What Does PS Mean in Shoes?

Some of you can see many numbers or letters on the shoe box. In the footwear world, there are lots of acronyms and short terms that stand for different types of shoes or sneakers so you can shop according to your need. As some of you know acronyms like OG (Original), SE (Special Edition), & GS (Grade School). In today’s post, We will explore the What Does PS Mean in Shoes?

What Does PS Mean in Shoes?

The “PS” acronym stands for “PreSchool”. This size is usually ideal for young kids between 3 to 5 years. This size comes before the GS size which is grade school. These are small shoes for your little ones. Every brand makes different sizes & shapes of shoes. So you get quite confused that if the shoes fit your kid or not. It’s good if you can take your kid with you for 1-time shoe shopping so you can better understand what fit your kid. The PS category is after TD means Toddlers and before GS means Grade School kids.

These shoes are designed & manufactured in a unique way to keep young children in mind. In this stage, kids are growing and becoming active. And for their small growing feet brand add some features to the shoe including cushioning, flexible outsoles, and adjustable closures. Some brands add some special features such as lighting and sound which adds attraction to the shoes. The brands manufactured shoes in design & style that give comfort to kids and look aesthetic.

 PS shoe size chart

Shoe SizeSize in Inches from heel to toe
10.5CFrom 6.5 inches
11C6.9 inches
11.5C7 inches
12C7.2 inches
12.5C7.4 inches
13C7.6 inches
13.5C7.8 inches
1Y7.9 inches
1.5Y8 inches
2Y8.2 inches
2.5Y8.3 inches
3Y8.5 inches

How To Measure The Foot Size For Shoes

Image Credits: Adidas.com

It’s really important to know the exact size of your child’s foot for perfect & comfortable shoes. Many stores offer a measuring service, but it’s good to know how you can take measures at home. It is important to keep in mind while shopping for shoes different brands have different size charts.

Step 1: You need to get your kid to stand on the paper on a flat surface with the heels touching a wall.

Step 2: Use a pencil & mark at the longest toe on the paper.

Step 3: Now use measuring tape and measure from the wall to the marking.

Other Shoe Acronyms & Terminology

There are certain other terms related to shoes that you can see on their website or shoe boxes. The acronyms terms used are related to shoe sizing, shoe range, or some special editions. & Let’s know about them too:

What Does VNDS Mean in Shoes: The VNDS term stands for “Very Near Deadstock.”

 What does SE mean in shoes: SE stands for “Special Edition” in terms. Brand manufactured some special edition shoes for shoe lovers.

What Does TD Mean in Shoes: TD means “Toddler”. This category comes before PS for those kids who have started to walk.

What does OG mean in shoes: The term OG stands for “Original Release”

What Does QS Mean in Shoes: The QS means “Quick Strike.”. That means the design is launched on special occasions with limited stock.

What Does GS Mean in Shoes: The term GS stands for “Grade School.” This category comes after PS. This size shoe is for grade-school-aged kids.

What does DS mean in shoes: DS term means “Deadstock” The shoes that have been in a warehouse for an extended time.

What does SP stand for in shoes: The term stand for “Special Project” This means shoes created with high-quality features for some special collab.

 What does D mean in shoes: The letter D refers to the “width” of the shoe.


Understanding the Shoe Acronyms & Terminology can help you better understand the sizing & specification. The PS stands for “PreSchool”. These shoes are made for young children and in the PS category you will find stylish and supportive footwear options for kids. These shoes give comfort to your kid’s feet

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