Shoes Similar To Allbirds | 6 Cheaper Allbirds Alternatives


Shoes Similar To Allbirds | 6 Cheaper Allbirds Alternatives

Allbirds are in all rage in the fashion industry because of their style and fashion which pleases and appeals to the aesthetics. They increase your style and make you a fashionista. This is the reason that Allbirds has become a style choice for people who like to follow the trend but they are bit expensive so we have gathered up great Shoes Similar To Allbirds.

They gained popularity in 2016 and have not come below the bar since then. They are super comfortable and cozy because wool is used in their making. They are considered as the best and the finest among all other competitors. Due to the wool, they give the feet a warm sensation and high-level comfort.

Top Picks | Shoes Similar To Allbirds

Shoes are available at cheaper rates so they are not heavy on your budget. So you can always consider them a good alternative for allbirds.

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But the problem with these shoes is that the original brand might cost you a lot of money. They are often out of the range of customers. So we are going to recommend to you the alternative to Allbirds that are cost-effective. They can easily come in your price range and are equally comfortable.

We have picked six shoes for you which are comparable to Allbirds and also affordable.

Following are the Best Allbirds Alternative:

As we are searching for shoes that are comparable to Allbirds then we must compare the characteristics with Allbirds too. We have to look for the same characteristics as Allbirds. It means they should not be heavy. They should be consisting of wool to make them super cozy and comfortable. Let’s rummage through a few comparable alternatives to make you find the best ones.

#1. KEEZMZ Men’s Running Sneakers:

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Size: These shoes also provide feet for even larger feet. So they are a preferred choice for tall people because they come in small size of 8 and large size of 14.

Comfort: Wool is used in the making of its runner completely. The runner runs throughout the shoe. They give you a comfortable and refreshing walk as they are made up of soft and cozy fabric. The high-quality material that this pair of shoes consists of makes these shoes breezy. The cross breeze makes these shoes comfortable to walk in.

Type of sole: Plus side of these shoes is their superior cushioning. They have an extra layer of foam in them which makes the sole super comfortable. You can wear them for a long time and the sole will not make you feel any discomfort. The outsole is of quite thicker material which can absorb strong shocks.

Durability: These shoes are for both indoor and outdoor use. And the shoe will not wear out because the stuff is sustainable. The outsole is also quite elastic because of MD.  The elasticity ensures that you can use them in any direction and they will not wear out. They can stand stress for too long.

Non-slippery:    As you know that outsole is made up of MD. This thick MD makes them no-slippery. You can walk on any slippery surface without the fear of getting slipped. They are cleanable and manageable shoes.

Other Features: They have adjustable and stylish laces that help your feet fit in them the way you want. You can enjoy a cozy fit because you can loosen them or tighten them up around your feet the way you want. Their style and color range offers you twelve different choices to choose from. So you can match and select the shoe according to your taste and personality.

If you are looking for an exact allbirds replacement then these are the best. Because they have a signature style and adjustable fit that gives you a good grip and fashion sense as well.

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#2. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Freestep Sneakers:

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Size: They are mostly available in large sizes so they do not fit men with small feet well. The size of these shoes starts from 8 and goes up to 13. So they are suitable for large feet only.

Comfort: They give you comfort from inside to outside as they are made with a blend of wool. They give you comfort for long durations of time. Their look seems a bit wool-stuffed but they are super cozy and comfortable.

The shoes contain a mesh that successfully absorbs sweat and keeps the feet clean thus it wicks the moisture up to 100%. Plus they are breezy and keeps your feet ventilated.

But they have a tendency of keeping the feet warm because of wool during the cold season. The reason for warmth is the usage of natural fibers. These natural fibers help the skin in natural breathing.

Type of Sole: The sole is inserted as an insole which is made sure to be comfortable. The cushioning of the footbed is very cozy and supports the feet as well. And the cushioning begins at the heel part and goes all the way to the toes. This is additional comfort the sole gives.

Durability: The mesh and natural fiber are long-lasting because of their purity. The outsole consists of strong and tough rubber which gives strength for a long time. But the best part is that it can flex as well thus its durability is increased.

