Shoes Similar To Rothys | 6 Cheap Rothys Alternatives


Shoes Similar To Rothys | 6 Cheap Rothys Alternatives

Are you here to find out the best shoes similar to Rothys? If yes, then you are at the right place but first dive into rothys history. Rothys are well known for their shoes and are one of the most expensive shoe brands out there. And for sure they are worth the price. Before moving on, why not take a sneak peek at Rothys background and how it functions?

At present the central problem of the world is pollution. Especially the pollution caused by plastic since it is not degradable. Amidst this, Rothy’s has decided to help out in a way that will solve the problem and produce a valuable product. It won’t be wrong to say that Rothy’s shoes are extraordinary!

What makes them so unique? Well, they make their shoes from the plastic of the water bottles. What they do is not so simple but not impossible. Firstly, the bottles are heated and then sterilized. And then secondly, they are fused into the fiber, which is further knitted into yarn. What do you say? Don’t they deserve to be expensive?

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Since they are so expensive, not everyone can afford to get their hands on Rothys shoes. So, in case your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy one of their shoes, then just relax and take a look at Rothys’ six alternatives, yes you heard right best shoes similar to rothys With utmost effort, we have compiled a list of shoes that can be an excellent alternative for Rothys, and you are going to love them!

Top 6 Shoes Similar To Rothys Reviews

#1. Skechers’ Women Flat Ballets

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Searching for a stylish pair of shoes that will give your feet a break, then Skechers’ Women Flat Ballets are best for you if you are specially here for rothys alternative. These comfy slip-on are a must for your wardrobe.

  • Origin:  The origin of these shoes is EU. These beautiful flat ballets are imported all around the world.
  • Material: These shoes are made up of synthetic fabric. They have a flexible rubber traction outsole that helps you to walk comfortably all day long.
  • Design: These beautiful flat ballets come in a different style. They come in both neutral and animal print. These animal prints are woven in both leopard and tiger-like patterns. Both these styles come in a variety of colors.
  • Comfort: These shoes are remarkably comfortable and easy to wear. From heel to toe, you will get the Skechers memory foam that will give all-day comfort, and it rises to meet your unique arch to give that excellent soft support.
  • Closure: It has a fine texturized rubber outsole, and an upward opening is an all-over four-way stretch knit that is soft and sock-like on foot. These are simple to wear and simple to remove.

These Skechers flats have won over many buyers around the globe. These are loved and appreciated by many customers. The designs and color variety help you choose the best fit for you.

You can wear them in your office, home, parties and anywhere you like. These comfy fits will never disappoint you.

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#2. Sketchers’ Women Ballet Loafers

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This is also a fantastic sketcher’s product. It has such a beautiful chic, classic and versatile design which is best for everyday use. It has a casual silhouette along with a round toe, and the overall vibe of the shoe is flattering without any doubt.

  • Origin: Almost most of the manufacturing of Sketchers’ takes place in China and Vietnam. This piece is also imported to the US.
  • Material: It is made out of three different materials. Firstly, it has 100% textile fabric. Secondly, it has rubber soles. Lastly, the outsole is made out of flexible rubber traction.
  • Design: The design of the shoe is pretty similar to the Rothys, but it still has its unique look. It comes in such a vast range of colors that you can choose whatever you like. You can go for a solid color or a printed design. It will go with your everyday outfit.
  • Comfort: Just like Rothys, these are comfortable and will fit your feet like gloves. You won’t feel any fatigue while walking in them.

These are a decent alternative for Rothys, and they are also affordable. So you should give these a chance.

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#3. Neutralizer’s Women Flexy Flat Ballets

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The perfect shoe you can add to your daily routine is Naturalizer’s Women Flexy Flat Ballets as rothys knockoffs. They are more of a traditional silhouette than a stylish pair of shoes.

