces irritating noise. It is because of some defects in the shoe while manufacturing. In this case either return them or take them to the cobbler to fix the problem.

7. Lubricate your shoes:

Squeaking can also happen when your shoes are too much dry. When shoes are extremely dry or parched, it means they need to be cleaned and polished. You can use some kind of lubricants or natural oil to keep away the squeaking.

8. Clean the bottom of your shoe:

Outer sole can also be a problem with squeaky shoe. Dust or sand particles under the sole can be a cause of the noise. Clean your shoes outer sole with a dry cloth to wipe off all the dust.

9. Use dryer sheet:

If your shoes are squeaking on a flat floor or surface and producing an irritating sound then you can use a dryer sheet. Simply take a dryer sheet and rub it under your shoe sole in a back and forth direction. Do this method two or three times a week. It will help you in reducing the noise that is coming out from a squeaky shoe.

10. Use WD-40:

As we all know how useful WD-40 is. So if your shoes are squeaking because of some problem with the outer part of the shoe then you can use WD-40. It is really helpful in calming the noise. But keep in mind, never use WD-40 on suede shoes, it can cause damage to the shoes.

11. Use Saddle soap:

Sometimes shoelaces are the problem behind the squeaky shoes. It is because when the shoelaces rub against the tongue of your shoe, they produce an irritating sound. To calm this noise you can use a bar of saddle soap. Simply use it on the outer surface of your shoe. It will help you in reducing the noise.

12. Give your shoes a good time:

Sometimes squeaking is caused by new shoes. It takes time and patience in adjusting to new shoes. So wear your shoes and give them a good time until they break in and become comfortable for your feet.

13. Don’t put on shoes on wet feet:

Never put on shoes on wet feet because if you wear shoes on wet feet, moisture will get trap in the shoes and this will produce noise every time you take a step. So before putting on shoes, dry your feet with a dry cloth.

Reasons For Squeaking Leather Shoes:

Now that we know how to get rid of squeaking leather shoes, here are some of the reasons that cause your pretty shoes to squeak in the first place:

  1. Water trapping
  2. Loose bottoms
  3. Loose heels
  4. Inherent manufacturing defect
  5. Rubbing of shoelaces with the dry leather
  6. New shoes that are yet to be worn
  7. Sandy sole of the shoes

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why my leather shoes are squeaking every time I walk?

There can be many reasons. Mainly leather shoes squeak when the moisture gets trapped inside the shoes between its different parts such as insole or sole. So it starts squeaking every time we take a step.

How to stop my leather shoes from squeaking?

You can use different method or trick to stop your leather shoes from squeaking. If the reason behind squeaking is moisture then simply use talcum powder. But first, try to figure out the main reason behind squeaking because there can be other reasons as well.

Do leather shoes squeak?

The answer is yes. They can squeak and produce noise because of some manufacturing defects or loose heels or moisture. Shoelace can also be a reason behind squeaking.

How to use oil for squeaky leather shoes?

Sometimes your shoes squeak because of the friction when the leather of your shoe rubs against the sole where they join each other. So simply remove the insole and apply mink oil between the upper section and sole. Oil will minimize the friction.

Final Words:

Noisy shoes can be quite annoying when we are in front of a company. They can turn social situations into an embarrassment. Are you suffering from a similar situation, and looking for some great methods on how to stop leather shoes from squeaking? Well, you can use above mentioned methods to help yourself.

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