How to Tell if a Coach Wallet is Real (Easy Steps)


How to Tell if a Coach Wallet is Real (Easy Steps)

Buying a branded product has always been a desire for the people whether living in the west or east. Besides planning to buy such a worthy and original product, one thing has to make sure about its authenticity. If a particular good that he is buying is actually branded or just a replica.

Assuring authentic brand’s material has become an essential part before approaching original company products. The same applies to the Coach’s Wallet as well. There are a lot of such companies that produce counterfeit Coach’s wallets. People are easily deceived through exactly the same looking Coach’s Wallet as if it is an original one.

However, there are many factors that one has to keep in mind before getting to grips with the counterfeits. Obviously, going through proper knowledge of the Coach’s Wallet regarding its quality, material, and other features is a must.

Coach is not just your usual brand, it represents a lifestyle. It is a symbol of respect, dignity, and quality. When we think of coach wallets, we think of classic as well chic wallets with unmatchable quality and distinct features. But unfortunately, there are lots of people who tarnish this name by producing counterfeited products. Then, how to tell if a coach wallet is real?

Authentic Coach Wallet

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How to determine its genuineness and quality. At the start, the counterfeited products were easy to identify. They usually had the wrong name with spelling mistakes. But now, even if you keep both products side by side you will still not be able to tell the difference. Only a keen eye can tell the difference between a real and a fake product.

Why is it important to distinguish a fake wallet?

For the people who understand the importance of a designer coach wallet, they must wanted to know that how to tell if a coach wallet is real or Not.

You need to know the company’s complete past to understand the elegance of a Coach handbag. Owing to its excellent craftsmanship and timeless design, this brand has been doing this for decades and continues to rise in popularity.

And it is this unique quality that enables it to stand out to worldwide customers.

Coach wallets are high-end wallets that blend high-quality materials with a designer look. You need to be sure that the wallet you are purchasing is genuine, since there are so many replicas out there, whether you are buying a wallet to fit your favorite Coach purse or just want a particular Coach wallet on its own.

Given in hand of an experienced customer, they can easily tell whether the product is original or not. But by the looks of the product, it surely is identical to the original premium brand.

So you should learn how to tell fake and real products apart. To further get satisfied with your purchase, Coach provides authentication by providing their serial code on their official website.

You can look at those serial numbers as well.

For helping you in this concern, we are here to discuss some of the considerations that are important to be fixed into your brains when buying a branded Coach’s Wallet.

How do I know my coach bag is authentic?

Check out the below mentioned Steps to check your coach bag or wallet is real or not:

Step #1. Check the Design:

The design of the original Coach’s Wallet has typically two different parts. The first one to focus on is the brand’s logo that acts as a trademark for the company. This logo contains a single thick-lettered “C” which is situated on the opening of the ladies’ wallet whereas, for the men’s wallet, the logo is somewhat different, having the word “COACH” written in such a way that each next letter fixes into the previous.

Both the logos point out the wallet to be real. What the counterfeits do mistake is that they use letters “O” and “G” instead of “C” which is an easy way to distinguish between fake and genuine. The second part of the Coach’s Wallet design is its color.

You should take a careful look at the wallet’s color and match it with the original one from the website. Color flaws are common in the replicas and one has to focus on that to get his desired branded Coach’s Wallet.

Step #2. Inspect the Fabric:

Coach’s Branded Wallet has typically a trademark fabric used in its creation i.e. fine quality leather. Leather is of different types but the two most popular and newly used leather fabrics by Coach are the Rainbow Patent Leather and the Garcia Leather.

The first one of them i.e. Rainbow Patent Leather is made from natural cowhide whereas the second i.e. Garcia Leather is created from tanned Italian cowhide. Both materials are slightly different but are completely flawless. Due to the use of these entirely exceptional fabric materials, the Coach’s Wallet seems to have a smooth and soft touch.

So you have to enhance your touching ability and try to feel the touch of the material. On the other hand, if we see the fabric stuff that the counterfeits use, it does not have such a level as compared to the genuine. When you touch the material of the replica, it would feel rugged and shoddy.

In addition to this, the stuff seems to have a very rough look and often the knock-offs use pleather material which provides an unusual touch besides the fine and smooth touch of the real one.

Apart from the two super quality leather types, Coach uses numerous other fabric types for the manufacture of its genuine wallets. These different kinds of stuff include Sparkle Leather (made from cowhide and buffed sandpaper), Herringbone weave, sateen, canvas, python leather (embossed), crocodile leather, etc.

All of these varieties are of the top-most quality that one can easily judge just by touching the glossy and evergreen material.

Step #3. Look Over the Stitching:

Check the Stitching

The official Coach’s Wallet has flawless stitching all over it. Any inspection regarding the stitches if reveals a mistake, it is for sure that the wallet you are going to purchase is not the real one.

One of the most common mistakes that the counterfeits do is the disturbed alignment of the stitches as the original one has a perfectly straight stitch line and mostly, the replicas do not. Moreover, the genuine product usually does not have any gap or space between every stitch. If you find any, it is doubtful.

Do not buy a wallet with faulty or missing stitches, because there is a 99.99 percent chance that it is fake.

Step #4. Hardware Examination:

Going through the hardware part of the Coach’s Wallet is very necessary as this tiny factor if ignored, can result in the purchase of a fake one. Here, you have to focus on the material of the logo as well as the zipper quality of the wallet. Talking about the logo’s material on the genuine Coach’s Wallet, it is built up of heavy metal and has a lasting shine as compared to the replica wallet, which seems much lighter and made of low quality plastic material.

Secondly, the zipper in the branded Coach’s Wallet is fabricated through high-quality YKK Zippers. These zippers have bronze color and a line on both, upper and lower sides of the zipper. If you observe any missing feature regarding the hardware of Coach’s Wallet, it is likely to be the fake one.

Step #5. Price Observation:

You must be thinking about how to tell if a Coach’s Wallet is real by looking at its price? Is it possible or isn’t it? The answer is a big YES. The company reveals its branded products which are made up of super robust material whether it is Wallet’s fabric, zipper, hardware, design, or even its stitches.

Assuring a long-lasting material quality, the rates of the Coach’s branded wallets are a little higher without any doubt. But if we see the knock-offs, most of the wallets have far lower prices as compared to branded ones. So, before planning to buy a genuine Coach’s Wallet, you must check its price from the official Coach website. This would help you to make a better decision.

According to the brand Coach original website, the ONLY third-party websites that are perfectly authorized to sell Coach products are:


Where is the serial number on Coach wallet?

Open your handbag and tag is sewn under the interior pocket zipper. Under the tag you can find serial number.

Are Coach bags real leather?

Coach bags are made up of very good material. Not every bag is made up of leather but mostly of.

What type of leather does coach use?

Coach uses various type of leather but they most your crocodile skin.


Customers want luxury products to be hassle-free. They want to be satisfied with their purchase. But the fake brands market is likely to target these customers. They make them believe that the product they are selling is not a rip-off and is purely genuine.

They let them think that it is the original product as advertised on the brand page or website. Innocent customers get attracted to their products. As they are providing the premium quality brands at a relatively cheap price which is not even close to the original price.

Coach produces premium quality products such as handbags, wallets, and purses. In the above article, we discussed various ways to tell if a coach wallet is real. Starting from inspecting the fabric and ending at comparing prices to the original brand’s website.

What method do you use to compare an original and a replica? Was your method included in our list? If not, then let us know about that in the comment section down below.


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