  • Origin: The origin of the product is in Ethiopia. They are imported all around the world. They are flourishing in the market because of their trendiness.
  • Material: They are created with 100% synthetic fabric along with the sole. They also have a non-slip outsole that gives you better traction.
  • Design: These flexy flat ballets come in great designs and colors. These designs are casual, snake, and leather prints. They are classic everyday flat with a soft, padded collar. These are made out of leather or fabric and have a manmade upper with a round toe. They have smooth, quilted, or perforated upper. These beautiful perforations give off a stunning look.
  • Comfort: You can never forget the comfort these shoes will give you. They will provide non-stop ease. They have a padded collar which is added for comfort along with the non-slip outsole.
  • Arch support: They also have an extra feature that is its best arch support. It also provides you with extra heel support. They hold your feet firmly and prevent any slipping off.

These are not for long purpose use and can be worn only for a minimal period. This U-shaped vamp is an instant polish to any casual or business outfit.

This is an easy-going, comfortable flat shoe and also best naturalizer flats with arch support. You will love it for its ingenious elegant utility. It is an everyday style that is designed for its effortless mixing.

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#4. Naturalizer’s Women Kacy Loafers

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It is another brilliant piece made by the Naturalizer’s. It is such a sophisticated design in a wide color range. Just go for the one that suits your personality best. These are more like formal shoes but would look fabulous with jeans or checkered pants.

  • Origin: All their products are imported from EU-originated countries.
  • Material: It has a synthetic sole that is flexible and has a leather upper. The sole and fabric of the shoe are hand-knit, which makes it even more special.
  • Design: The suede loafer shoe look goes well with any outfit. It has a pleasing design that is perfect for an everyday look.
  • Comfort: If they are the alternative to Rothys, then they need to be comfortable. And to tell you, they are so comfortable due to the arch support and memory foam fitted inside them.
  • Durability: Of course, they are durable, and you can hope for them to last for a very long period.

These are not exact Rothys but trust me; they are also not less than them. The suede finish and chic design are like icing on the cake. You won’t regret buying them.

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#5. Ollio’s Women Flat Ballets

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It is a suede shoe that is comfortable, supportive, and stylish. To be precise, they can go with casual outfits or even your formal outfits very well. The color range of the shoe is also admirable.

  • Origin: These are manufactured in China and imported from there.
  • Material: these lightweight shoes are handmade. They are made out of 100% synthetic fabric. And as a result, the outsole of the shoe is flexible.
  • Comfort: It won’t be wrong to say that these are comfortable and relaxing shoes. Same as the above, they have an arch support and memory foam fitted inside them on the footbed. These features won’t let your foot slip from the shoe, and you would have an excellent grip.
  • Durability: these are claimed to be durable by the manufacturers.
  • Design: Made out of faux suede, these have a delicate ballet mixed loafer design. They come in a wide range of colors. So you can choose whatever color that you like and goes well with your personality.

Due to the shape and design of the shoe, most people recommend buying a half size smaller. You can go with whatever suits you. But do try them once. You will surely like these if you are a fan of Rothys.

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#6. Amazon Essentials’ Women Flat Ballets

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The reason these ballet flats have been trendy these days is that they are so versatile.  These Amazon essentials flats are a must in your wardrobe.  These shoes are perfectly comfortable to wear and convenient for daily use.

  • Origin: They are imported from another western country.  Amazon essentials manufactured these as it is an imported good, so these ballet flats are bang for the buck.
  • Material: They are made with 100% synthetic fabric.  They have a synthetic rubber sole which gives good support to your feet.
  • Designs: These flats come in various impressive designs. The designs are so beautiful and classy that you can wear them quickly with any jeans or skirts. They come in tons of colors.  They have classic ballet designed for daily wear, casual silhouette with round toe shape and flattering profile, and soft faux leather upper with gently elasticized topline.
  • Comfort: These flat ballets are the best option to wear because of the ease you will experience after wearing them. They are so cozy and pleasant. The faux suede has a microfiber lining, which gives you more relaxation.

They are well made, supportive, and highly comfortable. You can buy them in multiple colors.  They look good with everything from your shorts to pants. These match up to your expectation and make your day stylish.