Other Features: You can easily wash them so they are easily cleanable and manageable. These shoes have a lace-up design that you can adjust according to your liking. They are not heavy so you can easily wear them while working and they do not make you feel heavy. The color and design come in a big range so you can get anyone according to your taste.

They are the best-suited replacement of Allbirds and on the plus side, they are super stylish. The style and diverse features make the best.

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#3. LeMouton Classic Women’s Wool Sneakers:

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Size: These shoes are at the top-pick list for women’s shoes thus they are elegant as well as stylish. They come in size 6 for small feet and large in 9.

Comfort: These are made up of marine wool that ensures relaxation to the feet. The lining is of merino wool completely while one-fourth of the outer is of merino wool too. The wool does not make them heavy thus they assist you in walking.

Materials: The material offers ventilation and dries the moisture quickly thus your feet stay dry for the whole day. The footbed had padding made up of wool and you can interchange it. The insole which is removable and recoiled provides necessary support to the arch.

Protection of Ankles: These shoes also have a cushion in the collars and this makes them comfortable for your ankles and thus protects them.

Durability: These shoes have long-lasting and sustaining quality because of their material which is of high quality. Though their durability is not like that of leather still they can put up with you for a long amount of time.

Outsole: The outer sole has rubber in it which makes it strong as well as flexible in nature. You can do any activity in these shoes and they will not wear out because of the flexibility and durability of their outsole.

Other Features: They have flexible properties that offer you traction on any surface even on slippery ones. You can wash them in the washing machine without any worries. These shoes come in 7 cool colors and you can choose one of your likings.

The easy-care method of these shoes makes them a good alternative to the allbirds along with the coziness they offer.

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#4. Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool Shoes:

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Size: These shoes are more affordable and available in the size range of smallest in 8 to largest in 13.

Comfort: The stuff of these shoes consists of wool so the comfort they offer is beyond question. The laces are adjustable for your convenience so that they do not cause pain. These shoes have padded insole and padded collar though it is padded to a less extent. So you will experience great comfort upon wearing these shoes.

Materials: These shoes contain a blend of wool and polyester. This mixture is amazingly cozy and gives your feet a warm feel. You can wear them for a longer time and they will not cause any feeling of distraught and discomfort. They prevent any shock to your feet because they have a sole made out of foam rubber.

Durability: The existence of foam rubber makes them durable along with cozy and comfortable. They also offer a wide range of flexibility so making them easy to walk in. Their rubber is durable and thus it does not crack like other rubber ones. The blend of wool and polyester makes them sustainable. This blend is responsible for making it lighter in weight.

Other Features: These shoes are available for you in six different colors and you can pick any one of your likings. They go with any ensemble either on a weekend or any function and these will not look bad.

The shoes have a versatile design that makes them fashionable. You can have them on while going to the gym, running, and doing the workout. They have added the property of reliability along with comfort and flexibility.

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#5. Skechers Nichlas Lishear:

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Size: These shoes can be bought in size 6.5 and size 14. They have a wide size range and almost fit every size of feet. They have shoes for small feet too.

Comfort: They give the best comfort to your feet because they contain a sole with memory foam that gives your feet a comfortable feeling. You will feel as if you are in the air. The insoles do not make your feet warm instead they are cooled by air. This gives a refreshing feel to your feet.

Heel Protection: The inner and bottom part is molded in such a way as to accommodate your heel. This shape helps in protecting the heel as well as making it feel coziness. The unique feature of these shoes is that they have specially crafted mesh that has panels in them to keep them cool and stable.

Durability: Like the stuff of these shoes is quite breathable yet it is very sustainable. You can enjoy the comfort of these shoes for a long period. Its sole can tolerate rough terrain and harsh environments.

Other Features: These shoes have a flexible yet tractable outsole which makes them good for any activity. They are quite adjustable as well.

You can wear them to any activity without the worry of being worn out. This makes them the best alternative to the allbirds with all the comfort they offer.

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#6. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Freestep:

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Size: These shoes are particularly suitable for small feet. As they are available in size 6 and go up to size 11.

