What Does SE Mean in Shoes? All Terms Explained


What Does SE Mean in Shoes? All Terms Explained

When going out for shoe shopping or shopping online, you must have come across a few terminologies which make you wonder about their meaning. SE is also one of such terms. You often find yourself thinking about, “what does SE means in shoes?”

Shoe companies often use different abbreviations for describing the shoes. But these often leave the online customers confused. Because they do not know about them and do not bother to search for them.

So to remove your confusion due to these abbreviations, we are going to describe them in great length. SE is one of such terms and let’s begin with this.

What Does SE Mean in Shoes?

SE range of shoes! Does this word click in the mind? What does it stand for? Software Engineering? Substantially Equal? Societas Europeae? No! SE stands for “Special Edition” in literal terms. Shoe companies release their special range on certain auspicious occasions, celebrations, and important events.

As they are released on special events that is why the whole range is labeled as a special edition. They also signify something related to that occasion. And they offer special designs and features also in that shoe range.

These shoes are regarded as high in value because they signify something prominent. They represent the meaning or link with the date they are released on. It is the way of celebration used by shoe companies.

Their design and pattern represent the meaning and importance of that occasion. People sometimes confuse them with Limited Edition but they are different as they have certain representative value to that range. That is what makes them special edition shoes.

There are certain other terms related to shoes. Let’s know about them too:

  • GS- Grade School
  • PS- Pre School
  • DS– Deadstock
  • PE– Player Exclusive
  • OG– Original Release
  • H/O– Highest Offer
  • TD– Toddler
  • BG– Boys Grade School
  • BIN- Buy It Now
  • QS- Quick Strike
  • VNDS- Very Near Deadstock

What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

The term GS stands for “Grade School.” These shoes are for children of four to seven years. Shoes for seven years old children are nearly equal to the shoe size of a man’s seven. But obviously, the size varies with different brands. This size is almost the average shoe size of a child. Though it refers to small shoe size in kids, it is the largest size of the shoes. Sometimes, these shoes fit even petite adults who have a small shoe size.

What Does PS Mean in Shoes?

The term PS stands for “Pre-School.” These shoes are for children of under four years.

What Does DS Mean in Shoes?

DS term stands for “Deadstock”. This term is used to define a collection of shoes that have not been worn by anyone implying that they are brand new. The shoes in DS are new, authentic, and unworn means they are brand new. They are freshly released from the company and no one has worn them. You can buy them without any worry about quality.

What Does PE Mean in Shoes?

PE refers to the term “Player Exclusive”. Companies design special shoes for athletes but these are not signature ones. The players get their exclusive colors and designs according to their liking. These are specific for an athlete or a team. So the company designs them as their trademark.

What Does OG Mean in Shoes?

The term OG means “Original Release.” But this term goes one way and defines two meanings. One way means that the piece was originally released in the market as the first of its line. It also refers to the colorway of the first line of the shoe when it was released. Anyways the term refers to the original line of the brand.

What Does H/O Mean in Shoes?

This term H/O describes “Highest Offer.” The shoes that are of the highest price of that brand fall in this term. But the shoe falling in this range are of premium quality and speak their class out. You have to pay quite an amount if you want them.

What Does TD Mean in Shoes?

The shoes for toddlers fall under this category. TD means “Toddler” and these shoes are for those kids who have started to walk. Most other shoes also come in this range which also comprises shoes for pre-school kids.

What Does BG Mean in Shoes?

BG refers to “Boys Grade School.” These shoes are specifically for boys who are in their early ages. While Grade School refers to a general shoe for both boys and girls of this age, the BG means shoes specific to boys only.

What Does BIN Mean in Shoes?

BIN is an unusual term that stands for “Buy It Now.” It is a call-to-action term that implies that the customer needs to make this purchase. This term is common in auction and shopping sites and is used to put stress on the need of buying a pair of sneakers.

What Does QS Mean in Shoes?

This is a certain type of shoe that is designed to be released on specific occasions and in limited stocks. This type of shoe is given the term QS means “Quick Strike.”

What Does VNDS Mean in Shoes?

VNDS is a unique term standing for “Very Near Deadstock.” This term is applied for a range of shoes or a pair of shoes that is slightly worn out but does not look like it. They look fresh from the stock.

Final Thoughts:

These terms are necessary for people who shop online. Terms like GS and others like this help one in selecting the appropriate size of shoes and range from which they want to buy shoes. Now that you know what does SE means mean in shoes, we hope you can buy your favourite shoes without hesitatation.


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