How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes | Easy Guide

Shoes are something which is directly related to the comfort of your body, so everybody wants some comfortable shoes which keep your body relaxed all day. Like every other man you must like to do fashion and want to wear up to the trend shoes. If we are right then you must also have a pair of hey dude shoes and also facing the problem of tying them correctly.

So, in this post we will try to give you all the demanding information about hey dude shoes including how to tighten hey dude shoes. Because of incorrect tightening of hey dude shoes many people face a couple of problems. Like getting irritated while wearing them the whole day or may have a bad mark on their feet due to incorrectly tightening them.

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey dude shoes are the most stylish, comfortable, breathable, durable and lightweight shoes. They are generally made to loose-fitting for the purpose of comfort. This is the reason that many of the hey dude shoes are lace-fit shoes which are easy to wear and hold your feet easily the whole of the day. But in some cases, these lace-fit shoes don’t fit tightly to many peoples.

So, if you want to tie them more then there is a big YES, that you can tie them more. One easiest way to tie them is to take one edge of the lace, hold it to the upper end of the shoes and make a loop over it. Now take the other edge of the lace and pass it from the loop made on the other edge and make a knot over there. It makes your hey dude shoes more tight and less airy. But it is still easy to wear them for the whole day.

Ways to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes:

There are many ways to tightened the hey dude shoes some of these ways are described below for your convenience

Knot Tying of the Laces

Hey dude shoe design is a basic loose-fitting style. They mainly offer a little bit of loose fitting for their buyers so people can adjust them according to their shoe fitting. In such cases knot tying of laces is a simple as well as the easiest way to tighten your hey dude shoes. Just take one end of your lace and make its loop, now it’s the turn of the other end of the lace to take and pass it through the loop that has already been made on the other end of the lace. This can make your shoes more tight and easily wearable.

Heating Process

This is another way of shrinking your hey dude shoes. Hey dude shoes are made up of material that is flexible and is durable enough. Due to their durability, they lose their fitting so when you put them on a heating stove, it shrinks them.

To follow this process, take your shoes and put them on a heated stove, keep shoes over there for 2 minutes and then take them off. After that the shoes’ solid molecules become more solid and become tightened.

Sox and Stretch Style

This style is introduced by hey dude shoes that mainly focus on the shoes fitting of your feet. These sox and stretch styles are the most popular styles nowadays because it has eliminated all the tension of shoe sizing and fitting so many peoples like this style rather than the other.

Shoes with Plastic Lace Clippers

A plastic lace clipper is used mostly in modern shoe types. In these shoes you just have to put pressure on your lace and fix your tightening. Once you adjust the fitting of your shoes then just release the pressure. After that your lace will not lose any more so after that enjoy the fitting of your shoes.

Why you Need to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Hey dude shoes are generally made up of flexible material so they are durable and stretchable. Due to their stretchable quality, they stretch over the time mostly they stretch during the break in period. When they stretch over a period of time, they lose their fitting due to which people want to tie them more tightly to adjust their fitting again.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Easily Washable

Yes, hey dude shoes are easily washable shoes you will definitely enjoy its flexibility while washing them. Just take your pair of shoes and put it in your washing machine, clean it and enjoy it.

Can I Put my Hey Dude Shoes in Dryer

No, putting your hey dude shoes in the dryer can ruin them and spoil their look. So, it is compulsory to dry them indoors or outdoors. Try to avoid your hey dude shoes from Direct sunlight that may damage them so it is preferable to dry them indoors.

But another climax is also there that after a machine wash of your shoe, they are no longer eligible for return policy as well as warranty policies.

Does Hey Dude Shoes Slip On

Yes, hey dude shoes are slip on shoes. You can easily wear them as well as put them off. It is not a prime role of hey dude shoes to tie them because they focus on loose-fitting of your shoes which makes them breathable.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Big or Small

Hey dude shoes are mostly true to their size but as they stretch over a period of time, they run big to their size but it does not mean that they have sizing problem it is because of their manufacturing material.

Final Thoughts

Hey dude shoes are well known stylish, comfortable, breathable and durable shoes. They are also flexible enough to wear them easily. They are made by focusing on loose-fitting style but as it stretches over a period of time, people may also want to tie them tight to avoid any unusual accident that may be ankle twist or some other.

In order to tie them, take one edge of the lace, make a loop of it and pass the other edge of the lace through it and them correctly. Another way of shrinking your shoes is the heating process. In this process take your shoes and put them on a heated stove for 2 minutes and then take them off. A brief process of these methods and many more are stated simply in the above article which would be helpful for you and your hey dude shoes.

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