Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?


Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

If you are fond of shoes, then Adidas must be your top pick for their reliability and quality. So it is quite informative to know where are Adidas shoes made?

What is Adidas?

Adidas is a worldwide famous brand of shoes originally founded in Germany. It manufactures diverse lifestyle accessories ranging from clothes, shoes, and accessories. These shoes are particularly notable because they have gained huge popularity amongst shoe lovers.

They manufacture most numbers of shoes in whole Europe and are at second position in the world. A German named Adolf Dassler started this company. The name Adidas is derivation of Adolf Dassler, “Adi” from Adolf and “Das” from Dassler. The earlier name of this company was Dassler Brothers Shoes. We are going to tell you where Adidas shoes are made now?

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History of Adidas:

Adolf Dassler started manufacturing units in his mother’s house in Herzogenaurach. His older brother also joined this business in the year 1924. Its manufacturing gained popularity during the times of World War I.

These brothers separated their ways in 1947. Adidas got its hallmarks logo of three stripes in the Summer Olympics of 1952. With the advancement of technology, they integrated and remodeled their designs which led to the huge popularity of these shoes. Thus, they are the top brand of the 21st century.

What Are Adidas Shoes made of:

Adidas mainly uses polyester in the making of Adidas. They recycle the polyester and use it again in them. They also use sustainable cotton in Adidas. Other materials which are used in the making of these shoes are nylon, polyester, leather, PFC, polyurethane, and PVC.

They ensure the high quality of the materials and the best integration of these materials in the manufacturing in the finest way.

Adidas Supply Chain:

Adidas have set up their manufacturing plants all around the world. They have more than 20 units in the hometown Germany. And the rest of Europe has also many manufacturing units. But the main continent with the most units in Asia. Asia produces more than half of Adidas shoes for the whole world.

The products of Adidas are manufactured in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, South, and North America. The bulk of manufacture occurs in Asia. Asia has the largest rate of production of Adidas shoes.

There are 215 units of manufacturing of Adidas in North America. Out of these 215, seventy-one manufacturing units are present in the United States of America.

The manufacturing units are spread in 65 countries and the number goes up to 1100+. All countries have easy access to the raw materials used in the making of shoes.

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Adidas are made in Japan, Canada, and the USA as well. China alone produces around 27% of the Adidas shoes for the whole world. There are 337 manufacturing units of Adidas in China alone.

The other countries also host many manufacturing units. India has 99 factories of Adidas. Indonesia has seventy-nine units while Vietnam has seventy-six.

Other countries where manufacturing units of Adidas products are located include Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, The Philippines, and Pakistan. Others units are present in Bangladesh, Laos, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Turkey, Jordan, and Israel.

The number of manufacturing units decreased significantly in Russia. There are only four manufacturing units in Russia. And the number there has declined during 2008-2010.

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Adidas Manufacturing in China:

The manufacturing of Adidas has bloomed in China. This country produces 25% of Adidas alone in the world. More than 300 manufacturing units in China meet the high demand of Adidas. Though the capacity of production has somewhat decreased still it is vital to ground for the production of Adidas.

China is the third popular brand of shoes in China. Adidas expands its both pricing and products. They have easy access to raw materials in China. The e-trade is also at exponential growth in China and Adidas has made the best use of it.

Adidas Manufacturing in India:

India is one of the growing economies and it is one of the best manufacturing grounds for Adidas. It ranks second in manufacturing of Adidas in the world with almost a hundred factories for manufacturing of this footwear. India also supplies labor to the manufacturing units and thus a huge population is employed in those manufacturing units.

Along with China, India meets the huge demand for Adidas worldwide through these 99 manufacturing units.

Adidas Manufacturing in Indonesia:

Indonesia is the third-largest manufacturing unit of Adidas shoes in Asia. The islands have the finest raw material and big working labor. Yue Yuen Industries are Adidas’ biggest supplier of shoes in Indonesia and the manufacturing units come under them.

There are seventy-nine units of Adidas in Indonesia in different parts. Indonesia manufactured the boots for the 2010 world cup. The footwear industry has grown in Indonesia to support the economy. They earn up to 9.7% through manufacturing sportswear.

Adidas Manufacturing in Vietnam:

Vietnam is the fourth biggest producer of Adidas shoes in Asia. Adidas has recently moved its manufacturing units from China to Vietnam. Now there are seventy-six manufacturing units of Adidas in Vietnam.

Adidas Manufacturing in the Middle East:

Israel, Jordan, and Turkey are the countries in the Middle East where manufacturing factories of Adidas are working. Total fifteen units of Adidas are located in these three Middle Eastern countries. Turkey is the largest country in the Middle East with the most Adidas manufacturing units. There are 13 factories of Adidas in the Middle East.

Final Words about Adidas:

Adidas is the biggest supporter of environmentally friendly products. They use raw material which can be recycled later on. Thus, they claim to produce eco-friendly footwear. They also say that their offices and products are plastic-free.

Adidas generated net revenue of $25 billion in the year 2019. They have units all across the world with almost sixty thousand employees.  They manufactured 448 million shoes and 528 million clothing pieces. The headquarters of Adidas are located in 6 countries including the United States of America. There is a total of seven headquarters while two alone are in Portland and Boston.

So now you have got whole information about the manufacturing of these shoes and know where Adidas shoes are made.


Adidas is completely favorable for the environment because they use raw materials which can be recycled and reused. The degradable materials and no use of plastic make the eco-friendly.

Adidas are highly comfortable and stylish shoes. They stand for their class and outlook. The comfort and style make them worth buying.

Yes! There are more than 1000 manufacturing units of Adidas which are present all across the world. Asia is the biggest manufacturing site of Adidas.


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