Comfort: These beauties are made up of mixing mesh and synthetic blend. This blend makes them coz to wear and thus they are highly comfortable. They are appropriate for temperature regularity because they absorb the moisture perfectly. They are breathable as well thus they keep the feet either cold or warm depending upon the surroundings.

Sole Type: These shoes have a cushion in collar and tongue both thus they are super comfortable. The insole is a well-cushioned footbed thus they are highly comfortable.

Durability: These shoes have a thick rubber in the outsole which makes them tough and suitable to walk in any environment.  So is the best thing about them that they make your feel comfortable as well as providing durability. They keep their shape even when they are kept in the closet. This pertains to the high flexibility of these shoes. The blend of mesh and synthetics makes it super-sustainable thus they last for a longer period.

Waterproof: These shoes are not harmed by water that is why you can wash them in the machine. Thus they are easy to maintain.

Other Features: Their laces are adjustable and you can fit them around your feet the way you want. They have different designs of lace and also different colors so you have plenty of options to choose from.

They match allbirds in style and comfort. You can alternate allbirds with these shoes at cheaper rates and they are long-lasting as well.

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What Kind of Allbirds Shoes Are?

Allbirds are shoes originating from New Zealand and they were first designed like running shoes made out of wool. The first allbirds were wool runners and they were super comfortable because the wool was Marino wool.

These shoes are famous for using eco-friendly material in their making. They make shoes for both men and women and the footwear is supposed to be highly durable.

Are Allbirds Comfortable?

These shoes are highly cozy and comfortable. They give the feet a very warm and tender feeling. The comfort pertains to the special type of wool used in their making.

The wool is merino wool and comes from sheep. This is way comfortable than the normal wool of regular sheep.

The specific property of these shoes is the temperature regularity. And they make the customers feel so light as if they are walking in the air.

Why Use Alternative of These Shoes?

Though allbirds are the best ones in the market your budget may get a serious hit due to the elevated prices of these shoes. But there are many lookalikes of these shoes in the market that you can get your hands on in cheaper amounts. They come with the same features and give you the same comfort but at affordable rates. Thus you can enjoy leisure at cheaper rates.

What Makes Allbirds Different From Other Shoes?

Allbirds put their effort into making the stuff eco-friendly. And they say with pride that they do not use any harmful material. Because the company wants to ensure durability and comfort thus they made them with such materials as well. Merino wool is the material that is used the most to make these shoes.

These shoes do not use ordinary rubber in making. They make outsole from sugarcane which comes from Brazil. They also use sweet foam in making the sole and unique kind of merino wool that comes from sheep. This ensures 100 percent of eco-friendliness.

They also do not use ordinary boxes for packaging rather they use special kinds of boxes for transportation. These shoeboxes are also eco-friendly as they are not stuffed with tissue paper.

How to Wash Allbirds?

Allbirds are not that easy to maintain and take care of. It takes a lot of time and a challenging effort to take care of them. It is a good point that they do last for long periods even after rigorous washing.

Washing these shoes is an easy task as they can tolerate water. You can through them in the washing machine and give them a whirl. The merino wool is water-friendly and thus easily washable.

But cleaning is tough work. You need to remove padded soles and then laces first. Then brush the wool with a soft brush to remove extra grunge. The cleaning can be done with a sponge or a clean piece of clothing. After cleaning, you can wash them in the washing machine.

Bu always set the machine to a special program and use slightly cold water for washing. This is done to ensure that they are delicate and thus they stay strong for longer periods.


Are Allbirds Good for Walking?

Allbirds are superbly cozy for walking and they make your feet feel the softness while walking. Your feet do not wear out in them easily.

Do You Need to Wear Socks in Them?

It is advised to always wear socks while walking. But it is not a must in allbirds. Because of their soft stuff, they do not feel harsh or irritation.

Are Allbirds Eco-Friendly?

They use all organic materials in the making of allbirds thus they are eco-friendly shoes. They are recyclable and renewable.

Final Words:

These shoes are the best for their designs and the comfort that they offer. But as allbirds are quite expensive, you can also consider their alternatives. These alternatives come with the same comfortable features and make them worth the money. Plus they are available at cheaper rates so they are not heavy on your budget. So you can always consider them a good alternative for allbirds.


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