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Buying Guide | Shoes Like Rothys

Since we are buying something that is an alternative. We need to be extra careful and keep some points in our minds.

Type and style :

First, you need to make up your mind what kind of look you are going for. Since these are not original Rothys so different styles are depending upon different types.

They can be flats, sneakers, pointed-toe shoes, loafers, or ballerina shoes. Once you have decided what you are going for, it becomes effortless to find the right product.

Size :

No matter what shoe you are buying, the most important thing is the size of the shoe. To walk correctly and comfortably, you need to wear the correct size.

The shoe can’t be too big or small. So for the sake of the size, it is always better to go to a store and get your shoes. But some places provide online size charts. You can always take help from them.

Durability :

The next important factor is the durability of the shoe. It is of no use to spend money on something that won’t last even a month.

So it is of the utmost importance that you must check beforehand what kind of product you are buying. There should be no compromise on durability.

Price :

Always buy that shoe which you can easily afford. It is not a law to buy the most expensive shoe. The shoe should be affordable. And you can always buy a very nice, durable pair of shoes at a reasonable price.

So don’t get fooled in the hands of different brands.

How To Clean Rothys?

It is very typical for shoes to get dirty over time. But you can always clean them. Rothys are one of those shoes that can be cleaned when required. Let me tell you how!


First of all, take a close look at your shoes. Learn what sort of damage has occurred to the shoe, whether it is dirt, mud, water stain, or scratch. Then figure out the material of the shoe. T

hen you have to treat your shoe accordingly. It is because every stain and every material has its techniques. And you need to work according to it; otherwise, you may damage your precious shoes.

How to Wash Rothy’s?

What you should do is get a mild detergent or a proper shoe conditioner according to the material of the shoe. Then take some warm water along with the mild conditioner. Thoroughly rinse your shoes with the concoction. Some people also add a bit of baking soda. You can also try that.

But be careful not to use products with harsh and harmful chemicals because any type of chemical is just not suitable for Rothys.

Drying the Shoes

Once you have washed the shoes, you need to dry them. Now how to dry in a damaged freeway. Keep in mind heat from the dryer or hair drier can destroy the shoe. Even the sun can damage the texture of the shoe. So the best and appropriate way is to air dry them.

Place them by the wall vertically, as if the shoe is leaning against the wall. Leave it like that until the shoe is dry.


Which is better among Birdies and Rothy’s?

Without a second thought, it is Rothy’s. Well, no offense that Birdies have great shoes, but they can beat the style and quality of the Rothy’s.

Is Rothys machine washable?

It is said by the manufacturers that you can machine wash the shoes, but still, it is always better to be careful. Make sure not to harm the shoe in the process of washing.

Do Rothys get smelly?

It all depends on your feet. If your feet tend to stink a lot, then definitely they will leave them smell in the shoe. Rothys are highly breathable, but this kind of situation is still possible. It is normal to have stinky feet due to sweat. Some people tend to sweat a lot on their feet. So they can wash their shoes frequently, and air dries them.

Can Rothys go in the dryer?

No! putting them in a dryer would be a bad idea. You should always let them air dry because a dryer will destroy the shoe texture. Even sun drying is very bad as it will damage the fabric of the shoe.

Do Rothys Stretch out?

No, they don’t stretch. The manufacturers assure that they won’t stretch and remain the same.

What are the best Rothys’ competitors?

If considering alternatives from the above list, then I have to say Ollio’s Ballet and Skechers Women’s Ballet Flat are the most considered and best-reviewed items.

Both of these are great products and have a fine finish to them. They have fantastic quality and go well with whatever you are wearing. And since these are durable, you can expect a long-term contract with these shoes. It won’t be wrong to say that these are a must-try once in a lifetime.


Alternatives will always stay the alternatives. They can’t replace the original one. But all of the shoes, as mentioned earlier, are the best shoes similar to rothys in the market and worth trying.

Rothys are very precious shoes and should be kept with great care and delicacy. No matter what shoe it is, take good care of it, and it will stay with you in the long run.

I hope so you have found yourself a new pair of shoes to try out this year!


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