What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

Shoe terminology can be quite complex, There are many different terms that can stand for a variety of things, including technology, materials, and even specific models. In this article, we will learn about What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

What does GS mean in shoes?

GS is a commonly used term in the shoe industry, especially when it comes to children’s sizes. The term GS in shoes stands for “Grade School” which means shoes are specially designed for kids at Grade School age. GS Shoe size is for the grade school-aged group kids with so many sizes starting range from 3.5 to 7 years for boys & 3.5 to 7 years for girls. These sizes are smaller than adults’ sizes but larger than kids’ sizes. GS sizes are a great option for kids who have grown up but are not yet wearing adults size.

This GS term is launched and used by Nike in their Air Jordans shoe. After that many other brands also adopted the term GS, this size can make sure that you got the appropriate shoe for your child. Many brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordans, Converse, Vans & Under Armour create GS versions of shoes with the same material & technology as adult shoes, this is one of the interesting things about the shoes. With this kids can enjoy the same comfort, support, and performance features as adults. You can find this size in various styles, like running shoes, casual shoes, and basketball.

Understanding the GS shoe size chart

For parents who buy shoes for their children, it’s important to know that GS sizes depend on the brand. It’s always safe to measure your child’s foot before purchasing any shoes. The best way is to take your children with you for shopping but it’s not possible some parents. You can measure foot length & width by placing your child’s foot on a piece of paper and marking the heel to the longest toe and marking the two widest points of the foot. Measure the distance by tape in inches or centimeters.

Now you know your child’s size you can use the GS chart to find the perfect size. When shopping for shoes wear them to know the comfortable to wear and the perfect fit of your size. Small shoes can cause pain & discomfort in walking, while large shoes can be a problem. Many Brand has their own size chart. You can use Nike, Converse, and Adidas shoe size charts to purchase the perfect shoes for kids or you can use the below chart. Here is a basic GS shoe size chart that you can refer to and find the perfect shoe.

3.5 Y335.522.58.9
4 Y3.536239.1
4.5 Y436.523.59.3
5 Y4.537.523.59.3
5.5 Y538249.4
6 Y5.538.5249.4
6.5 Y6 3924.59.6
7 y6.540259.8
GS shoe size chart

How GS Shoe Different from Adult Shoe

GS shoes are different from adult shoes in size, style, design, shoes, & features. The main difference between GS shoes and the adult shoe is the shape & size. As GS shoes are designed for children who are in grade school. It means the GS Shoes’ size & shape are too wide for toddlers & too narrow for adults. Gs shoes are designed with supported cushioning, lightweight, flexible, and comfortable material to protect the children’s feet.

Some GS shoes also have unique features like elastic laces, and adjustable straps so that kids can easily wear their shoes on their own. GS shoes come with so many bright colors, funny patterns, characters, and appealing Logos so that kids can attract to the design of the shoe. On another side, adults’ shoes come in neutral colors, basic designs, & formal styles.

  • Smaller size: GS shoes are designed small in size so that can fit perfectly for children in middle school.
  • Comfort: GS shoes are made with cushioned insoles, Elastic adjustable straps, & lighting that make them unique & comfortable for the kid.
  • Durable Material: These shoes are made with durable materials like leather, rubber, or synthetic.
  • Unique Designs: GS shoes have unique designs, fun patterns, bright colors, & characters that kids love.
  • Affordable Price: These shoes are priced lower than adult shoes.

How To Measure The Foot Size For Shoes

How To Measure The shoe size
Image Credits: Adidas.com

It’s really important to know the exact size of your child’s foot for perfect shoes. You can measure your child’s feet at home. To measure the size you need a pencil, a piece of paper, a measuring tape, a flat surface, and a wall.

Step 1: You need to get your kid to stand on the paper on a flat surface with the heels touching a wall.

Step 2: Use a pencil & mark at the longest toe on the paper.

Step 3: Now use measuring tape and measure from the wall to the marking.

Other Shoe Acronyms & Terminology

Just like the GS abbreviation or term stands for “Grade School” there are many other terms also used by brands in the shoe industry. Most of the acronyms are used for shoe size, shoe range, or some specific edition. Here are some other common acronyms & terminology that are used in the market.

 What does PS mean in shoes: The term PS in shoes, & sneakers stands for “Preschool”. This shoe category is for kids that are in preschool which means kids from three to five years aged group.

 What does SE mean in shoes: SE stands for “Special Edition” in literal terms. Shoe companies manufactured and release their special collection on special occasions, movements, or with some edition features.

 What does TD mean in shoes: If the shoes come with TD on the size label. That means the shoes are designed for “toddlers”. Many companies manufactured shoes for grade school and preschool kids.

 What does OG mean in shoes: The acronym OG stands for “Original Release” which refers to the first or original release date of the sneaker or shoes. It can also refer to the design or colorway of a shoe that was released when the shoes come on the market.

 What does D mean in shoes: The letter D refers to the “width” of the shoe. D represents the width of men’s shoes and it means a medium or average width of the shoe.

 What does B mean in shoes: It same as the letter D refers to the with but in men’s shoes. The letter B refers to the “width” of women’s shoes. This shoe is designed to fit the average foot. So these shoes fit for extra wide women’s feet.

 What does Y mean in shoes: In shoe size, the letter Y stands for “Youth” or “Years”. That means the shoe is designed for youth or specific age groups of children.

 What does DS mean in shoes: DS terms refer to “Deadstock”. It means brand-new shoes, but not available in retail stores. Deadstock is the shoes that have been in a warehouse for an extended time.

 What does N mean in shoes: The letter N typically stands for “Narrow”. That clearly means the shoe is designed fit to narrower feet. It’s important to consider both the length & width before buying any shoe.

 What does M mean in shoes: The letter M indicates the “Medium-width” in the shoe. This is perfect for those who find narrow width too tight or wide width too loose.


What Brands Make GS Shoes?

Many popular shoe brands make GS shoes including Adidas, Converse, Nike, & Vans.

Do GS Shoes Come In Different Styles?

Yes, GS shoes come in different styles, colors, designs, & features.

What is the benefit of GS shoes?

1- Proper fit for children.
2- Comfortable
3- Unique Style & Design
4 – Durability
5- Affordable price
6- Verity of style


In the shoe market, there are many acronyms & terms which refer to some shoe sizes or special features. The GS term stands for “Grade School” and is specially designed for grade school children. GS shoes offer flexibility & comfort for children. It is important to measure the children’s feet before shopping for any shoes.

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