What Is The Bottom Of A Shoe Called?

Like everyone, We all focus on the upper part of the shoes that catches our eye, but have you ever thought that, what is the bottom of a shoe called?, If No, than we will tell you about that in this article.

What is the Bottom of A Shoe Called?

The bottom of the shoe is called a sole. To enhance the comfort for your feet, your shoes consist of different parts that collaborate with each other out of which the sole is the most important part.

It gives your feet protection from an external tough environment. Imagine yourself stepping on a surface which has nails and sharp objects, it seems painful to step on that surface without soles. Sole is the surface which gives bounce to the ball of your foot and the toe region.

The Sole

A Sole, Which is directly in contact with ground, and protects your feet from nails, rocks and imbalance surfaces. It also gives your feet strength to walk comfortably and gracefully. To enhance the charm of life with a comfort zone, people rush for good shoes with comfortable soles.

History of soles

Firstly, the soles were made of natural material such as animal hides but these soles were very thin. After that keeping in view the protection purpose of soles, soles were made of hard material such as leather and jute. Jute is a tough fiber made from plant stems. Soles are also made of rubber.

In the beginning, soles were hard to make as they were fully handmade and time consuming. As the time flies, sole making becomes an easier process due to the industrial revolution. Now there is machinery for making this process easier, now shoe making is fully mechanized.

What is The Sole of a Shoe Made of?

Soles are usually made durable so that it can withstand rough surfaces and sharp objects.

Soles are mainly made of hard and semi-hard material. Flexible materials are also used for this purpose. Leather, rubber, and synthetics are used mostly. Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is also proven beneficial for this purpose. In terms of durability and flexibility leather soles are on the top of the list.

Parts of bottom of shoes

Sole is the main part of the bottom of shoes, but there are many other parts which also made the bottom of our shoes. These are

#1. The Heel

This is the part of the shoe bottom which gives rest to your heels. Heels are made up of stacked rubber and leather. The bottom surface of the heel is capped with non-slip material to give your feet grip while walking.

#2. The Shank

This is a small piece of metal or leather lying between the inner and the outer sole of the shoes. It is shaped just like a strip that gives support to your foot.

#3. The Welt

It ensures a secure bond between the lower and the upper part of the shoe and sole. It is not basically on the bottom of the shoe but is located on the bottom line of the shoe.

#4. The Shoe waist

Just as its name suggests it manages the waist of the shoes. It is present at the middle of the shoe sole between the balls and heel area. This part supports the arch of your foot.

#5. Feather

It is the point where the sole of shoes meets with the upper part of the shoes.

Final Words

The bottom of the shoe is called a sole. It gives protection to your feet from rough and tough surfaces. The main focus of the shoe soles are their durability and flexibility which enhances the life of the shoe.

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