How to Tell if a Louis Vuitton Bag is Real (Easy Steps)

The 1854 originated company Louis Vuitton is a well-known and adorable brand to date. It is considered to be the oldest luxury fashion manufacturing company that has a trademark to design luxury trunks high quality treated canvas since the start. More of its exceptional products include luxury bags, handbags, luggage items, etc.

It is the matchless quality and seamless design of the products that Louis Vuitton fabricates due to which the company gained popularity. Expensive yet being a little expensive, the items by LV are still being adored all across the world.

Since the nineteenth century, when this brand gained a high level of fame and admiration, different other companies started to replicate its products. These counterfeits used to sell the replicas at cheaper rates obviously due to the low quality and imitated designs.

The Louis Vuitton Company has its own caliber as all of the fashion products that the company designs are manufactured after detailed and embedded procedures.

Each of its products may require the handbook of features for its proper validation that it is actually designed by Louis Vuitton. Obviously, the high quality and durable material that the company uses for its product fabrication is matchless.

For the proper authentication of the LV products, one has to deep dive into the qualities of his desired product.

Louis Vuitton designs a lot of different products that we have already mentioned above. Now, For the LV handbags, here is a guide that shows how to authenticate Louis Vuitton bag.

We are up to discuss the different features and qualities of the authentic LV bags with minuteness. So, let us take a look at them.

#1.  Check Shaping, Posture, and Dimension

Luxury bags are obviously very expensive to purchase. When spending a lot of money on these kinds of luxurious items, one has to consider having the best and optimal quality of the product.

For the Louis Vuitton bags, one should have careful consideration of the product’s shape, posture, and some important dimensions.

You should examine this as the first and the most essential step for the LV product’s proper authentication.

There isn’t any slouching, creasing, or strange proportion effect on the brand-new Louis Vuitton bag. If one recognizes any imperfections regarding slouch handles, for the asymmetric shape of the product, it is for sure that the bag is not real.

Whether it is a brand-new LV bag or an older one, the gripping handle of the bag are always sturdy and still. As per the material used in the manufacturing of the branded LV bags, their posture, and shape.

#2.  Stitching Quality and Pattern Check

louis vuitton Stitching Quality

The stitching quality and pattern of carrier bags and items of luggage matter when you plan to buy one for yourself. Similarly, for the validation of original Louis Vuitton bags, it is more important than anything else to go through the stitching quality and patterns.

The Louis Vuitton bags have extremely flawless stitching quality. It is to assure that stitching of the bag is fine and symmetrical, having a lack of any twist or turn and effect of being worn out.

Moreover, you must have to check the angle of the stitches as a real and branded bag by Louis Vuitton has a little cross-angled stitch design. If you observe any stitch design to be straight, it is a perfect sign that the bag is fake or a replica.

One more thing to consider about the stitches is that they normally manufacture authentic LV bags through such threads that are coated in a specific kind of resin which increases the item’s durability. The ordinary color of this resin material is mustard yellow for the authentic LV brand.

You can check the colors as Perceiving false colors like brighter yellow or orange shall point out the product to be made as a counterfeit. In addition to that, the count of the stitches also matters for the perfect validation of LV bags.

For example, the stitches due to which the handle of the bag is attached are normally 5. But this definitely depends upon the model of the LV bag and varies from model to model.

#3.  Design and Material Check

louis vuitton Design and Material Check

As a standard, Louis Vuitton designs its bags in three different kinds of material i.e. Speedy, Alma, and Never full. You can consider them to be the trademark canvas for the company’s production.

Louis Vuitton fabricates a wide range of handbags and it is a fact that almost all of these items have a similar quality regarding the material and hardware. This top-notch canvas trait can be one of the prominent techniques to distinguish between the real and the fake product.

Discussing some characteristics of these canvas materials further and taking out possibilities that Louis Vuitton bag is real as per its stuff.

Monogram Canvas:

Monogram Canvas

Monogram Canvas is one of the oldest designs of Louis Vuitton. The bags designed on this incredible canvas material contain the company’s monogram for enhancing attractiveness and beauty.

The durability of the stuff is top-class as it goes through multiple treatment processes before its final stage. What the fakes and replicas use instead of the Monogram Canvas is a leather-type material usually faux leather.

Obviously, leather and canvas, both have a different touching sensation which can help differentiate replica and original easily.

Vernis Leather:

Apart from ordinary leather material, the LV’s Vernis Leather is much durable and attractive. The beauty of this fabric increases because of the shiny layer coating over it.

As compared to the monogram canvas stuff, the Vernis Leather seems to have a bit increased delicacy effect which ends up in making the material to have scratches.  However, there isn’t any compromise in the material quality.

Multi-color Damier Canvas:

Damier Canvas material is full of charisma due to the checkerboard design having multiple shades. According to different shades, these materials have specific names too.

A few of the noteworthy and popular designs are Damier Azur (white boxed blue canvas), Damier Ebene (brown boxed black canvas), and Damier Graphite (grey boxed black canvas). You can utilize The Damier Canvas design for everyday purposes as the design is simple yet bonny.

Monogram Empreinte:

The Monogram Empreinte is a special type of leather that is much similar to a material of Gucci’s Giccissima. In addition to the company’s logo impression on the stuff, the softness and luxury of the material are outstanding. It is as easy as apple pie to determine the replica of this design as the branded one has a pleasant odor rather than the smell of a chemical that the counterfeits emit.

#4.  Validation Of Stamping, Size, and Shape


The LV bags have the company’s stamping on their interior part imprinted as “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” on a leather piece. This stamping can also answer the query, how to tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is real.

What you have to do is to carefully ponder over the style, shape, and size of the fonts imprinted. Here are some considerations that point out the original Louis Vuitton bag:

  1. Letter “L” has a tiny base.
  2. The Letter “O” is apparently large-sized and a perfect round rather than being oval-shaped.
  3. The Two “T’s” seem to be very close to each other having thin and sharp font style.

Furthermore, if the leather on which the stamping is impressed contains loose threading or stitching, it is a vivid sign that the bag is a replica.

#5.  Date Code and Country Key Determination


Besides the stamping on the bag, there is also an impression of country and date code on the genuine Louis Vuitton bags. With the help of the country code, you can determine the country in which the bag is made. Whereas the date code tells the week and year of its fabrication. The origin where the Louis Vuitton products are developed in France having codes A0, A1, AS, MB, CX, CT, etc. Other countries are

  • Italy (code: BO, CE, FO, etc.)
  • Spain (code: LB, LM, GI, etc.)
  • the USA (code: FC, FH, LA, etc.)
  • Germany (code: LP, OL)
  • Switzerland (code: FA, DI).

In the date code, the first and third digit refers to the week of fabrication whereas the second and fourth digit implies the year.

Here are some examples of the combined code to note:

  • AS1948 (Country: France, Fabrication in the 14th week of 1998)
  • LP5005 (Country: Germany, Fabrication in the 50th week of 2005)

The invalid codes assure that the product is fake or replicated.


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