How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake | 11 Easy Steps

If it comes to sneakers, then yeezys sneakers are one of the most popular and demanding sneakers. They have been on the peak of sneakers because of their unique design and excellent material from which they are made up of. Their popularity is increasing day by day as the fashion sense of people enhances over time.

Yeezys sneakers mainly catch the eye of youth toward themselves. As people are liking and demanding yeezys very much so many companies have started to make fake yeezys and sell them by the name of real yeezys sneakers.

In this case if you want to buy a pair of real yeezys sneakers then you must have some knowledge about yeezys. So just go through this article and have some knowledge regarding your Yeezys sneakers.

How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake

As it is clearly discussed above, that market is selling real as well as fake Yeezys. Mainly this fake selling is linked with online selling because in online selling you just see the picture of the product not the original product. And once you put the order of your yeezys to their website, they will send you your parcel within one or two days. After you get your parcel with fake shoes, they will never return it or change it even if they will not respond to your complaint emails so just be careful while ordering them.

So here we tried our best to make you aware of the tips and tricks to analyze your pair of yeezys. Is it real or fake?

Here are some easy ways to spot your yeezys so move on and read it.

#1. Material of your Sneakers

First of all, if you are a sensible person, you must ensure the quality of your yeezys. So just focus on the quality and material of your yeezys because fake pairs of yeezys are always made up of poor and cheap material. Usually, the fake pair of yeezys are made up of soft and un-stretchable material.

#2. Ensure the Tag Getail and The Box Detail

One more thing is to match the detail of the box and tag of your yeezys. Because yeezys are so expensive that you can’t afford them to be fake. So just take your yeezys in your hand and look at the tag inside your shoes then match it with the serial number of the box if it matches then well and good and unfortunately if it does not match then you must have received a fake pair of yeezys.

A tiny symbol is also located at the right-hand side of QR codes. It tends to be a code within a code as it is very small so it is difficult to copy it. For this reason, it makes sense to ensure it.

#3. 13-Digit Security Number

A 13-digit security number is also located on both right and left shoes. This is a unique security code number which is different for both left and right shoes. So, for a quick security check match the last three digits of each shoe if it matches then unfortunately you have a fake pair of shoes.

#4. The Middle Stitching

Middle stitching is also one of the ways to spot your yeezys that are real or fake. In yeezys middle stitches starts from the top and ends at the bottom line of the shoes this makes it different from the other fake yeezys.

To add some other confirmation for yourself you can also check the pattern of the stitching that how they are stitched. Usually, the middle line of the yeezys is stitched in X, square, X, and square pattern. In short after every X a square shape also appears which confirms the pattern of real yeezys.

#5. UV Responsive Stitches

As the popularity of the Yeezys sneakers increases incredibly, people are demanding more and more. To fulfil the expectation of the people, yeezys manufacturing brands are adding more and more features. For instance, they have introduced UV responsive stitches which are also a way to confirm your real yeezys. To see UV responsive stitches, shine a black light to the stitches so the stiches shine out due to their UV radiation.

#6. Laces

Now it’s turn of laces to spot your real or fake yeezys. Yeezys also have some different kinds of laces to separate real ones from fakes. Yeezys uses high quality in laces they use to have tabular woven laces. Yeezys use to cover their laces tips with some cap or coverage and also weave them tight and evenly. So also keep in mind these two to three steps while buying them.

#7. Heel Tab

As replicas are coping with yeezys so yeezys are also trying their hard to maintain and improve their quality as well as features. some of the yeezys have heel tabs and some don’t have so before buying yeezys confirm that is heel tab located correctly or not? They used to locate their heel tab a little bit far. But the replicas locate it closer to the lining.

#8. The Midsole of Yeezys

The midsoles of the yeezys are made up of special foamy material which adds comfort for your feet and body. It also works as an energy booster for your foot with that cushioning touch. When it is used to press its downward then it gives a spring back reaction. Midsole of these are mainly made up of rough texture while replicas are made with a soft texture.

#9. The Inner Sole

They are quality conscious so they use excellent quality in their manufacturing. The inner sole of the these is made up of the same material from which the middle sole is made. They usually made it in grey color to match it with the other background.

For more detail remove that inner sole from the shoes, there will be a code number and shoe number of the shoes you own. And when the replicas copy it, they make mistakes in writing the letter and the spacing between the dashes. They also made the inner sole white instead of grey which differentiate them from the original ones.

#10. The Outer Sole

The outer sole of the shoes has an irregular and unique pattern. While fake yeezys have a smooth outer lining and sole. They have a specific boost which is a kind of stamp for real Yeezys sneakers. This stamp is made up of a defined regular pattern.

#11. Are Yeezys Made in China

Don’t hesitate to buy a pair of yeezys which are tagged as made in China because real yeezys are actually made in China. But when replicas tag them, they tag it with regard to their region in which they are made, for example Korea, Turkey or some other country, so that tag is a fake tag.


Yeezys are one of the most popular and demanding sneakers but as their demand increases their replicas also increases. So before investing your money on a pair of sneakers, take some information or tips and tricks to have a real pair of yeezys. So, How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake? No worries! There are some ways to spot your real or fake yeezys.

For example, their serial numbers, material, inner sole, midsole, outer sole, their flying tag, made in China tag etc. Some other confirmations add to see their laces, their bottom, middle lining and UV responsive stitches.

You can also determine your real and fake yeezys by noticing the stitching pattern of your middle stitching which is made in X, square, X, square pattern. Hope this post may help you to examine your yeezys sneakers and to enjoy your real ones.

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